Hello again

Well I’ve decided to start blogging again. I’ve put this off for a long time. Even as I type this I realize how the wheels of writing, the ability to shape, express and present my thoughts in a succinct fashion has, to what extent I ever acquired it, certainly seized up and gone rusty.

I had another blog. After a while for some reason I got sick of it. It may have been a form of avoidance: after all I was writing a game blog and not getting laid. I stopped writing it for a while and the more time that passed the less I felt inclined to restart it. Eventually I went back and re-read some of it: who was that guy? I’d moved on and felt constrained by that old identity, so I decided to let it go out to pasture.

Now I realise that writing a blog again can help me with my goals. It will help me crystallize my thoughts and I very much want practice at writing for the sake of it. So… a new URL and a new style and here we go!

I don’t have a frame for the new blog set in stone but currently I want it to be in essence “one man’s journey” rather than a manosphere think-tank type blog.

I’ll keep this first post short but I’ll end by saying a lot has changed since the last blog. I’ve been having success with game and acquired my first crop of notches, and I’m currently dating a charming British girl fifteen years my junior.

Things are looking up.

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