This is (one of the things) that’s wrong with the community

I recently had a comment posted on an old post about me sort of NLP’ing a girl at a wedding. You can read the original post here.

Hey man

I actually replied to this on LSS.

In case you did not see it, here is the post.


I read a post on here earlier about a dude who used a Speed Seduction pattern. I read the whole thing on hos blog.

The post is;

[he pastes my whole post in here]

OK my take on it. Firstly well done it does seem like you got the girl into a great state. However I do think you did too much of the work and you did not allow the girl to experience the emotion as much as she could of.

What you did is very much the old method of SS, i.e. you talk a girl into a feeling/emotion/experience. The new model of SS (the the type of stuff I aactually do) is much more effective.

You probably did manage to throw her into a mild trance, which is cool, but you described what she experienced. It is much more powerful if you get her to experience what it was like. By this I mean, instead of you telling her what it was like, ask her what the experience was like. When someone describes something they need to go back into the memory. Also you do not know what was the most important part of the experience for her. For example when she went to the beach it could be a number of things that generated the best emotion. It could have been getting there, feeling the sand between her toes, looking at the sunset, being with her friends etc etc.

Does this make sense?

I will make some future posts on this subject later and break down how I really get people to describe things in their own words and get them to experience the emotion/s.


After  mulling it over I think this is a good example of what’s wrong with the Game community. Told randoms acting like experts and giving unasked for feedback framing themselves as superior. Who is this guy? Even if he is an expert  I never asked for his opinion. Oh and guess what.. I’m using the “old style” Speed Seduction, not the new style, which he happens to teach. Go to a few sites, look for newbies, leave a few posts, which by they way ping-back to your own site…

The forums are the same. A load of terribly insecure men writing posts and a load of terribly insecure men acting like experts and adding feedback and telling them what to do and trying to carve a reputation for themselves. How many of them actually have proof of their skills? Check out Krauser’s blog. He has proof and a half. If I ever have success I won’t need any proof because after the regular demolition jobs I do on myself here I can’t imagine anyone thinks I’d make stuff up.

In short this culture of unasked-for feedback sickens me. If I you’re a regular reader or I know you and value your suggestions then go for it. You know who you are. Otherwise fuck off.

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