Guest post: DrunkenBaker’s Glory

Last Friday night I was idling in my mate’s house when I got a text message from DrunkenBaker. Within seconds I was phoning him. “Is it true?” I screamed… “really, honestly?… tell me you didn’t make it up”. DrunkenBaker had just hid the motherlode and had the most amazing SNL sexual encounter of his life. I was in awe. This is a man who 6 months ago had low self esteem and was mourning the split up with his LTR and wondering ‘what he could end up with online’. I introduced him to Game and he was skeptical at first… but rapidly converted. See his previous post.

Well my friends.. now he has come of age. He has pulled of a masterful feat, and I’ve convinced him to describe it to you in his own words. We begin…


Guest post by DrunkenBaker.

I’m walking on sunshine, oh yeaaaahhhh, I’m walking on sunshine….
Oh, hello there. You’re probably wondering why I’m so happy right now. Well, that’s because I’ve just had one of the most erotic experiences of my life – and it was all thanks to Game Theory. I had one of the best experiences of my life on Friday night, and it was all thanks to using techniques I have learnt that our media and culture brainwashes us into thinking could never possibly achieve success with women. However, they do, dear reader, they do.

Let’s get to the point. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a Chinese girl by an old university friend – they work together. She’s a rich Chinese and went to international school so very western in her personality. I lived in China for a long time and speak the lingo very well, and my friend introduced me as “the guy who speaks better Chinese than you”. We all had a few drinks and I kept in touch with her by email – a few flirty emails here and there – and we arranged to meet for a drink on Friday. She has a longterm live-in boyfriend who she has a joint mortgage with, but they haven’t been getting on and I could sense that she might “go over”.

We meet in an Irish Bar and I do massive DHVing by commenting (but not too much) on my knowledge of China, and dropping in a few references to whether I think Asian girls are better in bed then Western girls (it’s Asian in case you’re wondering). There is a lot of hair touching from her and IOIs, so I start thinking: “What would be the best place to totally game a girl?” I don’t know how many of you live in London, but there is a very infamous place called The Griffin in Farringdon. Basically, The Griffin is a sordid little pub that looks like something out of the 1970s. There is a small stage where very fit Eastern European women do full-on stripteases. This isn’t your Spearmint Rhino kind of place. The girls come round before their dance with a pint glass which one is supposed to pop a pound coin into, and when they are on stage they get quite playful with themselves. It is also quite a low stage with no barrier, so in the words of one of my friends, “You can get so close, you can practically smell ‘em.”

You can actually smell ‘em.

My logic was thus. I take her to an exciting place which she has never been before where the lack of attention shown to her and the inferiority which will be instilled in her by seeing so many better looking women will combine to form a powerful cocktail. By God, it worked. Within two dances she was desperate for my attention; facing me with her cleavage and kinoing me in order to get my attention. I played hard and just responded with comments on how the girls on stage were better looking than her, than after about half an hour bounced her into a taxi. As soon as we hit the taxi she was all over me and necking with me hard. The plan was to go to Ronnie Scotts in Soho, but she was sick within minutes of entering so we sat on the kerbside in Soho Square. After very small dose of me teasing her that western guys had bigger dicks than Chinese guys, she pounced on me again, and before I knew what was happening she had unfastened my belt and was frantically giving me a handjob whilst kissing my chest. A few passers-by could see what was happening but I was enjoying myself too much to care. I came all over the road and as soon as I was done she asked me if I had any left in me for a fuller session. I needed a couple of minutes so we walked to an off-licence, bought some cigarettes, then she pushed me into a phone box and I had my first ever public sex. Once it was all done, I told her I should be off home, popped her in a taxi (making sure I was in control and keeping my distance as one should when playing longterm game) and went home a happy man. Leaving like that was also the right move, as she’s been texting since then and doesn’t show any signs of buyer’s remorse, rather she appears hungry for more naughty liaisons.

It was a magical evening for me, and I can only put it down to understanding the psyche of women as Game has taught me, and coming up with the idea of The Griffin at the right time for the right girl. Everything society tells us would indicate that this approach shouldn’t work, but of course we all know better than that. Boys, get out there and smell ‘em.


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