Decisions decisions..

I have two equally tempting life plans for December and January (while I’m between contracts) and I can’t make my mind up.


  1. You love whoring.
  2. Cost is not the most important factor.
  3. In a year’s time you plan to take a big chunk of time off work, six months to one year, to do whatever you feel like, which may be more of the same.

Plan A:  Two month full-time Game-fest in London

My current contract ends at the end of November. I can keep my flat on and stay in London, full-time not working for The Man, right through till when I ideally want my next contract to start, say 1st February. That’s eight weeks minus a week at home for Christmas. The plan would be to Game and write full time. A Game orgy. We’re talking five day-game, five+ dates (if possible) and four+ bar game per week.


  1. Nitrous oxide boost for the Game, which frankly has stalled horribly since Snapback.
  2. May get a bird(s).
  3. Probably do more writing than the other plan.


  1. Not travelling in lovely warm Asia places.
  2. Not whoring in lovely warm Asian’s places.

Plan B:Month long travelling/whore-fest in Asia.

Can the flat and get on a plane. Spend a minimum of four weeks travelling round Asia, visiting friends in China and Manilla, travelling through Thailand and Laos, having a whale of a time and fucking as many hot prostitutes as I possibly can. Remaining weeks spent up North with folks.


  1. Sex with multiple dozens of gorgeous, enthusiastic, cheap Asian women.
  2. Random chance of bagging a freebie, traveller, shoring, etc.
  3. Not in London.


  1. No real progress with Game.
  2. Gives up on the whole ‘great experiment’ idea (temporarily) which was supposedly to give western women another chance.
  3. Slightly more expensive than the first plan.


Vote away! Suggestions welcome.

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7 responses to “Decisions decisions..”

  1. You forgot one major con of Asian whoring: almost certainly catching something. Granted, whatever you catch when using a condom won’t be life threatening (only HSV, HPV, etc.) but why accept the high probability of that with no chance of improving your game, and enjoying the satisfaction that goes along with it?

    1. Extra assumption: you have no fear of STDs, no qualms about supposed “exploitation” blah, blah, all that shit.

  2. It’s true that those STDs I mentioned aren’t anything to be extremely fearful about, but if you have bad luck, you could end up being the guy with the huge warts, nasty ulcerating sores, or whatever, cramping your style big time back in London (I really wish I knew about the probabilities of such adverse reactions; it would certainly help with my decision making w.r.t. promiscuity). You don’t care about your STD status, so you are one of the few individuals for whom being tested for HSV-2 makes sense; if you find that you have it already, that’s one less thing to worry about (I may be wrong about this, but my understanding is that if you’re already harboring HSV-2, you won’t be at risk of another breakout by being exposed to it again). For people who would feel compelled to tell a partner about their HSV status (as I would) being tested for HSV makes absolutely no sense, because if one has it and doesn’t know it, one can continue fucking various women without having that conversation.

    1. I believe the whole ‘whores are diseased’ thing is a total, utter fabrication. Living in Asia I know lots of men who have fucked literally hundreds of whores and never had a single instance of any STD. Find me ANY man that has caught an STD from a sex worker. On the other hand I know several men who have caught STDs from plain jane women who asked them not to use a condom. Sex workers are very, very careful and even in a poor country like the Phillilpines they usually have a full STD screen every two weeks. Most men who do whores have regular STD screens as well and only partake of the Gentleman’s Pursuit when not with girlfriend, being careful to get a full screen before boning the girlfriend. Anything else would be fucked up.
      The moral? You are safer fucking lots of whores using a condom than random girls you meet in London nightclubs without one. Social conditioning my friend. There’s a hidden agenda behind everything. Most of the anti-whore propaganda you are fed is inspired by the Feminist Machine. Women hate whores. If men can just buy sex then what power have they got over them?

      1. I hope the ‘whores are diseased’ thing is false, but that is doubtful, because condoms simply don’t protect against HSV or HPV. Agreed that it is a trivial matter to protect against serious diseases by using a condom, but I wasn’t talking about serious diseases. I’d be willing to bet half my annual pay that almost all prostitutes (in any country) have both HSV and HPV infections. They simply cannot be stopped.

  3. “Women hate whores. If men can just buy sex then what power have they got over them?”

    That is one of the truest statements on the internet.

    BTW, you should do one month of each, balance is key in all areas of life.

    One month of fun in the warm moist asian sexpots and one month of miserable trawling around chatting up mostly ungrateful, soul-dead, boring/asexual girls in the freezing cold and rain/snow.

    1. Yeah I can always just jump on a plane if I get sick of it.

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