Daygame phases

Off the back of my last daygame status update I’ve tried to list out the phases I see my game as having gone through.


I wish I could get girls off the street like in The Game. Off to a bootcamp. I have to do what? You can’t be serious. I’ll get arrested. Ok, I approach and all I feel is sheer terror.


From looking at others I see it can work. I feel both great and shit.


I will collect numbers of approaches as crumbs of validation. I’ll bail easily.I will use a direct opener as an excuse for creating sexual charge. I have no true intent so I am not a threat. I blabber niceties without really controlling the vibe myself or directing the frame. I’m nice enough that the girls that’d click with me anyway give me their number.


I have gone through personal change. I own my masculine intent. I am awesome. I need no dancing monkey stuff. I will just reveal my intent and emit aura and that’ll be that. I approach women, tell them they’re hot, they see this and see my intent and for a lot of them it’s too weird.


Something’s going wrong, it’s not working anymore. Oh!… right. I’m just all intent. Where is my playful vibe and conversational mastery?

I can’t think of any levels beyond the last one, which is the one I’m now trying to get. There are maybe sub-gradations of it. It’s definitely the hardest one to achieve. A good coach or a psyching-up session and anyone can do the first one. The second one is harder. Some never even get this far. But ultimately you don’t need massive brain-smarts to get there, you just need to clear out some social conditioning. The last one is the hardest. How many people are really excellent conversationalists? How many people are truly funny? It’s the cream of the cream. To be a success at this level I’d say is akin to being able to be a good stand up comedian. The verbal skills and the time involved are similar.

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  1. Similar to a comedian..

    I think I’ve heard someone recommend it before but it could be a solid idea to take an improve class just for this reason

    1. I took one.

  2. Good breakdown. I have gone through these stages in daygame:

    1. Impossible – before Game, it can’t be done.
    2. New Horizons – first start with direct openers. Get good responses and sometimes numbers. It’s a powerful feeling, all out of proportion with the results. Just to know it’s possible and I have choice.
    3. Validation Seeking – Hooking sets and feeling validated by the positive responses. Tendency to turn off the sexuality and not push things, in order to keep the vaildation of the initial positive response. Not screening girls out when they try to LJBF early. Flakey numbers. LJBF dates.
    4. The Wobbles – realise the problem and turn on the intent. Big drop in success, although the few successes go further. Realise I’m not as good as I think I am.
    5. Anti-Monkey – realise I’m talking too much and not getting the girl involved. Showing too much interest and energy. Change tack. Success goes up.
    6. Laziness – go into sets expecting to hook without doing any work. Poor discipline and not following the model. Feel too entitled to get the girl without doing the work.
    7. Scarcity Returns – approaching is so much of my identity that I do too much of it, and return to a chasing mentality. I am the guy who opens, therefore I need to open. Outcome dependence creeps back in.
    8. Naturalisation – I live my life, and if I see a girl I want, and I have space for her in my life, I open. Doesn’t feel like game.

    Not so different from your list

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  4. Interesting summary of stages. I created one for myself last year:
    1) Pre-game : *sometimes* approaching girls in *special* conditions (they must be alone, shorter than me and look cute)
    2) First steps: watching VH1’s The Pickup Artist and testing openers and routines on friends via phone (so I could gain the confidence to try them on the street)
    3) Initial approaches : Trying to get 5 sets a day so I could get over my AA, getting a lot of LJBFs (good guy mentality)
    4) Getting into a relationship : Increasing my confidence and understanding girls better
    5) Mid stage pickup: After my relationship I was way more confident and had a pretty good inner game, got numbers, got laid, ascendant learning curve
    6) Later game: A lot of numbers, a lot of flakes and small improvements in game (I reached a plateau)
    7) Developing my bad boy personality: A lot LESS numbers but consistent lays and good progress
    8) Having fun : Approaching because I like the girl and qualifying her for my needs, getting laid consistently

    I’m at 7 now and hopping in and out of 8.

    1. You mean Krauser’s 8?

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