A ‘bad’ day

I was late out today after staying up till 4am watching “The Other Guys” because it was so damn hilarious I couldn’t turn it off.

  1. Opened an Israeli girl in Waitrose. Turns out she was 35 and had a boyfriend. Hooked ok though. Opened ok though. Had a nice chat.
  2. Terrible open on a British Asian reading magazines. Mumbled something about “let me guess… are you Spanish?” and she looked at me like I was insane as I babbled some retarded crap about how “last time I was in Barcelona all the girls were wearing clothes like that”. I felt awful at the time. Now I don’t care.
  3. Gave up on Canary Wharf and went to the National Gallery.Mature girl (i.e. my age) with big tits causes enough lust in me for me to open. Goes well. Hooks. Good energy. “I’m taking this to a coffee date” I’m thinking when I suddenly hear her say something about her partner. Never mind.
  4. Spotted a Persian looking woman with an ass you could rest a cup of tea on. Asked her if she liked the painting she was looking at. She looked like I’d asked her “can I push my penis into your anus?”. Mumbled “yes”, looked at me with eyes of fear, backed off, looked at me wide eyed and walked off. Obviously in her country her brothers would beat me senseless for talking to her without their permission then they’d beat her brains out for being a whore as well and letting me speak to her for a sentence. Ah well, takes all sorts dunnit?
  5. Went to the supermarket. Got weird IOIs off a frizzy Spanishy looking girl. Chased and opened direct. She was lovely. An 8.5 for me. Hooked well, she liked the compliment, I stacked and plowed beautifully. Not really stacking just driving forward again and again so she had no chance to question the reality of what was happening. Turns out she’s married. Shame. Iranian. Studying chemistry. Probably learning how to build nukes.

I’d say that I also bottled around 5 sets of HB8s due to either just cacking it or there being people nearby and me getting bothered about what they would think.It’s about 5pm and I’m feeling that this is pretty futile and that game is ten times harder in winter than summer and I should just quit and go back to work or I should just quit game go live in asia, etc, etc, heard it all before.I note that in my tube station at rush hour I see about eight HB7 or 8s stream past within a minute or two. I stalk one or two but am lost as how to open in such a situation. I also spot 3 HB8/9s in the little M&S near my house but bottle them as well.

A couple of conclusions from today:

  • Covent Garden Summer Time Game is easy. Why oh why oh why did I not game twenty hours each weekend? Aggghhhhh. CGST is a different kettle of fish from normal boring commuter game. NBCG is way harder as a) the physical setup is hard plus b) with CGST you can machine-gun approaches to get in state whereas with NBCG you can’t.
  • I’m not quite ready to quit yet and need to give myself a good seven days in a row where I get up, ready, prepared and out at a sensible time and do a solid 4 hours each day.
  • I also think I need to start enjoying my time off more rather than let the whole ‘I should be doing game’ thing become a chore. Proper relaxation takes effort! I need to schedule a couple of ‘me’ things each day.
  • I need to start on my other (non game) project; my book.
  • I enjoy time off more the less of it I have. I’m going to provisionally set a date of Monday 24th Jan to start on my CV. Schedule an hour a day on 26th, 27th, 28th to list agencies and numbers then hit the phones and officially start job-hunting 31st January. I therefore have a guaranteed 3 ½ weeks left of sabbatical. If I frame it like this then it makes me want to put more effort and discipline into enjoying it.
  • Likelihood is getting a job will take a long time after this, I’m not really sure. I could start within days but on the other hand it could take 3 months (I hope not that’s a bit longer without income than I planned for). But the point is that I don’t know, so I will regard time until 31st as ‘guaranteed’ time and anything after that as time which is a gift. Knowing I could get ‘called up’ any day will probably kick my arse to make the effort to enjoy myself more. (that last sentence just blew my mind).
  • I am willing to take some more professional help. I’ve contacted a London based trainer who claims to have expertise in tube and ‘unusual location’ game and if he’s up for it I’m going to get some 1to1’s ASAP. I need someone to break down my limiting beliefs about what can be done on the Tube and in shops and to help me push through this, especially doing approaches in crowded places with an audience (the horror…).

Oh and lastly.. it’s funny how your bad days become your good days. Tim in RSD’s Flawless Natural says this. Eventually your bad days become good days; you have an adventure. Not too long ago a bad day for me was wandering round Covent Garden, swarms of hotties streaming all around me, and not doing a single approach in 2 hours. Or maybe doing one and blowing it. If you’d told my pre-game self that a ‘bad’ day for me was approaching 5 sexy, total stranger women, in freezing shitty weather, in weird locations and managing to engage three of them in robust conversations that go on multiple minutes my reaction would have been:

“WHAT! Actually talk to a stranger? A woman-stranger? That’s amazing! What a pimp!”.

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  1. If you need some help with your game why not go on the free lss bootcamp that is coming up?

    Signup starts at 3pm this Sunday 9th January. The first 100 to sign up get the places.

    Keep this blog going, it is really interesting and well written. That fat black whore post is really funny.

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