The cod fillets I bought in Tesco tonight had “Method of fishing: bottom trawling” marked on the packet. Significant, then, that tonight is the night I finally get sick of fiddling with my profile and put it on the online dating site.

I’m a bit late, I know, but I do have a real job to do. For now…. heh heh. This will be my first go with a normal profile. Not gamey and all true. Let’s see what the net drags in.


I’m a sensitive, determined, strong and quietly charismatic person. Friends tell me I have a really dry sense of humour. I’m fiercely loyal to friends, remorseless to enemies, kind to little dogs. The most important things in my life are my family, my health and my friends.

I recently lived in China for two and a half years and just came back late last year. Living abroad really broadened my horizons; I learned a new language and got to experience a new culture. The first two years were work but after this I took a whole, lovely, year off. I spent time helping two sets of friends set up businesses plus I wrote and illustrated a book for fun. After I came back I spent around five months looking after my dad, who unfortunately is ill. After sorting out care for him and getting him comfy I’ve moved down to London for a job. Like everyone else!

I’m an artistic and creative person. I’ve got a vivid imagination; it’s my dream that one day I’ll be able to use it (for good, not evil). I like to read, even better, I like to write as well. I used to think intelligence was where it was at, but now I’m not so sure; it’s overrated. I think attitude is what counts and I love speaking to people with a dry sense of humour but a really positive attitude.

I love to travel and I plan a lot of it in my future. Let’s go to the Lakes for the weekend. Or India! We’ll backpack for a few weeks then tour around on an old motorcycle. You’ll wear a sari, I’ll grow a moustache. It’ll be an adventure.


You’ll be a nice person with a good sense of humour. I also like women who take care of themselves and wear nice clothes. Femininity is important to me. I like women who are warm, caring, sparkling, sweet and have a ‘good energy’. Polarity between men and women is important. Yin and yang.

I don’t like slobs. If you eat crap, never exercise, smoke or get hammered all the time then it isn’t going to work. I wouldn’t say I pamper myself at all but I appreciate nice food and travelling and you will as well. A bit random this but if you wear spectacles this is a real bonus; I don’t know why but they really do it for me.

I do like smart women, it turns me on, but I’m not into long discussions about politics. I can do that with my friends. I like strong minded women but not the ‘in yer face’ type.

Actress, nerd, dancer, barrister, barista, teacher, doctor, telesales, waitress, nurse I don’t care. It doesn’t really matter does it. You click or you don’t.

You’ll look after yourself and enjoy life. You’ll want someone to experience it with.

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