As a following post will show I did my first daygame in a long while today. Before I did so I sat down and had a long, hard think. The thing is, I didn’t actually want to do daygame. It’s difficult and draining in the early stages, say for the first….oh… thousand approaches. My reptilian brain certainly does not like to do difficult, draining things. As per usual when faced with the prospect of a day’s game all of the old thought patterns popped up:

  • this is pointless
  • you’ll never succeed, you’ll just waste months of free time
  • why are you doing this?

etc. Personally I don’t trust my reptilian brain. It’s lazy and stupid and is a creature of habit, sticking to what it knows regardless of whether that’s the right thing for me or not. So I sat, concentrated, and thought through the whole life plan and worked out where I’m going and why I need to do daygame.

Bhodisatta’s Goals

  • Ultimately find a great woman, fall in love, get married, have two children and two dogs.
  • Gain enough success with women to put to rest the demons of a lifetime of (almost) failure with women and remove the cancerous, gnawing sense of bitterness which would only get worse.
  • Remove all social conditioning around talking and approaching people so I can live a rich life of constant interaction with all the people around me. I want to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere, and regularly talk to hot women all over the place. These people skills would let me be at home anywhere in the world and make friends anywhere.

Which can be broken down into three stages:

First stage

  • Get better at Game to the point where I have MLTR’s going on with numerous, hot (enough for me), young (enough for me) women.
  • I’ve internalized that I can do this and am attractive.
  • Women and sex are a part of my life.

Second stage

  • Dating awesome girls.
  • Internalize that I am normal, high value and date high value women

Third stage

Marry one. Spawn. Get dogs.


It’s all my fault. If my inner game was sorted then I’d be pulling attractive women.

On the good side I’m well on the way already.

First off we simultaneously..

  1. Day2 and attraction-building practice: use online dating as a Day2 Dojo.
  2. Frame control practice. Message chicks on various dating sites practicing my frame control.
  3. Day game: this is where the high-value women will come from.

Need to do a serious amount of work here. Probably another 900 approaches, or say 90ish ‘approach blocks’. Maybe more, maybe less.

1 Approach Block =

10 approaches with a close or some interaction built with at least one

1 instant date

this isn’t precise, but you get the idea: it’s not just raw numbers here, it’s results.

Bargame: useful for pinging yourself and helping with inner game. Ultimately unproductive for closing. No desire to bother getting good at bargame.


I’ve been reading a book about heart rate training recently and have found the discussion of periodization with macrocycles and mesocycles (the small cycles within the macrocycle) very useful. It can be applied to a Game-plan.

Macrocyle 1: Oct – Nov 2010


  1. Begin daily and weekly practice of firming up inner resolve and becoming more grounded.
  2. Get back into Game.
  3. Get laid with any girl. An inbetweener is fine. Get regular sex off her. Adjust to this.
  4. Secretly continue other dates plus daygame
  5. Develop indirect daygame style.
  6. One or two Day2’s from daygame.
  7. Start Salsa dancing
  8. Lose weight
  9. Look for quality wings. Encourage friends who need this to see the light.

Weekly Mesocycle: Two Day2’s per week. Twenty daygame approaches per week, more and more of these indirect on daily commute.

Macrocyle 2: Dec, Jan, poss Feb 2011


  1. Lots of time reading and reflecting and meditating. Solidify who I am.
  2. Total Game immersion. Massive improvements in Day2 and daygame skills.
  3. Regular instant dates. Day2’s from daygame.
  4. First close of high(ish) value girls.
  5. Aim to get 1 better quality girl as girlfriend.
  6. Hit the weights. Circuit train. Get in awesome shape. Tanned. New wardrobe.
  7. Take boxing lessons to help me man-up.

Weekly Mesocyle: Hammer the online dating sites. Try to do 1 date per day. Daygame every day. Possibly bargame sessions to assist with inner-game.

Macrocyle 3:Feb, Mar, April 2011

Back to (real) work.

See where I am after the sabbatical.


  1. Now have a high(ish) value HB on the go. For me that would be a 24-28 year old HB8 (and I don’t bother including models, etc in my scale so this may be HB7 in other people’s book). Have unrecognizably improved Day2 and daygame skills. Can approach indirect every day without qualm.
  2. Continued Day2’s, either from online or daygame
  3. Continued skill improvement.

Macrocyle 4: May, June, July 2011


  1. Seeking more high(er) value MLTRs
  2. As Summer comes in start hitting the daygame hard.
  3. Aim to be a whoremongering pimp with multiple, Krauser-style MTLRs on the go.

August 2011 onwards

  • Big sabbatical starts. Have to see where I am by here…
  • May not have reached all my goals as above. May work on them.
  • If I have reached goal 3 above then start to look for a proper girlfriend.
  • Or may fuck off travelling and write a book.
  • Or may stay in London and try and have fourteen girlfriends at once.
  • Or may have to go home care for a sick relative and live away from it all up North. Hey ho..

Disclaimer: if at any point I find one girl who I like enough to stop caring about other ones then I’m going to run with it.

2 responses to “Goals”

  1. We have the same goals minus the children and dogs, and I’ve wondered if I shouldn’t be focusing on day-gaming to find a high-quality woman to marry. The bars around here in Cambridge, Massachusetts have plenty of high-quality women in terms of smarts and personality (it’s a bit more difficult to find looks but so much of that is due to lack of fashion, good haircuts, and make-up, which barely matters in bed) but they’re way too young for me to marry. I’m a decade older than most people studying PUA. Conquering my social anxiety while getting good at bar game will help me out with my day game, but day game has its own vibe, so if I’m going to make a huge effort to change my nervous system, perhaps I ought to do it in the venue that is more likely to pay off for me in the end.

    I’m relatively loaded after 15 years of software work and frugal style of living, and sometimes I think I should just quit my job and work on game full-time, though I’m not thrilled with the idea of burning through my cash at the rate of $40k USD per year. I could do it for six years, maximum (of course I wouldn’t plan to do it for that long).

    Bhodisatta, in your plan there isn’t any time of a job! How do your finances work out?


    1. There’s work in there. Working ft until December then ft again from feb to august next year. The time off is paid from savings.

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