The Krauser Daygame Model

Krauser, Trafalgar Square’s number one PUA and man twice voted “Person most likely to get thrown out of a Cafe Nero for sexually interfering with women”, has recently published his ‘Daygame Model’ on his site. I strongly recommend you check it out. Krauser’s Game has come on leaps and bounds this year and he now enjoys consistent success from daygame and has an enviable skill level, frame and results.

I’ve read the KDM and think it’s great. It’s one of the few daygame models I’ve seen which is integrated and covers the whole thing from end to end. It’s sophisticated. The article is a little small and rushed but I secretly hope Krauser is busy writing this all into a book and expanding it.

The reason I’m interested in the KDM is because I want the indirect style he uses. To me, this style will fit the most easily into my day to day life. I think the model is great and it’s really consistent from end to end. It’s integrated. However, just going off the current article some of it confused me a bit, especially steps 4, 5 and 6, which I just couldn’t get my head around. Eventually I think I got it so I made my own little personal summary of the KDM, a cheat-sheet if you will, and this is what I printed off and took daygaming with me. It’s my own interpretation of it so is sculpted for my own personal slant, so bear this in mind. Go look at the original.

KDM for Bhodisatta


Have fun. Be in a good state.


It took me ages to work out what he was on about here but I think this is it: There are three parts, which are all connected into one opening statement.

  1. Hook tease
  2. Observation pull
  3. Tease push

Some examples:

Hook tease

A) can i say something?

B) can i give you a compliment?

C)how good is your english?

Observation pull

A)you remind me of someone

B)i like your style

C)you’re really cute

Tease push

A)…an ex girlfriend. she was a bitch.

B)…it’s weird. weird but cool.

C)…like bugs bunny.

So you’d string them all together, like say:

“Can I say something? You look like my ex girlfriend. She was a model. Bit of a bitch.. but never mind” or

“Can I give you a compliment? I like your style. It’s weird, but cool.”


2>Conversational lead question

Get the conversation going:

  • you’re foreign?
  • why are you in town today?

exit point: she hooks or doesn’t.


  • Fluff for a few minutes.
  • No massive DHV.
  • Rapport.
  • Let her speak.

exit point: Look for her rooted in interaction.


  • Pull her into world of the fun interaction.
  • Light tease, future projection, sexualisation
  • Fun DHV stacks and bio info.

exit point: she smiles and tries to add own value


  • Flip script GRADUALLY.
  • Dial down energy. Lower vocal tone. Sexualised eye contact.
  • Reward her investment with nods.
  • Challenge her statements.

exit point: she has accepted you as her boss


  • Get her to leave her old world behind.
  • Go for the Instant date. Keep it natural.

exit point: she goes for the instant date

7>Deep rapport (you’re on the instant date now)

  • no kino: she is chasing you
  • 80% comfort, 15% attraction(chick crack) 5% sexualisation

exit point: she’s totally comfortable and into you


You’re escalating here. This is just how I’d do it but you may do differently:

  • RJ SS style stuff.
  • NLP Patterns.
  • Talk of childhood. Framing patterns.
  • How did you feel when x? What felt good?
  • Future projection of both together, on holiday, etc
  • Sexual intent: tell her. Tell her you want to fuck her and she wants it and it’s natural.

exit point: her eyes spazz. feel the spark in the air. etc.


Snog her, finger her then fuck her in the toilets.

2 responses to “The Krauser Daygame Model”

  1. Isn’t it a shame you have to do the step 2 to step 8 bullshit 🙂

  2. You don’t have to do steps 2-8 in a club, but in the day time to do it you need to pretend to be a deaf mute or have a knife

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