Further impromptu day game

I was expecting to do some game with my mate G yesterday but we made each other jumpy and it pi**sed it down so it never happened so I had a nagging sense that I wanted to get some stuff done. I’m feeling pretty good and am off to get the train into town to meet my friend and go up to Shoreditch market. On the platform I ask my typical “how long does the train take to get to London Bridge from here?” question as a warm up. On the train I sit opposite a mixed 3 set and open them with “are you all Northern” (playing the Northern-card yet again). Game them pretty well then two weird Irish lads behind say something weird, I don’t catch it. One makes a shrieking weird warble at the top of his voice. I ask him if he’s got Tourette’s and the first set look shocked and start whispering they think he actually does have Tourette’s. Too late to back out I quickly game up his friend talking about how good the Tourettte’s episode of South Park is and hope I don’t get stabbed.

Waiting for my friend I open a young Indian student waiting for her train. Hook well with my idiot “can I walk to the river from here?” question and chat for a while till she splits for her train. My mate turns up with his 18 month old kid. This is f)cking gold-dust. We get on the bus and I immediately spot a very cute Asian HB8 and plonk myself right next to her. She’s Korean and just so what I want: skin like a baby’s bum and big round, moon-face. Well made up, cool clothes, sexy. I really, genuinely want to f*ck her face. And buy her dinner.

I grab the kid and put him on my knee, take his tiny hand and make him wave at the girl. Ohhh this is f9cking priceless. “Do you think my friend’s kid is cute?” I ask. “How cute?” I add, “I mean I actually think he’s quite ugly”. Giggles. Turns out she’s Korean and an art student. I talk about art for a while in nice visual, colourful language. DHV about something or other. Make her laugh by accusing her of playing the race card by doing a Korean ceremony in her art course presentation. She giggles and elbows me in the ribs for the second time. IOIs. I email close her and leave. My friend is staring at me open-mouthed like WHAT THE EFF JUST HAPPENED?

On the way back on the bus a girl from a mixed 3 set is making noises at the baby. “Don’t be frightened of the ugly lady” I tell the baby. Game up the 3 set and have a laugh.

On the platform on the way back I see a young Indian girl in a  bobble hat and ask her some lame question about where she bought it from. I totally fail to transition and feel a little hint of embarassment but mainly just like I’ve not got a very good score in a maths test or something.

See a pretty 8.5 Greek student girl waiting for the train. Want to open her then the fu,c,king black guy working on the platform does before I can do it. You snooze you lose. Git. Get off at the same stop as her and am just building up and she suddenly changes direction and I lose it.

Annoyed at losing this I determine to do one more and wander round Greenwich looking for a set. I spot an okish Indian girl standing on the corner. I should have been more observant and noticed she was obviously waiting for someone. I ask her some stupid question about where the Cutty Sark has got to. Then ask her if she knows any good pubs. It’s not hooking then I notice a big Asian guy wander up and just stand there looking all out of sorts, not too bright but quite obviously fulfilling eveyr sterotype and being pathetically Beta-jealous. I cut him off with “oh hi mate”, shake his hand and ask him the same questions. He wanders off looking dazed. I’m surprised to find that I experienced zero fear and where he to start something I would have stood my ground.

Lessons learned

  1. There is no more effective tool for day game on the face of the earth than a baby.
  2. My AA is plummeting.
  3. I am starting to become just naturally conversational.
  4. Open a set quick or don’t bother. The wait and the planning is just not worth the effort.
  5. I am starting to become obsessed with game. I felt genuine guilt at not opening the Greek. When the next one didn’t go well my first thought was “well.. just one more, just get one good one to finish on a good note” (but it was cold so I went home).
  6. Women standing around are nearly always waiting for someone. They don’t just stand to admire the here and now, to contemplate the sky or a particularly nice building fascia. They’re always bloody doing something, on the way to meet someone or waiting for someone. And during these activities, especially the last two they can’t bear the ‘boredom’ so generally blab on their effing mobiles or send sms constantly. Maybe if you cut all their connections to others they just go pop! and vanish.

The big lesson I learned is that in the first set (stupid train question with no hook) and the hat-set  even though there was no hook both girls had a weird half-smirk on their faces. Not a cruel one, an amused, positive smirk. They radiated some kind of positivity about the approach, yet they also radiated some kind of telepathy of “you are ok, you have potential, yet I know what you are doing and you are not quite doing this well enough yet to pull it off”. It was a very weird vibe but wholeheartingly encouraging because what I realised was F**K ME IF MY PROGRESS CONTINUES LIKE THIS THEN IN 3 MONTHS I COULD HAVE N-CLOSED BOTH OF THESE SETS. I mean.. girls just like to be talked to! (if you do it right). There’s some kind of harmonic out there… some kind of certain pitch that you have to hit… and that’s it… you’re in. I really think I can get it.

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