VH1’s “The Pickup Artist”

Why the FUC.K are all PUAs out there not watching this and raving about it? It’s money baby.

I’m four episodes in and this is quality, quality educational material. Real life demonstrations of what to do and what not to do all in an entertaining package and with a big budget. Hidden camera footage of the RAFCs busting moves in the clubs. I just can’t believe that people are off watching 18 hour long ‘inner game with NLP framing’ DVD sets and all that gloop when there is something nice and simple like this slap bang in front of us. And with Mystery! The guy who paved the way.. who cracked the code.

Maybe there are a lot of “PUAs” out there who think maybe watching this is a bit cheesy, or that “the Mystery Method” is old school and “inner game stuff is more where it’s at bro”. Here’s my advice to the newbie who is serious about making changes: learn the basics first. And in our game the basics are The Mystery Method. Period.

Although I loved The Blueprint if I gave an AFC a list of material right now it would be:

  1. The Game
  2. The Mystery Method
  3. VH1 The Pickup Artist

in that exact order.

2 responses to “VH1’s “The Pickup Artist””

  1. I’ve read and watched a load of PUA material over the last 3 years and agree 100% with you.
    If you can get the printed version of The Mystery Method and Mystery’s videos then that is a bonus.
    It wasn’t until I saw / read these that I “got it”.
    I also got some audio files of a guy called Ben ? from Bristol. It was about 10 x 10 minute files progressing you through PUA.
    It’s great reading your stuff as I feel like we’re on the same wavelength.

  2. Ben Lowery is the guy’s name. Very informative and very entertaining.

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