What happened to the last post?

The more astute blog followers will have noticed that the last post mysteriously disappeared for a few weeks. It seems that at around the same time Krauser got busted by three of his victims girls that one of the girls whose profile I poked fun at actually found the post. She really wasn’t that chuffed. Check out the comments. She leaves me eleven increasingly hysterical comments. What the stupid cow fails to realise is:

  1. Just because the comments don’t instantly appear doesn’t mean I’m sitting their behind the scenes deleting them. They go into an approvals queue and it so happened that the day she had hysterics I didn’t check my mails or my blog.
  2. Her profile is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Seriously. All you have to do is take her username, go to google, type it in and her profile is the number one hit. You only get the one photo but you actually get way more of the profile than I even listed here.

So a few weeks ago I check my mails and see that The Admins of the dating site have deleted my profile. I’m pretty pissed off as I have a load of awesome material saved in my dialogues that I want to put on this blog. Gone. I wonder what’s happened and check my wordpress account and see the elven comments waiting there.

Have a read of them. They’re really funny. Especially the one where apparently she’s reporting me to the police. I can imagine her local CID department have their best men on it. This really is the crime of the century. They’re probably busy tracking me down as I speak. “But excuse me maam, you can read all these profiles on the site without even being a member”.. “but you ave not realised, zis breaches ze terms and conditions!”… “jesus! she’s right. Call Wonton, we need to get the team together”.

I made the post private with the intention of editing it. It has’t taken me this long, the delay has nothing to do with the issue, but in fact I’ve just been really, really busy and not got round to it. I’ve just edited it and have removed HB5’s photos and her profile. I’m not obliged to do this: it’s public domain, but I really don’t want anyone to be losing sleep over what is meant as a bit of fun.

Shame about the lost dialogues, there was some great stuff in there. If I can be arsed I’ll try and reconstruct it.

Using the email address on her comments I send her this mail but get no response:

Hello HB5

Good lord what are the chances of that? I didn’t think many people read my blog and you stumbled upon it. The only way I can think you did that is by googling the text of the message I sent you. Why you’d sit and do that I don’t know.
The police? Oh I’m sure they have put their best men on that one. Quick! Quick! I have my pictures and profile on a dating site with a hundred and sixty thousand members on it and someone has pasted it onto their blog and made cutting criticisms of it! It’s the crime of the century.
I have hidden that post now. I really don’t want to upset anyone to that level. I only just checked my mails and blog and saw your comments. It’s not like I sit monitoring it in real-time.
I do think your reaction was a bit hysterical. Big deal I put your profile on my blog. So what? Like I said Soulmates has tens upon tens of thousands of members. What’s the difference. So I made some criticisms? God knows you deserved them. Your profile was ridiculous. Read my blog. There’s more truth and self-criticism in there than you’re capable of.
Feel free to reply. Write a criticism of my blog if you like and I promise I’ll post it.



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