Kenny Powers

Kenny Powers lives his life to a soundtrack. When most people wake up in the morning they wake up scared of the world and only half convinced they want to engage with life. When’s the last time you woke up feeling great? When Kenny Powers wakes up he has this playing in his head:


00:06  Kenny Powers wakes up.

00:12  Kenny rubs his eyes

00:22  He crawls out of bed

00:28  He stands up

00:32  Stretches into a yawn

00:35  He opens his eyes.

And the exact thought in his head is this:

“FUCK YES! I’m Kenny Powers.

World: you’re still you.


Kenny Powers loves being Kenny Powers. It’s what he was born to be. Kenny Powers loves life. He loves living life. He lives in the moment. He goes out and takes. He makes the world his bitch.

Who is Kenny Powers?

Lurking on your favourite P2P network is an extrordinary American TV series. It documents the life of Kenny Powers, one of the rare few Alpha male characters to grace our screens in this era of smart, sassy female characters outdoing their slow-witted male counterparts. In fact I believe the only reason this got made was because the character is so extreme that the Feminist Mind Police probably believed it was a grotesque, and mocked the antiquated, selfish Alpha male and how irrelevant he was to modern society.

Well well. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have pulled the wool over your eyes, Mind-Police, and what we are left with is a true Alpha male gracing our screens. Kenny acts with pure male intent in everything he does. How refreshing. How many characters in movies and TV shows actually do this? Do they not always have the female perspective injected into them. Is their maleness, their boldness, their drive not always a precursor to a realisation that negotiation and compromise results in a more effective solution?

Male = drive, determination, courage, confidence, excellence

Female = discussion, negotiation, compromise, mundaneness

Did men drive wagons across mountain ranges with this attitude? Did the great captains of industry lay train tracks across Britain with a single drop of doubt in their determination? Their essence was masculine. Their drive absolute. They acted with passion and aggression and determination. And so does Kenny. He also takes drugs, gets in fights and screws a lot. He doesn’t need to look at the values of others to work out what he should feel.

Male and female perspectives are a model through which to view the world. Take one of these lenses and look around you. If you look at the legal, social and cultural trends of our society you’ll see a very blatant, deliberate and prolonged, multi-decade attack on masculinity. Look at your own lives. Look at your own jobs. Think about your meetings at work. Think about the people you work with. Think about the opinions of the people you know. Compromise, discussion, procrastination, passivity, vindictiveness and incompetence are rife. Drive, determination, logic and a joy in creation and accomplishment are lacking.

What we have with Kenny Powers is what is so rare on TV these days. We have a male character undiluted by female traits. We have an expression of masculinity. An Alpha male. As well as that the series itself seems to be a massive “fuck you” to the femo-nazis controlling our cultural output. On how many TV series would this exchange occur:

(Kenny to some teachers)

“I don’t know if I should mention this but I just saw two teenage boys raping a six year old girl”


(Kenny) Ha! Only joking.

It’s vulgar. There’s drug use, profanity, sex and a pair of big-ass tits.

I suggest you obtain this series, watch and learn.

Kenny and Game

Faggots watch “Californication” and think Hank Moody is the be-all and end-all. He’s not. He’s a girlie man who couldn’t put up a shelf properly and who’d get raped in prison. Well… quicker than most at least. Kenny Powers shits bigger than him. Kenny can teach us a lot about game. Alright bitches, let’s break it down.

1) Kenny has an enormously strong reality. His perception of the world never falters and other people slowly bend into his gravitational field like tiny asteroids. He lives in his own version of reality and is totally, genuinely unconcerned with other people’s or with social norms. This makes him massively attractive and feminine women gravitate to him and any other male less than Alpha himself Betas himself to him. He understands the power of this reality and the effect it can have on people.

2) Kenny’s self belief is absolute. He has chosen to believe in himself and the switch has fused long ago. Listen to this lecture by Alan Watt:


And read this article by Krauser

The essence of each is that you can simply one day say “fuck it”, make the leap of faith that you are awesome and live your life according to this precept. Kenny made this leap when he popped out of the womb.

“in this word there’s two kinds of people: tricks and hustlers. You know what the difference between them is? The hustlers show themselves the right kind of movies in their head” [Pimp, Iceberg Slim]

3) Kenny is not apologetic about himself. He’s an absolute. He lacks modesty, that almost useless personality trait which is simply great people lowering their own esteem to make the jealous less envious. Kenny listens to his own motivational tapes. Why wouldn’t he? They’re obviously the best motivational tapes in the world. Kenny records his thoughts. Why wouldn’t he? They’re obviously gold-dust.

4) Kenny is not afraid of life or of the world. His aim in life is to “make the world his bitch”.  Kenny can appreciate the moment. He has awakened his senses. He isn’t lost in a daydream; he’s in the here and now. He’s fully present. He regards life a as a chocolate box, full of awesome experiences for him to sample. He doesn’t worry about the future and shit; life is a game and it is to be played aggressively.

5) The key thing to remember about Kenny, the thing which saves him from being a tragically deluded stooge is the fact that he actually is special. He has a gift. It’s not fantasy. He’s unique. As well as having a gift he’s long ago worked out the first rule of the Manifesto and accepted to himself that he is special. Ontop of this he’s worked out the second rule as well and he realizes that his goal in life is to pursue his gift and his specialness, and anything else he does merely takes him further away from this and from his destiny. He has a strong sense of entitlement. He knows what he is and he knows what the world owes him.

6) Kenny knows what his core beliefs are and he lives his life by them. Even if he has to play baseball in Mexico he’ll do it: better than not pursuing his dream in some bullshit job somewhere else. When it comes to women he knows what he likes:

“i’ll admit, that sweet tailpipe of yours did have me charmed, it put a spell on me, but all the ass magic in mexico can’t change kenny powers from his core beliefs. im a tit man, i like big ass boobs: now and forever. I’m not like a black guy.”

7) Kenny has absolute sexual assurance. He understands that women are attracted to him. Why wouldn’t they be? It’s unshakeable. It simply is. He’s Kenny Powers; therefore hot women want him. Period. Kenny has no shame or embarassment regarding his sexual intent. He desires beauty but is unfazed by it. He pursues it but does not supplicate to it. He negs women. He has high standards. He has multiple sexual partners.

8 ) Kenny understands the importance of male grooming. He likes to look good. He looks snappy. Like a lion he cultivates his mane.

9) Kenny is disgusted by Betas. They collapse immediately into his reality and he dominates them effortlessly. They idolize them as he shit-tests and cuckolds them. Despite this he realizes that Betas are often necessary to keep “low-level shit” running smoothly so he tolerates them when necessary.

10) The last thing Kenny teaches us about Alphaness is the most poignant. Kenny is lonely. He has few friends. He can’t relate to Betas and the few strong men he meets inevitably challenge him. Women are women. It’s lonely at the top but this is the price he is willing to pay.

What’s the most important attribute? Number 2. That’s it. It’s flicking the switch onto total self belief and fusing it there. Achieving this is spectacular in anyone, and those who’ve managed to do this emit an aura which draws people to them. They are carrying the magic torch. They’ve managed to pull it off. We all want it yet hardly any of us can get it. We’re all riven with doubt. When we run into people who’ve managed to do this we are in awe of them. It’s pure Soul-Crack.

17 responses to “Kenny Powers”

  1. “Male = drive, determination, courage, confidence, excellence
    Female = discussion, negotiation, compromise, mundaneness”

    love it.

    just found your blog through krauser.

    very impressive so far.

  2. Bhodi, Someone put me onto this a few months ago…. Ive been hooked ever since… Eastbound and Down is fucking brilliant. His trip to mexico is exactly how I want my travels to be, with an Indian Midget sidekick.

  3. Also… more importantly… brilliant analysis, I wish I had the intellect to break it down like this.

  4. I like the PIMP iceberg slim reference in there.Good POINT!

    kenny was good in season 1.SEason 2 sucked. yes he is a badass but he pays with his life, consequences of him losing his job,addicted to drugs and being broke and homeless….that my friend realistically is unhealthy.

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  6. Yeah, Kenny Powers and my favourite, Cartman from South Park – they’re HEROS! You can tell cos people laugh at them.

  7. I’ll look into this one. I like the sound of Kenny. I never liked Califonication. The Hank Moody character always felt a bit try-hard to me.

  8. Also Cliff off of Cheers.

    And the dopey guy off Married with Children. Alpha. Didn’t give a monkeys.

    Not forgetting Chandler (Friends).

    This blog is a joke we can join in?

  9. Great post. Really, this nails it. He’s a self-destructive alpha but you can replicate all the core themes without ruining yourself.

    1. No, he’s a self deluded, jumped-up calliflower. I mean, that should be clear even to bigots like the guy who writes this (fictional?) blog. His ‘strengths’ derive from his limitations – no empathy, no compassion, no generosity, no emotional control, no real spirit.

  10. krauserpua :
    You’re a homo

    Far from it, I’ve attended one of your bootcamps and thought you had class. But you’re supporting this hate-soaked guy – because he’s a client? He pays you money? I don’t follow – there’s a difference between expressing your machismo and being a hate monger towards women. You know that, so I don’t see what you see in him. This guy clearly takes no pleasure in being with women.

  11. Lmao this is the funniest series ever created!HBO had me glued to checking out this show.I wish it were an hour though(I think it was half hour).

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