The Odyssey Begins..

I’ve decided to read the whole of Roissy’s blog from start to finish. All 51 months of it. DrunkenBaker has just finished doing so and said it has changed his life.

It really is the best written pickup/gender politics blog out there. Four months down… forty seven to go.

4 responses to “The Odyssey Begins..”

  1. I did that the first time I arrived at Roissy’s writings. It was awesome. I think I’ll do it again this summer. It’s a great summer reading full of insights.

  2. Shameless self promotion I know, but I’m building a blog aggregator (you’re listed there too) and from the few votes we’re getting, here’s the top 10 PUA blogs – practical pickup is my favorite, hands down.

  3. I agree. Roissy is the Dark Lord. He’s changed alot of lives including mine. I think his writing – especially the alpha/beta and his sociology – was the last big revolution in game theory. Probably 30% of my total Game direction came from him. Mostly meta-game rather than specific tricks or gambits.

  4. Roissy is great but I have a lot of reservations in terms of his racial politics. His perspective is that of a white supremacist. Tread with caution.