Budapest: Day Four

It’s the last day of my four day set-orgy in Budapest. By now I have a morbid dread of getting so close to my 100 set target and failing that I’m out super-early yet again. I’m starting to flag by now. In fact it seems horrifying to have to do 25 more sets that day. I try and put it out of my mind and just think five sets ahead. I’m dog tired by now, but my AA has completely gone.. so at least that’s one thing.

I’m really early so I take a little detour and walk across the main bridge. Half way across I see a tall, stunning high-9 bond girl, done up to the nines walking across. She has sprayed on leggings and an ass that could make grown men weep. I pause for about a second then I’m in front of her.

Bodi: Hey! I hope you speak English
Her: (curious) yeaaah….
Bodi: Well, I saw you walking across the bridge just now. As you well know, you’re very tall and quite striking
(she nods)
it’s not a compliment… i’m not trying to suck up to you… i’m just saying I bet no man, no intelligent man, in your life has ever come up and spoken to you like this. I bet you intimidate men…..
(I then dramatically pause, and with an obscenely cocky smile and intense eye contact laugh out loud and say)
but I’m not intimidated! In fact… I’m feeling pretty cocky.

She likes the opener. I firmly believe she’s probably never been street-stopped in her life, at least if you exclude grunts, catcalls and ‘hey babys’. Again, she’s in a hurry and asks me to walk with her. I immediately refuse as it seems low value. As she walks away I’m again amazed by my poor decision making and realize I have now gained nothing by saying no. Fuck.

Before I’m even off the bridge I spot a modestly pretty girl on her own, peering at the sights with a dreamy look. Sensible jeans, but a decent body, so obviously not English etc. I guess Russian. I saunter up and lean on the wall beside her. It opens easily. She’s Russian. She’s an introvert; a bookish academic. She’s travelling alone. I run the set flawlessly and I drop in some heavy intellectual mastery. I happen to have just read an essay by Theodore Dalrymple contrasting Marx to Turgenev so I cunningly steer the whole conversation to allow me to parrot Dalrymple’s opinions and sound like a genius. Her eyes burn intensely as the mastery hits home. I take her number and we arrange to have a drink later.

The rest of the day passes in a gruelling churn of salmon quiches and endless sets. I get to 100 and am well sick of it but chuffed.

By now I have been messaging yesterday’s Lithuanian and she’s disappeared off the earth. My evening plan is to meet the Ruskie for a solid date then see if I can get the Hungarian girl out.

I meet the Russian in an amazing art deco hotel. When we sit down I immediately see that it’s most definitely not-on. She keeps her coat and scarf on and has her handbag protectively on her lap. This is not a sexual girl. She’s a prude. I sigh inwardly then just enjoy myself describing how the interior reminds me of Bioshock and how there’s a strange Titanic-like atmosphere, given the staff are all unemployed the next day. I take a toilet break then go look at myself in the mirror and assess all the options. Can this be salvaged? Is there anyway anybody could fuck this girl tonight? The honest answer is no. Oh she definitely fancies me, that much is obvious… but she’s just ‘daytripping’. She’s come to see the sights but isn’t putting out. As a side note I see this a lot from Russian girls. They fancy me chronically… they’re completely mesmered and desperate to spend time with me… but they’re just getting their pleasure from my company and have zero intent to pay for the experience with some wet flaps. I can’t be bothered entertaining this girl for a whole evening so I drag her along to a place I fancy eating in and just use her as company till I’ve finished my food. Then I get rid of her.

I head back to my flat and look forward to sleep. It’s 11pm and I’m just winding down when I get a message from the Czech girl. She wants to meet. I’m exhausted but holy shit a late night meet request like this sounds like…. a booty call!

I meet her at the metro station half an hour later: the latest date I’ve ever had. The only bar open is a grunge bar a few streets away. I don’t want to do city-centre as I’m planning to try and bounce her. We get to the bar and she orders tea. Bad sign. Bad sign at 8pm, good sign at 11.30pm as it shows she wants caffeine….. and hell! it’s an 11.30pm date! I order tea; I’m dead on my feet and half falling asleep. My calibration and confidence is not all there yet, so I still have to wonder if it’s on. In hindsight I now have a simple way to assess this:

A girl has come from home at 11 at night to meet you = it is on.

She’s pressing her legs against me. She’s asking me questions about my childhood. A few times I’m shocked to see she kinos my shoulders. Later Krauser tells me this is a MAJOR sign. “Shoulders are the girl’s equivalent of tits for men, it’s like you fondling her tits”. I’m too tired to delay so I decide to just go for it. I run an abbreviated 2 question Question-Game then just take her hands and pull her in and we k-close.

I then fail to fuck her.

We’re snogging and my logical mind says “look… this is just a booty call… it’s ON… she just wants screwing”, so I suggest we go back to mine. She immediately says no. Then she sits back and reels off what appears to be a pre-prepared statement:

“No. I’m not going back to yours. I’ve already decided that that’s not going to happen, and ultimately that is my decision, which I have already made, so I am afraid that you will just have to accept that”.

She looks quite triumphant after delivering this. I’m reminded of my own axiom: Women never lose a chance to let the world know they don’t need it.

I just say ‘ok’ and then make my big mistake: I take this with male-brain projection. I fail to recognize this for what it is…..


For a detailed explanation you need to buy Krauser’s new upcoming magnum opus but basically the idea is that girls default survival mechanism is to NOT fuck. Fucking is dangerous for cavewomen. As a last ditch defence against actually getting fucked her brain will throw random spanners into the works as surely only a truly high value man can actually deal with these spanners and get up there. It’s just another layer of defence.

I’ve read the book but haven’t yet assimilated the knowledge; sadly only failure makes me do that. I take it at face value and just walk her home.

The CORRECT strategy would have been something like: nod, assent, then bounce to another bar. Give a little comfort, re-snog then just try again for extraction. If more dissent then just repeat. Just keep plugging away and make every attempt to give the girl total plausible deniability for her actions.

But at the time I’m not that bothered… I’m so tired all I want is sleep. I’ve still had a great time, learned a lot, pressure tested myself, had a few dates and come close to getting laid.

Main learning points from my trip:

  1. Don’t Set-count. The brain’s a funny thing. Once you do something like Set-counting your quality instantly plummets. The brain is always looking for the shortest direction from A to B.
  2. My state control has vastly improved during the last few years. I’m now thoroughly capable of travelling solo, at least for short periods, and not getting wigged out or down in the dumps.
  3. State Control is the most important part of Game.
  4. I’m capable of making game like Work, and knuckling down and doing it.
  5. Once you beast yourself and do a few mandatory set-count days you learn a lot about your own mind and your level of weaseling. I learned more about weaseling in these 4 days than I did in the previous year.
  6. Game mini-breaks are pretty much a waste of time. Yup! You’re only there a short time so can’t effectively follow up on leads and long game is inefficient. Four days is not enough to get laid with anything more than mass-filtering for horny Yes girls. For something better you need more time.
  7. Euro trips are not an easy Game-Paradise. There was nothing easier about this than doing the same in London. In fact, if I’d done 100 sets in London in 4 days I think my likelihood of getting laid from it would have been far higher.
  8. Always act on Yes girls. Go for idates. Get phone numbers.
  9. Derailment.
  10. When you’re red-lining the car and trying for things like SDLs one false move can crash the whole thing.
  11. I really enjoyed the experience.

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  1. Just reading some of the back posts Bodi. You said you learnt … “1.Don’t Set-count”, however, from the narrative it sounded like counting sets really helped you, specifically in dealing with weasels and actually approaching quite a few girls each day.

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