Give Up

One strategy that I don’t think the Gamosphere gives enough time to considering is that of giving up the ‘tactical retreat’. I believe that for a number of men that this represents their best option for the least-miserable life. Take a step back, look at the hordes and hordes of desperately unhappy, frustrated, bitter and angry men burning millions of man-hours online lamenting the absence, lack or quality of pussy in their lives. Even worse, they are now overstimulated with endless images of super-hot, perfect women the likes of which a thousand years ago only someone with their own castle would get. It makes things worse: the ever shifting carrot of relativity moves forward and everything sours. Can fat, ugly, poor Joe Bloggs really find happiness with his (really) fat, really ugly betrothed?

 Getting into Game is very dangerous indeed. Previously you were a chode who had a chode’s success with women: a few girlfriends maybe fell into your lap in early life and then there was nothing but a desert and thirst-induced confusion. You got used to being single. You developed a whole esteem pyramid around it. You even self-deprecated about it to your equally single friends “Look, let’s go out, shunt a half dozen beers down the hatch each, enjoy the eye-candy then head home and have a non-stop Counterstrike and pizza marathon!”.

Then you discovered Game, and Game promised that You Too Could Get Hot Girls! And off the scabs got scratched. Suddenly there was hope, and hope brings failure and failure brings a wounded ego and pain. Other guys are now apparently banging hot chicks. They have a system! Game Names are banging catwalk models. Why can’t you? Agggh!

I’d like to propose a radical solution to the bottom 10% (at least) of the game trough.

 Just give up.

Now what I am NOT saying is: give up all hope of contact with women and live in an ego-crushed, depressed and suicidal hell for the rest of your whole life (and coincidentally stop competing for the same women as me). This does not come from a Beta mate-protection strategy. What I mean is this: for a lot of guys out there killing themselves and making themselves miserable chasing an impossibly hard to attain goal causes much more emotional pain and cost than executing a carefully thought out ‘Giving Up’ or ‘Going Your Own Way’ plan.

First off, let’s consider not giving up. And of course I’m talking about the bottom slice of guys. I’m not talking about the guys with some proven game, with a few notches, the tall guys, the guys with high IQs, the funny guys. I’m not talking about the guys fucking girls 15 years younger than them, the guys who are not but are making progress. I don’t want to attempt to set out any hard and fast criteria here as I could be accused of being very cruel and also there are no hard and fast criteria, but just use your judgement and understand that here I am talking about the guys who probably are just not going to make it.

What does this guy face? Lot’s of suffering. He faces a lifetime of involuntary celibacy. Of never being taken seriously by women but while desperately wanting to be. Of desperately cycling through misanthropy to betatism and back again, years and years of being depressed and unhappy and striving for something that never happens and at the same time and most awfully, he is UNABLE TO ENJOY THE REST OF HIS LIFE WHILE THIS IS HAPPENING. He tries online dating and gets treated like shit, and his only options are old, fat bossy women with no eggs left. He sees all around him better looking, funnier guys getting girls. This is not a fun life. He’s probably desperately unhappy. He probably cries to himself now and again. Some may go on anti-depressants. Some consider suicide. Some do it. And for what? For someone else’s design for life which they felt they had to follow.

And this is where my proposal of a ‘tactical rethink’ comes into place. Instead of spending, oh say the ages of 20 to 50 i.e. the best part of his life, constantly striving for the highly likely unattainable and feeling miserable, I would suggest a plan akin to the following:

1.       Reject all desire to find a perfect soul mate to define oneself.

2.       Reject all desire to get married, buy a house and have children.

3.       Strengthen these decisions by reading a lot of MGTOW and Manosphere writing and learn to build the ego-foundations to strenghten these beliefs. Repaint yourself as an jihadist MRA or something, whatever. (As a point of note, I firmly believe in the validity of the MRA movement but here I’m just saying if you wanted to some extreme aspects of it would be quite a neat way to repackage an inability to get pussy into a convenient ego-weave).

4.       Work on eradicating all subliminal attempts to still try and weasel towards pussy. Stop going to bars that women go to. Cancel all online dating subscriptions. De-orbit yourself from Orbiter-collecting girls on Facebook, etc. Don’t put yourself in places you can think you should talk to women but get unhappy from not doing so. Remove all opportunities to torture yourself.

5.       Work on your career and attain a decent income, say £40,000 in London or an equivalent abroad, adjusted for cost of living. Try and work towards getting this by age 30. These are not unattainably high goals. A branch manager of Pret A Manger can earn £36k pa in London. Don’t forget. You DON’T NEED a lot of money. You’re not going to be buying a woman half a house. You’re not going to be paying for two kids you barely see and who have been brainwashed to hate you to go to private school and skiing in Italy. You are not going to be Keeping Up With The Joneses. You are going to be putting in place Bachelornomics. So…

6.       Minimize your costs and maximize your fun. Live in a shared house with other males, but not ones who get laid a lot. Together you can validate each others life choices and rediscover what all girlfriends and wives know early on and what strikes terror into their hearts: when a man has friends he doesn’t even need women that much really.

7.       Take more time off: Why work all the time? Once you have savings burn them down by not working for large chunks of time and travelling or doing whatever you see fit.

8.       Enjoy life. Eat well (you can afford to). Play lots of video games. Buy whatever your want if you can afford it. Read.

9.       Take up a hobby which will allow you to get lots of social contact with men and without many women present. It’s important for you to learn to enjoy and appreciate company with men. There’s a whole book here but this is an aspect of the Manosphere never discussed. Men are not just there as sounding boards. Well adjusted men enjoy spending time with other well adjusted men. With occassional pussy and lots of guy friends men require little else in life. Hell… even with no pussy it often works. This is something women intrinsically realize and dread in their bones. Notice how quickly girlfriends will try and extract men away from the group or out of the shared house, how she will contrive to shut off access to their buddies. This is one of the little discussed lies that Feminism has slied in their under the radar. Men were never supposed to spend that much time with their partners. You were never supposed to fucking take up hobbies with her. You were never supposed to spend the whole weekends together. Your grandparents certainly didn’t and they were married sixty years right? It comes from a place of fear and one of mind-conditioning: convince men that they should be spending all their time with their partner and in fact there is something wrong with them if they don’t. Don’t let them spend time with male friends as this weakens your own value because the more they have fun without you the more they realize they don’t need you to have fun. Women are not there to be your friends.

10.   Realize that you can truly enjoy life and have fun through social contact with men. Pick some kind of activity and do it and makes lots of guy friends. Obsessive, culty, women-free activities are best. Think Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Think Magic the Gathering. Or trainspotting. Or hiking. As well as enjoying male company you also get another source of pleasure which is that of hobby-obsession. Hours and hours of your time just start becoming obsessively interesting and fun. If you want a new model steam engine you just buy one, right there and then.

11.   Reduce your sex drive by either a) masturbating a lot to online porn b) avoiding all porn and stimuli.

And now for the good bit.

1.       If you are 30 and earning at least £40k and minimizing your costs you can probably afford at least two big holidays a year. Indulge in some global arbitrage and jet off to Thailand or the Phillipines and fuck lots of whores. Sicken yourself. Buy viagra and fuck three a day for a week. Add them to your lifetime laycount.

2.       Or depending on cost try fucking a whore once a month in the UK. Do some research. Find a good one and search for the ultimate GFE. If you get into this then rebrand yourself as a ‘Monger’ and get into the whole pride-about-whoring online presence and then this will fuel, rather than detract from your ego.

I’ve played devil’s advocate here but I want you to consider what I have written. Game is not for everyone and you could be opening a can of worms. There are other alternatives and you DO NOT need to ‘earn yourself a woman’ to feel your life has purpose. Do not waste your life striving for something which you may never get and which will make you miserable. Stop working your life away to pay for other people. Stop slaving for the right to buy someone else a house. Stop making yourself unhappy, stop being bitter and wound up.

Stop and enjoy the scenery. You only get one life. Enjoy it. Get some friends, get some hobbies, bang a load of whores now and again then let all those worker bees tire themselves out buzzing between flowers and dying at the end of summer.

Doesn't look that bad a life does it?
Doesn’t look that bad a life does it?

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  1. Brilliant Post.
    All the way to the bottom I was thinking…. What is he talking about and then at the bottom.. The aha moment was like a slap in the face.. almost spiritual.
    Enjoy the now..

  2. very chodey, bodie!

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