Bubble Bursting

Bubble-Bursting is an intermediate to advanced technique but is often used unconsciously by beginners or chodes and selectively by advanced players. Bubble Bursting is the technique of deliberately letting the magic PUA intimacy bubble pop to push a compliance and interest test on the girl.

Consider the junior player. Coming from chodesville he finally learns how to switch to an analogue rather than digital mode of communication with women and starts to generate real attraction for the first time in his life, instigated by him. He learns themes to talk about during conversation and starts to structure his dates. He begins to be able to create the magical date aura for girls and create ‘bubbles’ of intimacy, rapport and escalation. (For a SUPERB explanation of this date game see Daygame.com’s “The Girlfriend Sequence” product). Zoom out a little and you can see the whole sequence of pickup and date as a bubble as well.

A player at work
A player at work

The bubble is powerful and plenty of intermediate players farm a large number of mesmerised, dappy girls along the Bubble Highway into their beds by soundly keeping the girl within it. In the world of daygame Same Day Lays and Day Two Lays this bubble is even more intense. Nightgame SDL’s are probably the most intense bubble, excluding the daygame sub-three hour Toilet-fuck.

Junior players struggle to create the bubble. Intermediate players are eager to create it and use it’s power but afraid to let it dissipate. My argument is that in some circumstances doing this is appropriate.

Consider a low-value target that you don’t want to expend much energy on and certainly don’t wish to accept any crap from. You know in a couple of weeks she has to go home to her home country for a few weeks so what can you do? Run a date where you sit back, relax and expound. Chuck in a few spikes and try for a kiss then go home. Follow up with a few Overchoded texts and just wish her a good holiday. Then wait. Pop! The buble has burst. In a few weeks ping her and see if she comes back. If she does then she is heavily invested and has probably crossed the mental rubicon to fuck or date you. Girls do not tend to re-initiate game-playing so much after a time delay/bubble-pop. If they are uninterested they simply break contact.

What about a high value target? Surely letting the magic bubble pop is disastrous? This depends on what kind of player you are; a King in Rags (also known as a Value Onion) or a Great and Powerful Oz?


How much self esteem (I don’t mean narcissim) do you really have? How much do you believe in your own value? How much of a fully developed man are you? Are you trying to wreathe yourself in a cloud of smoke and sparkles to bamboozle munchkins or are you Aragorn, the scruffy and grizzled ranger, down to earth and charismatic with earth shattering presence.

just one of those shabby rangers... now give me my second breakfast!
just one of those shabby rangers… now give me my second breakfast!

Wizards need to keep girls in the bubble, because if it pops the stench of pussy repellent will waft out.Value Onions do not. Value Onions should not risk overcooking a set for fear of the bubble bursting. Instead they can deliberately roll off, let the magic fade a little and see if she comes back.


Consider a really high value set, say a high 8 with high self esteem and smarts (and thus obviously non-Anglosphere). Imagine you do a street stop and bounce for an idate. The magic builds and you bounce to venue two for beers. There’s rapport and attraction but you sense this girl is not going home with you. You’ve made your move so you’re good: you shovel on some rapport and comfort and go home.

Wizards need to act fast: they need to get this girl out on a day two quick and try and bang her on that day. The longer they wait the more the girl, especially if she’s greyhoundish, will see through their aura to the little man underneath and then decided not to fuck him. Kings don’t. Their worry is probably overcooking it. Trying to fuck really high value girls on Day Two’s is risky: you’ll probably blow it for good. Far better is to just run a Day Two where your aim is nothing but to vibe, expound, display value and get the kiss. You have to get the kiss. Then back off… and by the way you’ll probably get a few shit tests or she may well vaccuum and see if you rush in with the texts. You aren’t trying to maintain the initial rush. You schedule a Day Three and perhaps make it a longer, more adventurery and rapportey date than normal and explicitly say something like “we’ll get some steaks and cook our dinner at my house and watch a DVD”. The ball is now in her court. The work is done and if she turns up then try to fuck her.

Normal non-game guys never really burst the bubble because they’re never in it. The girl has selected them and she is leading and if they feel a love bubble then that’s what it is. We are talking about bubbles created by PUAs by the power of game and that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

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