Time wasters

Game not only gets you girls it stops girls wasting your time. Sometimes you have dry spells and a string of near-misses and think that everything sucks…. but it’s easy to forget your game is humming there in the background like a force field, at the very least stopping girls constantly fucking with you and wasting your time. You might not be getting pussy but at least you’re not getting your time wasted to not get it.

I shudder to think how much the average chode gets dicked about in his quest for pussy. Even when you’re THE R-selection mysterious stranger they still find endless ways to fuck things up. I can only imagine the hell the average cubicle-infesting chode goes through in his endless, sad trudge towards getting a girl to fuck him. Only decades of Beta conditioning to the Feminine Imperative can prepare a chode to feel no cognitive dissonance in relentlessly texting a rude girl over a period of months and then happily reframe her fickleness as “the mystery of women” and chuckle to his chodelings “women! can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!”.

Girls crave attention. Attention to them is the precious drug which does something very, very important: it shows them that their shares in the sexual marketplace are still worth something. The more attention the higher price her shares are worth. A girl with no attention has no power. A girl with attention still has men pursuing her so still has time and options. Girls want attention more than they want sex. Let’s not forget: the optimal state for a girl’s feral hindbrain is not to partner up with a safe provider-chode, but to have the maximum men after her while putting out the minimum pussy. So in short:



Our objective as players is to absolutely minimize the amount of effort we must invest in fucking a girl. Oh! Oh! Hang on… did I hear something? Did I hear the little angry squeaks of Denial Ostrich? Did I?

Ostrich Running Away

Let me put my ear close to the sand and see what I hear:

But I really like spending time with her. You are a sad cunt Bodi, it’s really pathetic to think you only spend time with a girl if she gives you sex”.

Ha ha loser. You waste your weekends with some broad and you aren’t even fucking her.

But this one’s really high quality… you gotta invest time in her

Not so weasely… this is often true… but bro…. MINIMIZE THE TIME. Or GET. ANOTHER. LEAD.

How do you know if your time’s being wasted? Well let me set some objective guidelines for you!

As a rough rule of thumb you don’t want to be spending more than three dates with a girl unless you’ve had your dick in her. Unless she’s Russian, in which case it could take twice as many. Spending more than three five hour dates with a chick without having fucked her is, to me, a waste of my time. And the texting inbetween dates should not be excessive, you should not be getting fucked around. Of course you may need some banter to firm up a street stop or apply some comfort pre-date invite, but you don’t want to be having girls piss you about.

Game helps in two ways:

a) at the very least you understand that not all of their actions have a logical basis, so you don’t feel that bothered anymore when, for example, a girl doesn’t call you (perhaps she was entranced watching raindrops on the window, or she may have simply forgotten you exist)
b) you develop better skills so girls are simply not able to mess you round as much

Let’s go through an example. I was out a month ago and walking across the road near Green Park a girl looked straight at me and smiled a little. An IOI! A good daygamer will never waste an IOI. She was dressed a little unconventially and was early 20’s so I immediately doubled-back and openend her.
When I realised she was British I managed to quell my revulsion and continued to banter with her. A bit of chit chat. Some teasing. A few moments of me feeling something in her eyes. There was a little attraction, not a lot, but a little, say 1 out of 5.

I ask if she has a boyfriend and she tells me she just dumped him. “How about a rebound drink next week? Boom! How about that for direct..” I say. She eagerly says “sure!” and we exchange numbers.

20 Jan 16:03 ME: hi, this must be the retro historian…. 😉 hope u had a good day [feeler]

21 Jan 20:13 HER: had a great day thanks ha, [very late reply… low interest]

21 Jan 22:24 ME: I know u student types… lying in bed watching richard and judy I bet [jokey banter]

21 Jan 22:30 HER: sorry to disappoint, afraid not, trecked up to primrose hill instead [faster reply, good]

21 Jan 22:35 ME: heels and makeup i hope young lady [continue banter]

22 Jan 15:33 HER: of course [she acknowledges the joke but contributes little. it’s low investment, she’s not giving anything]

22 Jan 17:02 ME: think u can wear them again if there’s a cocktail in it? 🙂 [thus I bring out anti-time-wasting ordanance]

24 Jan 01:45 HER: have been so busy, completely forgot to reply to this! sorry! [actions speak louder than words. she took 48 hours to reply and then still DID NOT ADD ANYTHING. didn’t offer another time. didn’t add any value. I regard her reply as rude. I decide to ‘next’ this girl]

24 Jan 21:18 HER: do you think youre a creative person? 🙂 [she re-pings. mmm I smell attention-seeking]

25 Jan 13:59 ME: No more so than Dickens… [cocky short reply. not rushing in to blabber on]

25 Jan 15:44 HER: haha of course

25 Jan 17:35 ME: I’m sitting inside scoffing at the rain… u? [I ping her to gee up the exchange, I’m planning another date-invite to nip it in the bud]

25 Jan 20:55 HER: the thunder woke me up 🙁

26 Jan 18:20 ME: I’m free tomorrow night… drink? [shit or get off the pot bitch]

With hindsight my texts lacked a little authenticity and normalness, they were quite gamey. But certainly not chodey and lame. The main learning point here was that here long delays showed lack of interest and I was determined that this girl JUST NOT WASTE MY TIME. To nip her orbiter-farming in the bud I put a price on my continued attention, which was obviously acquiesence to a date. After the first date invite she vaccumed by not replying. What would a chode do? Rush right in and try and smooth it over. After 48 hours she decides she wants more attention so she re-initiates. Notice how my replies are short. I ping her once and when she replies go straight to the date invite. I never heard back from her and I don’t care. She’s obviously a time waster, not sure what she wants and trying to spin plates. This is fine for her but what it does is push her out of the zone of men like me. It’s a self-defeating strategy which ensures girls only get low-value needy chodes, as high value guys simply don’t bother.

I’d of course have much rather we met and I punishment-banged her, but that was not meant to be, and a little part of me still feels warm and happy knowing that at the very least girls can’t waste endless amounts of my time anymore like they did when I was a chode.

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