“Oh is this the way they say the future’s meant to feel?
Or just 20,000 people staring at a screen,
And I don’t quite understand just what this feeling is.”

Today I signed up for Tinder. I’ve heard a lot about it. Let me review my prior knowledge for you.

Friend One:

Portugese, 30, swarthy, probably a 10/10 on looks (movie star), puts a pic of himself with his eight pack on a beach holding a surfboard, then writes that he’s a Portugese surfboard instructor.
Result: deluge of messages, all from 26-36 year old high 7’s.

Friend Two:

Part time model. 26 or something. A 9/10.
Result: deluge of messages, all from 20-30 year old high 7’s.

Friend Three:

Captain Strangelove. 34. Average-ish looks. Puts his lifetime best picture of himself and uses it while travelling through parts of South America that rarely get foreigners, makes a big deal of being foreign.
Result: A few lays, all from 26-36 year old high 7’s.

Friend Four:

Mr X. 38. Average-ish looks. London.
Result: Zero.

Friend Five:

Mr Y. 37. Average-ish looks. London.
Result: Zero.

Of course these results should be absolutely zero suprise to any student of game or dabbler in the Manosphere.

Tinder is broken. Only a hopeless blue-pill chode, deep in his faith-based, quasi-religious belief that men and women are the same, could be confused as to why men and women enjoy differnet experiences on Tinder and also struggle to understand why Tinder is anything but:

A convenient net for hot guys to fuck a few girls a couple of points below them and not significantly younger than them.


everyone else to get their time wasted.

The ironic thing is that the Tinder model works just great as a means of accurately assessing men’s sexual interest in a woman, you merely need two pieces of information:

1) Her age
2) Her photo

Obviously she can still fuck it up but the hard truth is if this girl turns up and does not piss the guy off by spouting offensive garbage then most guys would happily fuck her.

What Tinder does that is truly awful is twofold.

Firstly, it magnifies societal decline. It’s a form of leverage. People are becoming superficial, iphone-gazing, zombie-like shallow creatures from sci-fi novels. They like pap, we give ’em pap, then all they ever know is pap. Here we have the whole spectrum of human interaction broken down into an app, which in itself deliberately restricts sophistication and nuance. Tinder is a glimpse into a dystopian future.

Secondly, Tinder tells an enormous lie and sours people’s lives. The lie is that women’s attraction is the same as men’s and I guarantee you it is not. Women’s sexual attraction to men is hugely affected by a men’s behaviour, we all know this, but a lot of modern women don’t.

Of course they don’t. Because the pyramid of lies that is the blue-pill world is built on a precarious, jenga-like structure of lie upon lie. If men’s personality affected a woman’s attraction to him then that would mean…. OMG. JUST WOW. That men and woman are DIFFERENT.


So what Tinder does is further reinforce to women that male attractiveness is in men’s looks, not personality. And it’s not just average-looking guys like me that lose out because of this lie; it’s women: they get less men in their lives that they’re attracted to. Less boyfriends. Less adventures. Less romances. Less marriages. Occasionally someone pumps and dumps them and that’s it.

So I’m in a foreign country and the reason I signed up is to wonder if my foreign-ness makes me sufficiently shiney to become that guy. Brave New World… here I come!


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  2. […] is bad for men, here is why, it can also be a shitter for women […]

  3. Giovanni Giustiniani Avatar
    Giovanni Giustiniani

    Agree, though you mean fewer men, fewer boy friends

  4. Accurate. I have a related article on why game is better than online dating: https://achillrudolph.com/2021/12/04/meet-people-not-pictures/ — also I am building an app to make game more enjoyable for beginners: https://nogame.app – read both your books and would love to chat with you about this project some time!

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