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I did a little daygame in downtown Singapore last weekend. From what I could see I was the ONLY person doing so, although from a quick Gooling there do appear to be a couple of bootcamps running now and again.

Singapore is not easy for daygame and here’s why: targets. I spotted very few girls, VERY few that had an approachable vibe to them. Having put my time in in London I can now calibrate pretty well and my spidey-sense screams when I see a girl with a particular ambling walk, particular fashion, particular look and sometimes nothing in particular…. except my brain screaming “she want’s to be opened!”. I’m usually right, and this is a skill which has taken well over a thousand sets of daygame to acquire.

Drifting round the busy shopping streets and malls of Singapore I saw none of this. There were plenty of girls alone, and plenty of these girls were on paper hot. Pleasant faces, pleasant bodies but just no…. sex. It’s almost like these little asian girls are riding in stolen cars. Their genes make them small, keep the fat off and give them soft, buttery skin and glossy hair. Yet they have no real sexiness to them. They’re absolutely not feminine at all. Real femininity is like an aura; it’s wonderful to bask in its glow. There’s absolutely nothing like being in set with a truly feminine girl and being alpha as fuck: the electricity is crackling.

And Singaporeans are very insular. People all seem to be wrapped up in their own little worlds and to be quite frank, to be socially retarded. To start filling in my calibration jigsaw as quickly as possible I made a point of repeatedly asking for directions, the time, where the MRT (underground) station was etc and in general I was right: Singaporeans are simply not used to social interaction on the street and half of them seemed virtually incapable of responding.

Now and again I picked a good looking girl, solo, who did not give me the approachable vibe then approached her anyway. My calibration was correct: it tanked.

Nevertheless I enjoyed my time. I walked around, got a chilled Earl Grey ice tea and started exploring. Chuckling to myself I imagined myself a sleek (cough cough) shark amongst shoals of minnows. All of Singapore… all for me and my daygame!

Daygamer at work... notice the wry smile.
Daygamer at work… notice the wry smile.

But alas.. no girls with a good vibe. I called my friend for a chat then suddenly a pure HB8 walked past. She stood out like a sore thumb: beautiful face, hair and body, with unusual fashion, tight clothes and a gorgeous sashaying walk. I ‘krausered’ the phone conversation by screaming “gotta go bye callubacklater!” then my feet were already carrying me straight for the girl.

Opened well. Hooked. Good set. Went for a number and got an email (which she has since responded to). Calibration working well.

I jumped on the MRT and went to a new area: the so called ‘hipster’ area. The streets were pretty empty. I spot a cute girl walking her ridiculous toy dog. She has unusual fashion and a carefree walk. I open. It’s a great set. Plenty of teasing. Easy number close.

It’s getting late and the heat is making me tired. I head home. In the 7-11 I spot a short girl, possibly Filipino, good looking but with quite a sexual face: glossy eyes, makeup and juicy lips. She has a cute little blazer on and a tight top showing her decent cleavage and tight leggings showing her big, round ass. I perv at her for a second, catch her eye, don’t look away then just ignore her. I’m tired and my timing is off. In hindsight, replaying the movie of my mind, my peripheral vision picks her looking back at me twice.

I leave and am now really tired. Too tired to at the time notice the girl and her friend fall in step beside me: they’ve obviously waited. I finally realize and open with something inane. Straight away she’s on it. She’s giddy and star-struck. I realize it’s SUPER ON. She chunters away: she’s Filipino and has a decent job. I’m chatting to her and politely acknowledging her friend. As I said on a recent Tweet, once your value is 3 points above the girls then it’s their ‘movie star’ moment and their friends facilitate, not cockblock. The obstacle drifts away quietly and keeps herself to herself. We chat a bit more and I realize this needs to be done super quick. I ask her if I’d embarass her by taking her number in front of her friend, then I ask the friend’s permission. She can’t give me the number quick enough. By now I’ve had a good clock of her tits and realize they’re quite juicy and substantial and although she’s short and with an ass verging on the slightly too big I’d quite happily drill her. I fluff and run comfort and DHV until we reach the MRT then I split.

All three leads are now active.

If these assumptions about Singapore continue to hold true then I’d say it’s a difficult place for the average Joe to daygame in. I’ve cut my teeth in London and already built up my calibration, I’m over The Hump. Trying to do that here would be almost impossible: so far the only daygameable girls are literally the hottest girls you see, and this is terrifying for chodes. Daygame here is do-able, as I’ve already shown, but you need razor sharp calibration. The IOI’s here are so much more nuanced than in Europe. Just yesterday a girl walked past me on a pedestrian crossing and because I was tired and daydreaming it took me 20 seconds for my hindbrain to pass the information to my forebrain that the particular angle of her head and way she looked at the traffic were indeed an incredibly subtle IOI to me. Too late. There will be more though…

Learning points from all this:

  • I need to approach more girls who don’t give me the vibe just to make sure my calibration is correct
  • It’s not number of sets, it’s the quality of the girl.
  • The hotter the girl the greater chance of success
  • Approach any hot girl I see even when not ‘doing daygame’ as leads will be thin on the ground here and I can’t get an appreciable volume done on a dedicated daygame session
  • My calibration is getting really good

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