Solo club game!

Singapore has been fairly low key. I’ve banged four birds but not done a huge amount of work or been out a lot. I should say ‘lot’ because I guess I’ve had ten or so dates so far but in terms of gamey trips abroad this is nothing. Singapore just isn’t that good for game; not that I’m whining, I’m just stating it. I actually didn’t come here to do game: I came here to have a break somewhere hot and civilized, train some Muay Thai and visit my friends who live here. Game was a side-concern.

So I’m talking to my mate and he mentions that he has friends “who pull in bars and clubs”. I’m curious and skeptical. Nearly every time I’ve heard stories about mythical ladies-men “getting laid a lot” it’s turned out to be a youngish, smart guy with natural game who’s banging maybe a 7 his own age once or twice a month, tops. It’s never average guys fucking a couple dozen or so girls more than ten years their junior every year.

Still I have the niggling worry that perhaps I’m missing a trick here. Perhaps the clubs are where it’s all at. Perhaps I’m missing Pussy Paradise? I use the anti-laziness trick of imagining what guys with greater success than me would do: they’d go out. That’s half the secret of those more successful than yourself: greater work ethic.

It’s Friday evening, I have no wing, I’m dog-tired from Muay Thai but I decide to give it a bash anyway. My friend tells me to try Attika as it’s central and well known and it’s nickname is “sluttika”. I get changed and head to the subway. En route I buy a can of cold Nescafe coffee from the 7-11 and drink it. I don’t know what they put in this stuff but it should be made illegal. My hands start shaking with the caffeine and I feel like I’m going to throw up. The high lasts fifteen hours and I can barely sleep that night. The next morning I wake up feeling just as wired as the night before. Finally it wears off the next afternoon and it feels like a tidal wave of fatigue hitting me. I’m out hiking and just collapse on the ground and fall asleep. Never again.

Anyhow we’re still on the evening before and I’m on the way into town. I use the time to list my expectations, making my bets about what I’ll find:

  • It will not be pussy paradise
  • It will be a sausage-fest of asian chodes buying bottles of whiskey
  • There will be lots of hot asian girls jealously guarded by chodes
  • There will be other expats, thus ruining the novelty factor

A short primer on Asian clubs

It has been brought to my attention that a lot of people are not familiar with the set up in the average asian club. It’s important to note the omnipresecence of The Bottle Of Whiskey. Asians in asian clubs in asia seem to believe that the be all and end all of having ‘made it’ is to buy a bottle of whiskey, usually a ridiculously overpriced bottle of fake Chivas Regal. There’s a blatant snobbery involved as well: if you buy a bottle of whiskey you get whisked straight past the plebs and given your own table. Only those who buy bottles or are friends are allowed to sit down in the club, anywhere. Chodes usually save up and buy a bottle of Chivas for a few hundred quid and delight in getting their own table, and usually they get allocated their own female attendant to pour the drinks for them, not realizing the attendants job is to empty the bottle of liquor as fast as humanely possible. Now what chodes can do is try and throw needy IOIs out to skirting, liquor-hungry girls and invite them onto their table. Suddenly they’re surrounded by girls! They revel in this until the liquor runs out, at which point the girls promptly bugger off. Then the chodes are kicked off their table.

I’m nervous heading in. I never do bar or club game. I’m not inured to it. I don’t really know how it goes down.

I make conversation in the queue for the club. I’ve read Roosh’s article and have a rough idea of what to do. I’ve also decided that my entire goal for the night is:

Wander round, scan for IOIs from yes-girls, do ten approaches to check for yes-girls. Go home.

I chat to a couple in the queue ahead of me. They’re both Singaporean and are good fun. They are CONVINCED that all clubs are literally rammed with asian girls desperate to find white boyfriends. The guy tells me I have it made, I’ll be fighting them off with a stick. I’m skeptical. I’ve seen this before.

I chat to the girls behind me. They’re white, students and quite drunk. One is a pretty but chubby girl from Amsterdam. She looks at me and I know it’s on. Like that. A yes-girl. She’s well on the porky side but I think ‘fuck it’ that’s an easy lay and decide to just take what’s in front of me, bird in the hand and all that. I squeeze her neck a bit, tease her then fondle her tits a bit. Job done. I can find her later inside.

I go inside and wander about. I experiment with standing at the bar, locking in and looking cool. I start opening sets and chatting. I wander about to different parts of the club. I’m people-watching: I’m curious. I want to decipher the matrix of the club, to see what’s really happening there.

I talk to some different girls: Korean, Chinese, Singaporean, Thai. I talk to some mixed sets. I’m not picking up any IOIs. There are plenty of Westerners here and plenty of them are better looking than I am. Unfortunately a good 70% of the guys in the club seem to be absolutely thirsty for women and showing it. Women are sitting and standing like royalty while a constant stream of chodes buzzes around like flies in front of them.

I do some proper night-game opens. I open multiple two sets and hook and talk to them for… oh ten minutes each. Each set goes the same. I open. I hook. They indicate they want to talk to me. We talk: I lead, I joke, I tease, I play them off against each other. They laugh. They like it. Neither of them fancies me. They girl code then ever so politely find a reason to leave.  I’m struggling to create attraction. In daygame I can do it. I know how to. I know as clear as A,B, C what I have to do to literally make a girl fancy me. However in night-game it’s a mystery to me. The dynamic is different. I wonder how much of it can be influenced and how much is just pure physicality. Dunno.

I run into the Dutch girl. I push her on the dancefloor and start grinding her. She loves it. I pull her hair, bite her neck and start chewing her ear lobe. She’s moaning and clawing at me. I push her round then we grossly make out. She’s a great kisser and very passionate. I don’t mind it at all. It’s too early to extract and we both know it. There’s that ‘lull’. We mutually agree to ‘meet up later’ and split up. Fine by me: try and get something better.

I chat to some more people. I observe. I’m not drinking too much. Around 1am I run into the Dutch girl again but her and her friend are now paralytic and can barely speak. They drool and moan they are too drunk and stumble out the club to go home. Heh.

I run into the couple from the queue. We start talking and joking. They’re adamant that the place is full of western-loving sluts. I enlighten them about relative value. The guy looks crestfallen. The girl starts secretly kino’ing me where her boyfriend can’t see, then brushing her tits against me. I can see she’s into me. It’s too weird and I’m shocked she’s doing this beside her boyfriend so I leave.

It’s just after 1am and my research is ending. I’ve reached my conclusions about the club. I run the final ‘Bodi Club Test’ to make sure. This is simple. You walk round a club at 1am and you count how many people are actually making out. Lots? Or one or two. In this club, packed with maybe a thousand people, I counted two couples making out. Two. In the whole club.

Yup. It’s a dead club.

The problem was that criticial sausage-level had been surpassed. The volume of men had just passed that point when suddenly the whole place became nothing but a validation machine for women and NOBODY was pulling. This excludes couples that are already dating, or where it’s been on the cards for ages that they fancy each other and this is the night that their friends arrange for them to hit it off. Or perhaps number closes. But if in a club of a thousand only one or two couples are copping off after a few hours of drink and booze… forget it.

The best club I ever went to was, suprisingly, one of the poshest. It was called Mahiki and is in Mayfair in London and charged £20 or something to get into. Drinks were very expensive. The critical thing I noticed there was that the ratio of women to men was far, far higher than in the average chavvy club like Tiger Tiger. It was around 50%, which is extraordinarly for a club. Also, there were large numbers of extremely hot girls there, which lowered their overall value. By 1am the place was like a university disco. There were couples copping off everywhere. Every sofa and dark corner had a writhing couple in it making out… and more. It was unreal. I saw high 8s, stunning girls, immaculately dressed, writhing round in booths with guys fingering them. I’ve never seen anything like it. And it’s all because of ratios and quality

So.. in conclusion… my findings after a night in a club:

  • I’d have more success in bar rather than club game, where I can use my conversational game to get number closes which I then follow up.
  • I wasn’t shiny enough to get any easy IOIs due to the numbers of other caucasians there, plenty of whom were better looking than me. And younger than me!
  • Once the club reaches that tipping point of the male to female ratio it turns into a sausage-fest and very few people hook up. The number of women and their quality in the club is the single biggest factor affecting your likelihood of hooking up. It’s not about the men and how hot they are, it’s about the women and how many of them there are compared to the men
  • Club game is draining and tiring and certainly in europe daygame produces far better long term results for me
  • I have good state control, managing to do club game alone and sober and with virtually no experience and not wig out
  • I don’t really understand the mechanics of club game and how to create attraction in that setting. I suspect club game is very ‘compressed’ and if I played back my conversations I’d find evidence of trying too hard, or not being smooth enough, or not teasing enough, all due to my newness to club game.
  • If you dont take club game too seriously you can still have fun on your own and meet new people
  • The clubs people list as “full of sluts” are often the worst places to try and pull in. As I said, in my opinion you’d be three times more likely to pull in a posh, expensive Mayfair club than say Tiger Tiger at Piccaddilly.

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