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You’ve flown to Jakarta for a four day break. You have three evenings: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You’re tired on your first night but force yourself to go out anyway. The first bar you’re in you get chatting to a girl who seems to not be a whore. A low 7. She’s 29 but looks a little older. One kid, pumped out when she was twenty and up in her hometown with her parents. Average body, slim. Seems very friendly with a GSOH. You look round the club and it’s half empty, just a few men on their own with haunted, unhappy expressions and a few tables of super-cliquey asians squealing round a bottle of whiskey.

You bounce to another club and get her to show you where it is. It’s bigger and a little bit busier. It’s midnight. You take stock of the situation:

The girl you’re with is a low 7. However you realize now she really fancies you. You kiss her anyway just for escalation practice and she’s mega into it. You’re sure now she’s not a whore and you’re sure she’s DTF. She suggests leaving “to go back to her place to eat” and starts getting a sex-look in her eyes.

You excuse yourself for five minutes “to look at the club”. You walk around. It’s midnight and it’s half empty but clubs here get busy by 3am. The club is around 70% men 30% women. There are lots of CRAZY HOT, 20-year old 8s. I’m talking super hot… Drop-dead gorgeous. Stunning bodies and tiny, belt-wide skirts. They’d stop traffic in London. Part of you feels very let down, as this is what you really want and your stuck with average. However they are nearly all in large, cliquey sets with asian guys in them, generally on sofas clustered around bottles of whiskey. You scan the total available sets in the club:

  1. 2-set. High 8 and old low 5. Chinese. Probably rude mainlanders or whores.
  2. 2-set. Young high 8’s.
  3. 6-set of crazy-hot 20-year old Indonesian girls, high 8’s/9’s. Super hot. Possibly not whores, just normal rich girls.

Those are the cards. What do you do….

A) Take the low hanging fruit?

B) Reject the low hanging fruit and open the available sets, hoping more available sets turn up later as well?

nb: you can’t open the other sets without the fruit noticing and leaving.

4 responses to “Pop Quiz”

  1. Oh wow! Hey dude, this design is sick! Reminds me of he inside of 007’s classy briefcase. Also LOL at the “blog imagery more be more exciting than my actual life”

    Anyway, my answer remains the same:

    Option A) is the best in my noob mind. Most people are average – a five – so that means that this girl as a ‘low’ seven” is attractive and passes the boner test easy. She’s got a GSOH (good sense of humor) so that is a sign of a fun, laid-back personality, and she’s in good shape. Why not enjoy your night with a girl who’s interested, available, and amiable? In fact, I’d say make sure you give her a good time too because she probably hardly gets attention from non-idiot, non-chodey dudes. At most she gets approached by guys who are learning…like me.

    In this scenario, dumping her to go after 2 sets solo (not ideal) or impregnable 6 sets (why bother) is possibly retarded and probably a sign of unhealthy behavior. It would make no sense to bail for “greener grass” unless you were uninterested in the 29 year old for some reason like she has fish breath or is highly opinionated.

    Also, it’s good to remember that:

    1) people look more attractive in groups (cheerleader effect), so a large group of 8’s will be perceived as a group of 9’s and 10’s because you wont look at them individually but as a unit

    2) in this extreme environment full of chodey dudes, the 20 year old smoke-shows have unimaginable value and you’ll be racing your fiat on the world’s most unforgiving line

    3) more than likely, our imaginary friend in this situation is an average, “no defect” guy, just like most of us practicing game

    So I’ll take Option A). Besides… There’s always Friday and Saturday 😉

  2. Dude we need more context. Did I get laid last night? Last week? Last month? If I am hungry I take the 7 home and bang her until morning, if I am sated I dump her and go for something better.

  3. Always go with the sure bet. Roosh wrote about this extensively a few years ago. If you don’t, 95% of the time you’ll be jerking off alone later.

    The only time you’d want to risk it all and ditch the low fruit is if you don’t care about the bang and only care about practicing your game.

  4. Easy one. No need for analysis paralysis. Bang the bird in hand. Now for the bonus- if the clubs get going only at 3 am. You can go back in a great state of mind and bang the 9s. Have your cake and eat it too!

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