Lessons from the pig farm

My quality threshold took a dive when I was in Singapore. The city-state is virtually un-daygameable so I was left with the very poor second choices of nightgame and online game. The first I toyed with and found the usual high-investment waste of time, the second full of the usual timewasters and morons. I ended up using Tinder: the girls still messed round but much less than on dating websites and it was a lot easier to get them to meet up.

Sadly, when they did show up they were usually older and heavier than their pictures promised. I suggest to balance out this timewasting that men routinely set their income to “very high” and describe themselves as millionaires, after all with a proper non-equalist conversion it’s exactly the same behaviour. If questioned simply reply “oh I was a millionaire five years ago, but spent it by thirty”. Same same.

I didn’t get into game to shag nondescript post-30 women but I figure they’re like McDonalds: one now and again is convenience food: a grubby, greasy treat but you feel a bit guilty afterwards and certainly don’t want to be living off it. Roosh has a good post (which I can’t find) suggesting that quality is a product of volume, more or less. I think he’s kind of right… most guys I’ve seen with excessively high standards are simply avoidant, and it’s an early and straightforward weasel that a lot of players go through. She’s too fat. She’s too thin. She looks too ‘society girl’, ‘she looks too hipster’ etctera etcetera and guess what, the would be player goes home having approached almost no girls and having gotten nowhere. I’ve been out with daygamers whom after six hours of walking round central London have done one set and declared that no other girls meet their standards. Ridiculous.

I’ve decided that drilling a poor quality girl now and again will be a good idea and importantly keep the fuck-wheels turning. I’ll still be a guy who’s just gotten laid and hopefully be emitting the right kind of pheremones. I’ll regard my lay standard like an expensive gourmet sausage: the majority will be cuts of fresh, prime meat but it’ll still need some rusk in there for fibre.

Now I’d like to take this further and propose something bold. I would say that unless you’re getting hot girls effortlessly and on tap and unless your game is sort of ‘finished’ (i.e. you still have a lot to learn) then you should deliberately date lower quality girls now and again. The reason being that when you date a lower quality girl you often learn a tremendous amount of game that you will take longer to learn with hotter girls. Dating a pig or semi-pig you’ll have outcome independence; you won’t care whether you fuck her or not. You’ll be more cocky, less friendly and more pimpy. You might be a bit rude. You might boss her round a bit. You’ll at least try new things that with a super-hot lead you might not: because you’d value that lead too highly and be too afraid of losing her.

When I went on dates and the girls showed up and weren’t that hot my game was scorching. I was usually snogging them in under an hour. It makes me wonder how different my subcommunication is. I was cockier and less friendly. A bit more aloof and silent. I challenged them more, and importantly I had the rock-solid assumption that they inevitably thought I was sex on legs. They all tried little shit tests and challenges and I simply brushed them aside and kissed them. Within two hours I usually had them so hot I could have taken them in an alley and fucked them, or made a good attempt at trying.

You know your game is tight when you succeed in turning the girl into the chode. I was sitting with one girl in the park, rapidly escalating with eye contact and kino and the odd question. In reply to some teasing she blurted “men are just boys with grown up toys!” and smirked. Instantly all my attraction crashed to zero. As a quick side note of course there was some attraction, just not as much as with a truly hot girl. So anyway my attraction instantly vanished to be filled with anger and annoyance. And I didn’t care. My expression froze. I moved back and broke all kino. I stared at her. “You know what” I told her, my voice icy “that sounds like some feminist shit you’ve read on the internet and now spew out to make yourself sound clever. Will guess what, it actually just makes me intensly dislike you”. I wasn’t making it up, I was just speaking my mind and from a perspective of truly not caring about the notch. I continued, revelling in telling her the truth, “there I was, doing what a man should do, leading. I’d brought us here, I’d created a mood, we were in a little bubble and then pop! you go and say something like that”. I just looked at her. She shit herself. She started babbling and scrabbling, desperately trying to patch it up and make excuses, telling me she had indeed read it on the internet and thought it sounded clever and was so sorry for saying it. I suddenly realised something: she was the chode. I was the prize and she was the nervous chode, pulling over his (her) weight and desperate to score. Jesus, is this how girls feel on most dates?

I’m not like this with hotter girls. I’m too outcome dependent. I’m more cautious. If I could be like that I’d probably screw a lot more hotter women. The good thing is that there is carry over. I can look back to how I felt and how I acted when at the pig farm and then deconstruct that and try and replicate it with hotter girls. I can cast my mind back and remember my state and my attitude and focus on it.

So my argument is thus: don’t be squeamish at slipping a sub-par girl into your diet semi-frequently. Nothing teaches you how to act with 9’s like going on dates with 6’s that you don’t care about fucking.

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  1. The next step would be to increase the volume, as Roosh says, which will help you also increase the 8s and the 9s, at which point you can just see the whole thing as an experiment and simply be quasi-rude to them because you won’t mind chucking them.

    Even better, get a 9 girlfriend, and then go hit on 9s and 10s all the while knowing that, no matter what happens, you have a 9 back home.

    I think that this is the ultimate exercise if you want to become the 10-foot-tall smack-talking monster that women are apparently attracted to. That’s my plan at any rate. It’s a fun little game.

  2. Where is next in your plans after Singapore?

  3. I’m pipe-lining Singapore, 1 week until I get there, I went through 1000 girls on a dating site and decided the quality was terrible.

    Out of those 1000, I had some attraction to 90, out of those 90 I’ve picked the best and contacted 30, with replies from less than 10 that I’d consider bangable.

    They all have profiles with bad english saying “just a simple girl” and antiquated statements of disney romance. I start messaging them in using “chode subterfuge” as am unsure of the depth I can go into with English. Then they reply with some clever(ish) shit, showing they have quite good grasp of the language. They either thought that all up on their own or are copy pasting from the internet. Reading your post, looks like the latter.

    I’m looking forward to troughing in the Singaporean sty.

  4. I know I am like a broken record but… social circle game perhaps worth a try?

    I imagine that Singapore is pretty shit for that too, as it is a middle class world of stressed professionals without the time for large social circles, who are always so stressed about work in a day or two that going off for a random shag with someone has to in fact be left for the annual 2 weeks holiday.

    But if you are backpacking around asia… I would give getting involved in some tourist activity (rock climbing, diving) a bash. Worst that could happen is that you pick up a new hobby.

    Yes I am trying to live vicariously through you as I still am not free to do this myself. But, fuck, don’t waste your years on bloody internet dating in Singapore!

  5. Here’s the Roosh post, you bum!



    “men are just boys with grown up toys!”

    If you smiled and said “That was stupid,” then kept escalating would you have had the same end result? Or do you believe the iciness really sealed the deal and made her NEED your DNA.

    By the way, updates still not coming through.

  6. hey man sorry i just had to post something like bragging, cos this post just made me feel heaps better. Am local singaporean, and I think I’m the only guy here consistently day gaming; at least in fairly long bursts at a time. i use Roosh’s indirect – and am able to pull fairly cute 6s fairly often – maybe 1-2 weeks regular approaching 2-3 times a week, 1-2 hours each time ends up with 1-2 solid leads and unusually DTF chicks, usually foreign China. I was actually feeling kind of unsuccessful considering what you guys in the UK seem to pull in stats- til i realised singapore was just universally tough. local 7s and up from street are still really rare though. I’ve tried the direct-indirect london krauser-esque model but the pure indirect opener works better here. Just had to write as a sigh of relief ha… liked your articles on escalation and the rest of it, all the best B.

    1. Shame I missed you…we could have winged.

      1. You direct gamers wing a lot more easily heh… the elderly openers tend to go hermit.

        where you roaming the next few months? I’m working on finalising/scaling my location independent small biz. If you’re in asia I’ll look out for you

        1. Sorry bro… not asia. eastern europe perhaps..

        2. Hey man are you still daygaming regularly in Singapore? I’ve actually been going out quite regularly for the past 2 years with my wings and so I disagree that you are the only one. Occasionally we see some other guys daygame but they come and go. Would love to maybe meet for a chat or something.

  7. I don’t think the quality of your game has anything to do with these “pigs”. They are low SMV plain and simple. They will fuck any guy who is decent looking and dosnt have anti-game. Correct me if you feel this isn’t right.

    1. Ofcourse it’s just another cope post by Bodi! He’s reframing going after fugly girls who are the only ones who seem interested. Still that’s what most of the losers in daygame do! That includes many name pua coaches! Subtract a point or two of the SMV of the girl they claim to bang. By nature cold approach dayGame filters out attractive girls. Why? Simple, they don’t need to hook up with a guy they spoke to for 5 minutes on the street. They can pick from guys they have far better knowledge about. Unless you present something special and rare like being especially handsome you are going to be rolling around with 6s and below.

  8. […] time back I chanced upon an article by BodiPUA (One of the LDM guys) who claimed that Singaporean girls are “virtually un-daygameable” […]

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