High Value Man Game (a.k.a Underpants-Gnome Game)

I’m beyond game. The days of trudging the streets are behind me. After all, what kind of High Value man would do that? Now I’m into Value Game.

Value Game starts with you, as a High Value man, first identifying what you consider High Value in a man. Then you work to build up these attributes. For example, perhaps you sort your diet out and start hitting the gym, really working on gaining size then getting a six pack. A tailored suit. You start collecting cigars. You rock climb in the Dordogne. You start day-trading. You read a lot of Tony Robbins. Maybe you start ‘opening to the universe’ and being weirdly positive and friendly to everyone, creeping the staff in Cafe Nero out when you scream “Nice one mate. AWESOME. You have a great day bra!” when they serve you your small cappuccino in a paper cup.

High Value men Walk Through The World With Ease. They start awesome businesses doing things they’re passionate about. Maybe they set up amazing online companies making innovate products. They go to meetings, network, really blast this thing. Mainly what they do is think about and read about Being High Value.

You get everything sorted. All your pillars are aligned.

High Value men are big rollers! They get entrepreneur, Alpha friends and take weekend trips to the coast, renting boats and going deep sea fishing taking lots of photos to put on their instagram, or doing jet skiing. Maybe quad biking in the desert. It’s all awesome. They’re having so much fun! At night they hang out in harbour-front bars in their suits, being loud, drinking expensive whiskey and smoking cigars! They all wear tailored suits and strangely all have some form of beard. It genuinely seems like the beard is  mandatory these days.

Their God is Dan Bilzerian.

This is what chodes think 'fun' is.
This is what chodes think ‘fun’ is.

Men don’t go to clubs every Friday night ‘approaching’ girls and getting blown out. They don’t go to the girls: the very concept of an “approach” is flawed. Girls gravitate to High Value men. High Value men don’t walk round the streets, running in front of girls and delivering ‘lines’. Can you imagine it? A successful, powerful, masculine entrepreneur, running in front of a young student and trying to chat her up. The frame is ridiculous.

High Value men, men living their passions, are naturally attractive to women. As such, they get hot women in this way: The Underpants Gnomes.

It’s really simple. The High Value Man Plan boils down to this:

1) Become High Value

3) Get Girls


In accordance with The Underpants Gnomes‘ prevous plans, Step 2 is as yet undefined.

Somehow, getting “all your shit together” magically results in girls. What it doesn’t involve is cold approach and rejection.

HVM (High Value Man) plan is the good old ‘beyond game’ plan back again. It’s a phase. The trajectory is thus:

  1. Start game
  2. Avoidance: getting blown out and finding your true SMV is tough
  3. Get over it
  4. Seek ways to improve yourself
  5. Meta-Avoidance (i.e. “I’m now beyond Game”)

HVM plan is also Ecosystem Game in disguise, but shitter. With HVM you rely on the Underpants Gnomes to make girls materialize. At least with Ecosystem you actually pick an Ecosystem which already contains girls! Then you concentrate on rising to a position of authority within that ecosystem. Ecosystem definitely works, plenty of guys are working as dive instructors or DJ’s or bass players and reaping the crazy rewards. How many HVM are doing so without somehow paying for it? Most guys obsessing over HVM stuff are really doing one thing: avoiding rejection and fantasizing about being a big baller and getting so rich they get their chicks for free.

I recently saw a video where Kelly Starrett (the Tyler of the Crossfit World, complete with weird vibe and starey eyes) said “if you don’t wake up with a rock hard boner then something’s wrong. Period”. Here’s a similar binary test for your game. If you are wanting new girls and are not fucking an average of 12 girls a year, at least 7’s perhaps with an odd 8, then your plan is not working.

HVM drips with superiority complex. It also drips with female-style denial and feminist style sexual-democracy. Women define what is attractive in men, not men. If you are not getting women worth having then you are not attractive.

The market does not lie.

If you do not want the women that do not want you, you are in what is known as a ‘broken market’. You’re probably a guy who’s rewired his standards through travel. You cannot sell artichokes at a cabbage market. Move markets. If you cannot find any market that wishes to buy your goods for the price you charge, then you are broken, not the markets.

I am NOT saying that you should not work on becoming “high value”. Please do not throw the baby out with the bathwater and miss this subtlety. Of course you should work on building your value. Of course you should self improve. Of course you should maximize your potential SMV. What I’m saying is do not blur this into falling into the big-baller HVM style lifestyle porn, and find yourself Meta-Weaseling your game. What I’m also saying is that you should always keep your eye on the market. Don’t deny external evidence. In SMV terms women decide what is High Value. In non SMV terms men themselves do.

If you think you are high value but are not getting girls, assess why. Not all buyers want to buy the same thing. Not all markets are equal. There is no universal High Value amongst men.

Perhaps you just need to approach more? Perhaps your precious perception of your own High Value won’t allow for twenty or thirty young girls in a bar to show disinterest in you.

If you strip Game right to its basics, one of its cores is this: a man can radically increase his chances of sex by simply learning to become unaffected by rejection and processing large quantities of potential girls. If your current plan or your ecosystem isn’t getting you the girls you need, go back to basics. Always take the shortest distance to the target.

High Value men do approach girls. They do get blown out. High Value men do stop girls in the street and without a care in the world they chance their luck.

I’ll be dabbling with Ecosystem soon, and will continue to build my value in what I believe makes me a more developed man and more attractive to quality women. However, I have an eye on the Accounts Payable ledger at all times. Unless I am getting laid then I simply MUST cold approach girls or do something different.

2 responses to “High Value Man Game (a.k.a Underpants-Gnome Game)”

  1. Good luck. Yeah totally agree with all of the above. An ecosystem with girls in it probably isn’t any kind of panacea like some seem to think it is. I’m guessing (going on more successful periods of my own life) that your lifestyle/ecosystem gives you attractive qualities making your chances with the next 10 eligible women you meet higher. But personally I need to improve my ecosystem/lifestyle to get the emotional energy for approaching. I’m probably a bad example as due to sickness doing the laundry is about the limit of my emotional energy at the moment. But most players I’ve met are unaffected by rejection and can naturally get through a lot of approaches anyway. Why? Because they have a fun life anyway. Plus they get much softer rejections most of the time due to having raised their attractiveness in the first place.

    Obviously there are exceptions to the general rule of thumb that I have guessed at above. I think your mate Nick is perhaps a lot more imperious to rejection than the average bloke. And perhaps is in more of a him vs the world contest.

    There is definitely a tension between being too soft on yourself and too hard on yourself.

    Anyway hope you get some good lays whatever happens!

  2. Brodi, you’re right on the money, my dude. Totally agree with everything you’re saying.

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