I’m a middle-aged (35) reformed AFC living in London. I read ‘The Game’ in January and the rest has been what you see here, before you, as my humble blog.

This blog isn’t meant as a way for me to show off. It’s primary goal is to help me iron my thoughts out. I’d love it if it could be of some help to someone else who is in a similar situation and planning to undergo the same journey.


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  1. Dude, I’m loving this. I read Secret_PUA’s blog about doing 200 approaches in a month and felt inspired.

    I’ve read the theory but it’s only seeing the hidden camera stuff and reading blogs like this that make it seem tangible.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for the comment. It certainly can be tangible if you get out there and do it. Any chance of a link to the other blog? I can’t find it. ps. if you’re in London and want to sarge sometime let me know.

  2. Here’s the link: http://secretpua.blog.co.uk. It’s well written and he has some good insights.

    You asked about online dating in a previous post. Don’t do it, major step backwards. You might meet someone, but you definitely won’t gain any skills, and if it doesn’t work out you’ll be back to square one. You sound like you’re making progress & don’t need the distraction.

    I am in London by the way and would be up for sarging. Send me a pm and we can chat further

  3. Great blog. Looks like I have somewhere else to visit now secretpua has decided to stop posting.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Will ( AKA Agape) Avatar
    Will ( AKA Agape)

    Hey Buddy

    Its Will from LSS (covent garden yesterday). Like the blog man.

    We should sarge soon!

  5. Bodhi,

    Love your review of the Ross Jeffries workshop.

    I have a lot of NLP background and can write a guest post or two on your blog if you want analyzing Ross’s material from an NLP perspective.(not trying to sell anything!)

    PS: Do cookies have to be on for comments to work?
    Do you moderate your comments?

    1. Some comments go into an approvals queue. I dunno why. I approve everything though.
      Thanks for the offer. Not sure at present… been a bit RJ-centric on here recently.

    2. His review was an utter pack of lies and smears. Here is Chocolate Daddy in his own words:


  6. […] Basically back then my intent was not a fraction as strong as it is now. I’d approach direct and the opener itself would create a tiny frisson of sexual energy but my behaviour and subcommunication did not show a really strong sexual intent. This is why direct openers work best for newbies: the opener itself creates the sexual charge that they themselves cannot. So I’d open these girls, pump their state a little, show little intent and just chatter for a while and get the number or facebook. Now I have this monstrous intent burning through me and a much stronger masculine core. I have much more masculine energy now. Looking at a girl I absolutely am in touch with my desire to fuck her, I absolutely will push to take her there and then for an instant date, I absolutely will verbally escalate her and I will quite happily take her to the toilets there and then and do her. I have no issues with this chain of events. So what happens is when I go up and approach direct it’s just too much. Intent needs to be balanced with a playful vibe. I quote Ross Jeffries: […]

  7. Thailand rules, from what I have heard…Would love to connect with you directly..Cheers ! Dave

  8. Hey – I’ve been reading your blog over the last few months. I’m across the pond – a semi-serious student of the pua world over the last few years. I’ve gotten a bit tired of the same “gurus” – most of the stuff is just recycled over and over . (The content is poor, but the concepts are good, that is what keeps me coming back). However you are a very good writer, fresh, honest and entertaining. So keep it up.

    Loved the Kenny Powers post – I always hated californication/DD character, and love eastbound and down. Just never made the pua – game – etc. connection between the two. Genius. Expand on it if you can.

    One criticism and one bit of praise. Criticism first. You are a great writer, but you should tone down or get rid of the mild racism, I’m not pc leftie freak, but “chink” etc – doesn’t fly. The alpha in you doesn’t care I know, but its the only thing that makes me not want to read your stuff and that’s too bad.

    But. if you are still reading – a big thank you for taking care of your Dad. I don’t know how advanced he is but I am sure he appreciates your being there for him. And it shows your heart.

    Anyway, thanks for the amusing posts, hope to read more.


    1. Cheers. I believe the only bit of “racism” in the blog is “chink” and I’m not too bothered about that given that I have many good Chinese friends, almost married a Chinese girl (and thus almost had a mixed race kid), lived in China for three years, speak fluent Mandarin and totally, deeply understand Chinese culture, and have been subjected to years of outright racism by the mainland Chinese, ten times worse than anything I write here. Point taken, though. Hope you continue reading.

  9. bhodisatta, what happend in 2011? how are you now?

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