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Imagine being an average guy, of average looks, sliding quietly into middle-age and discontentment, but then discovering a secret system that lets you pick up hot young girls half your age. Imagine reading a book about the player’s journey, a book where you can read it and totally understand what it takes to master meeting, attracting and sleeping with the top level of women.

Sadly, that guy is not me and this is not that book.


This book is now also available as a new-fangled e-book. It’s in PDF format, to preserve the delicious layout.

[Ebook version available here]

Game is all ups and downs.

This is my story. This book describes what it’s like to be an averagely intelligent, bitter, middle-aged guy who’d become expert in being shit with women and angry about everything. I was so clueless with women, in fact, it had poisoned my entire life and ran the risk of prematurely ending it. I stumbled upon pickup, and nothing was the same again.

Bodi and Wonderland
Bodi and Wonderland

What I have tried to do is describe each stage of one man’s “game journey” and the emotional rollercoaster that followed. I’ve held nothing back: the hope, the despair, the elation, the depresson and the frequent nervous breakdowns that can accompany each phase.

What would happen to you if you discovered game and decided to approach a thousand women on the streets of London? It’s not called “Death By A Thousand Sluts” for no reason because that’s what I did, approach a thousand women. This book (and, er, the next one) recount it all.

PUA squalor
PUA weirdness unfolds…

There are no fancy secrets and I’m not trying to sell you anything. I didn’t write this book to make money: I wrote it as therapy, and it’s intended for the men out there who have enjoyed reading my blog for the last five years and want to know the story ‘behind the scenes’ as it is. If you don’t like my blog then DON’T BUY MY BOOK. If you don’t like pickup then DON’T BUY MY BOOK. If you can’t understand what drives men on a mission like this then DON’T BUY MY BOOK.

  1. What makes a chode?
  2. What makes someone murderously bitter?
  3. What drives someone to go on a PUA bootcamp and start hanging around with weirdos?
  4. What is daygame like for the newly initiated? (clue: absolutely horrible)
  5. What is it like to reject every principle of your life that you’ve ever been given by your parents and society? (clue: absolutely horrible)
  6. What’s it like to go on a mission to approach a THOUSAND women?
A million ways to Weasel.
A million ways to Weasel.

This isn’t just a story…. I would humbly suggest it’s the most horribly honest game psychology book you will ever read. This is the route a chode will take when entering the game and taking the Red Pill. Follow my narrative through every single new, wonderful and morbid stage you will go through as your ‘old life’ fades into history.

[Note: in print-version internal pages are B&W]
I wish I’d had this book back when I started game. Or maybe I didn’t? Perhaps I’d have not even bothered. Every man who reads The Game should get a copy of my book and read it too. This is the reality.

I should mention that not only is this book a story, but it’s also a de-facto textbook. Interwoven among the narrative you’ll find a shit-load of game advice and my take on the world: pure BodiThought™. I’ve stuffed the book with dozens of ‘pop-outs’ and each one is a nugget of gold, where I discourse on a range of topics as they please me. This image shows some of them:

All contained within the tome.
All contained within the tome.

It’s 304 pages long and shits on Dickens. I hope you enjoy it.


[Ebook version available here]

17 responses to “My Book”

    1. Hello, I would like to buy your book but an ebook is preferred. Let me know if u have an ebook version

  1. This is the book I’ve been waiting for!!!! Been reading your blog since the old one way back.

    Unfortunately I live in Thailand now ( went galt, said fuck USA). Don’t think lulu mails here. Any chance of a digital version?

    1. Hi Jack. I believe Lulu will ship anywhere… but let me know if they don’t. I’m not sure on an e-version, the internal layout is quite spectacular so it defeats the point..

  2. Looking forward to ebook…your blog is inspiring and thoughtful !

  3. Nice work mate. Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Ordered, stoked!

  5. I really enjoyed your book! You’re very self-aware, and an entertaining writer. Many men who have dabbled in game will love reading this.

  6. Just finished reading your book. I enjoyed it greatly and learned a lot. John is a talented writer and I honestly think his book is hands down the best game book on the market.

    I hope you find the time and inspiration to finish part two. I will definitely buy it.

  7. An Eastern European here.Good book but all the “game” advice from around the UK I see is “go to E.E. and find women there”.How the f is it a game?

    I am interested in improving myself and being able to fuck hot women here and now,let it be London or elsewhere in the UK.At the end-there are men who do it.

    1. Game is game. Market value is market value. Shininess is shininess.

  8. Picked it up. Absolutely outstanding, well done book.

    Nick’s Balls Deep may have a competitor for best game memoir!

  9. […] Deep” where Nick enters a journey which took him 1000 sets for his first lay or “Death by a Thousand Sluts“, where Bodi talks in detail about how hard is for one to approach, how often a beginner […]

  10. Bodi I commend your book and recommend you a new one if you’re still interested in game and want to understand it at a deeper level than it’s been analyzed hitherto: “Endgame: The End of PUA Theory”:

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