What are my goals?

A friend (Wisdom from rocksolidgame actually) really hammered home to me the importance of tangible goals. More on that later but for now:

After I read The Game but before the bootcamp my long term goals were this:

  1. Have the confidence to cold approach women in bars or clubs
  2. Rid myself of AP (Approach Phobia) by doing huge amounts of approaches
  3. Learn the tricks of how to pull women
  4. Learn to lie and hide my true self, which at that point I believed western women were not attracted to
  5. From the above just lie and connive and GET WOMEN and at the very least get revenge on western women by f**king some of them. The bigger the chip on the(ir) shoulder the better.

For the bootcamp alone my main goal was:

  1. Cold approach 3 women.

That’s it! For a lifetime of phobia I considered that a pretty reasonable goal.

Where am I now?

I did the bootcamp four weeks ago and that feels like a lifetime. Since then I’ve done four things which have really affected my goals:

  1. Listen to RSD Foundations and a good portion of their “Blueprint Decoded” DVD Seminar
  2. I had a one-to-one last Friday with Wisdom and Suave of Rock Solid Game. (review coming soon!)
  3. Read Krauser’s blog
  4. Do A LOT of thinking

My goals have now changed. I’m setting myself a period of 20 weeks including this week. That’ll take me to mid-August. I’m imaginatively calling this Phase One.

Post – Bootcamp/Phase One goals

  1. Give western women a chance and stop the anti-women negativity
  2. Remove approach anxiety. Just excise it. Hammer it into oblivion. I can’t acheive #1 without this. How can I give them a chance to like me if I’m stammering and blabbering to them?
  3. To acheive #2 do a large amount of approaches with a specific timetable and goal (see below)
  4. Build confidence in myself (helped by #3)
  5. Stop the EDM (neccessary for #1)
  6. Learn to start liking myself more and becoming more grounded in myself. (I have actually realized that I am amazing)
  7. Actually HIT ON GIRLS. If I see IOI’s then ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (failure to do so is again related to EDM by the way)
  8. Accept I can be a sexworthy guy

In raw number terms then by the 15th August I want to have brought my number of approaches up to:


And more specifically I want to do 40 every 5 weeks.

A mixture of both Day and Bar Game.

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