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This guy was the day-game trainer on the bootcamp I did:

Krauser’s blog

His blog is worth reading. It’s nice to see someone who takes such a methodical and dedicated approach to achieving their goals. I don’t agree with everything he says but I certainly respect and identify with his nerdish laser-beam type focus.

It’s a very interesting cycle. It’s almost like failure with women breeds ultimate success. Neil Strauss is probably sick of the sight of flange, having options that most ‘naturals’ who get over 30 can only dream at. Here’s my theory:

The Nerd PUA Cycle of Ultimate Power

  • You’re really clever and sensitive
  • When you’re a teenager you’re not socially popular and you fail with women
  • This failure eats away at you and you decide you’ll be damned if you don’t really succeed at other stuff
  • You develop really intense focus, planning skills and a massive swollen powerhouse brain
  • You become a computer programmer and earn massive amounts of money
  • You read The Game and realise that not only can this all be fixed, but you can apply your amazing Nerd Focus and Massive Brain to solving the problem and make A Plan
  • You do so
  • You discover your sensitivity and Massive Brain are in fact your best assets
  • You become awesome and scare even  yourself

How many wannabe PUAs actually get anywhere with it? Probably not that many. Wonder why? The answer came to me the other day. It was probably something Owen Cook said in the RSD Foundations audio-course!.. but what on earth makes people think they can be successful at game? I mean, have they been successful at everything else they’ve ever tried? Did they master the guitar after buying that guitar at university? Did they get ripped and buff after joining a gym? Did they get where they want to get with their career? Game is just like everything else. You don’t just sign up and get the result. It’s work. You have to work at it. You have to spend YEARS. You have to practice. You have to have a schedule. The reason a lot of guys don’t get far with it is because they don’t get far with anything.

And Game is hard. Really hard. Guitars don’t talk back.*

I think Krauser will make it.

*or hit back.

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