EDM is a hand grenade

My writing is so powerful…

My friend read my blog, all three posts of it and when he read about EDM it blew his mind. He deconstructed his whole life: university, job, relationships, friends, career, all of it and realised that EDM had been driving nearly everything in his life. He actually went on a downer about it. My god.. my blog!

I first heard of EDM when listening to Real Social Dynamics “Foundations” audio-course:


(price $269. IT’S WORTH IT)

narrated by Tyler Durden (real name ‘Owen Cook’), who is just about one of the most insightful philosophers and social deconstructivists I have ever listened to. He just mentions it in passing, no more than a few minutes in an eight hour audio-course. It had the same effect on me. I stopped dead in the street. I paused the mp3 player. I actually went cold all over.

In a single sentence someone had concisely explained the root cause of a good deal of the social problems I’ve had for most of my life.


Oh and if you don’t know what EDM is it’s this; Emotional Defense Mechanism. You act in a certain way to intentionally pre-disqualify yourself in order to nullify opportunities for people to reject you. Act the class clown at school? Become the ‘brooding weird kid’ at University? Tell outrageous sick jokes immediately on meeting new people? Deliberately tell offensive jokes or insult attractive women you’ve just met? Find other people ‘too stuck up’ to be friends with? The list goes on and on.

Catch the grenade and throw it back.

Once you know what it is, once it’s been ripped open, it’s so much easier to get your internal self to step up and say ‘NO. Mate, the buck stops here’ and if you’ve got inner-balls then it all just starts falling away from you. It just peels off and starts drifting away, like leaves from a tree. Beautiful.

Thank you Owen Cook.

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