Is game ‘right’?

I was just talking to my friend G and gleefully describing how I was delighted to discover that some aspects of game actually work.

I had been talking to a girl at the wedding and discovered that she, too, had spent time in China. In fact she’d stayed in a pokey little city which I, too, had coincidentally been to. What I did was make a conscious decision not to talk about certain aspects of China, like the political system, the economy, etc. I wanted to have a more exciting conversation. I was missing China like her so I started asking her what she missed the most. She was describing the beach to me. This is roughly how it went:

HB: oh the beach was beautiful
me: (touch arm) oh I bet you had some great times there
HB: yes
me: I can just imagine (touch arm) you finish work, it’s summer the sun is still shining. you nip down to the beach. there’s only you there. no other people at all (really looking in her eyes now. put hands up either side and slowly move them in to a single point). Just you standing there. Alone. The warm sun. The sound of the waves lapping. The sand under your feet. (touch) just feeling so happy and contented
HB: yes! exactly! (pupils dilated a bit. gets a weird look. arches her back a bit and reaches behind her head to play with her hair).

I did more stuff like this. Only later I did I realise how f*cking awesome I was. I have basically done some NLP and hypnotised her. I believe the thing I did with my hands and what I was saying (above) is actually a hypnotism technique. And the other thing I was doing was;

tapping into her past feelings of happiness and getting her to re-feel them at that moment, and then anchoring those feelings to me by touching her.


Unfortunately after having this big high-energy big effect conversation she got distracted and had to go off talk to someone else and I didn’t get to speak to her again. However the groom from the wedding texted me last night and said he went out with a group of people the night after and she was there and the first thing she did was rush up to him and say how great I was, how much she loved talking to me and how bad she felt at not getting to say goodbye. Result! This stuff works.

I was describing my Ross Jeffries style chops to my mate G and he asked “is it right?”. A good question.

Is it right to do this? Am I using ‘confidence tricks’. Well what I ask is this:

-Is it right that women are often attracted to men who neg them?
-Is it right a woman loses respect for you if you are nice to her or compliment her?
-Is it right that women are often attracted to men who don’t give them any attention and give their friends attention thus making them jealous?
-Is it right that women give AFCs fake IOIs to try and get attention off them to feel good about themselves?
-Is it right that women don’t like nice guys?
ad nauseum.

I used to believe women were just the same as us. I didn’t treat them any differently. I just talked to them like I’d talk to my friends. Surely that’s all you do, right? Then a girl will like you. Why should I play mind games and ‘chat up women’. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I can now say that with a few exceptions sticking to my guns and standing up for my principles has bought me twenty years of misery. The end result is such a lack of s8x that I ended up hating women.

It doesn’t work. Women are not the same. You don’t talk to them (if you want to be wid dem) the same as you talk to men. Women are incredibly manipulative. They are born with a whole stack of skills that men do not have. Any man who doesn’t learn a few chops is going like a lamb into the slaughter. By learning game all you’re doing is learning a small fraction of the skills women instinctively possess.

Game is a product of modern society. In my dads day did he and his mates have ‘female friends’? No. They went out an ‘chatted up women’. They didn’t talk to them, they ‘chatted them up’. They actually had the game skills that today most men simply don’t possess. What’s happened is that men now have women’s equality hammered down their throats. This falsehood makes them treat women as equals. They are not. They have manipulation skills far and above those of the average man. The end result is women run rings around them and you get a lot of weak, downtrodden men who are crap with women and have no choices in their lives. And are women even happy with this situation? Most single women complain they don’t meet enough men or that men talk about ‘boring’ things!

All you’re doing by learning game is learning to reset your behaviour back to a time when society accepted that there were big differences between the s8xes. After a while you’ll internalize it. It won’t remotely constitute a ‘confidence trick’. I’m barely into it and it’s already starting. I genuinely don’t want to ask women what they do for a living or where they live anymore. I want to talk about fun stuff. I want to have an exciting conversation. I want to tease and be teased. I want to talk about times I was happy and times they were happy and did cool stuff. And if I’m talking to girls I want to touch them a bit. And look where you are… you’re actually naturally behaving in a way which is attractive to women. So you had to learn this at the beginning? So what? If society hadn’t lied to you you wouldn’t have had to.

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  1. Love the article, I too have found the brilliance of “game”, and feel it is less “me conning them or myself” and more “changing myself to be more attractive to them”

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