Acting, comedy..

All the wheels are starting to turn in my master plan…

I’ve just signed up for both a stand-up comedy class and a beginner’s acting class. I’ve always wanted to give both a go and on my Bootcamp TonyT did mention that he thought this avenue could be extremely productive for me. So I’ve signed up and am starting both soon. In terms of game then I hope I can gain some of the following benefits (not neccessarily immediately, mabye long term):

  • Increased self confidence. Trying to ‘be funny’ in front of a roomful of people, undergoing deliberate embarassement, acting a scene in front of a roomful of people, goodness… if I can do that then going up to a girl in a bar is nothing
  • The more comfortable I get with both then I think my poise and self-assurance will grow. I expect to get increased awareness of my body-language and self-projection
  • Improved skill in ad-libbing and storytelling
  • Improved ability to draw people into my world/reality (isn’t this what stand-ups do?). This is important in game because as Tyler says, often the really good guys are the ones who have this ‘bubble’ of their own reality and magnetically draw people into it.
  • Ability to act! useful when doing approaches when not in state, or telling outright lies

I might even make some new friends as well!

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