More life-plan…

Next steps.

As well as acting and comedy I am also going to focus on the following things:


I’m already eating pretty well but I want to just get a little more focus here and make more of an effort cooking and freezing food rather than blowing loads of money at the little M&S


I feel a new man after losing around 7 to 8lb after coming to London. Down from 224 to 117. When I came back from China last August I was around 196! I’ve had a nagging foot injury but time to start bringing the weight down again.

Personal life admin

I am terrible at combining all the niggling little ‘personal admin’ stuff people have to do in their lives with the concept of full time employment. Consequently stuff doesn’t get done and it sits there making me fret. Time to get a grip on it, make a list, make a schedule and start getting through it all bit by bit.

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