Increased effort

Yet again I’m planning to “step up the game”. I’ve decided that I want to get some momentum built up on this so from now on, give or take, each week I’m going to do a daygame session each Saturday and Sunday plus go out do bargame both Friday and Saturday. Say I do this until early December this gives me around 25 weeks. I have 5 weeks off and this gives me 20 weeks. In terms of approaches then if I do 8 approaches at each bargame and 20 for each daygame this will take me to over 1,000 approaches within six months.

Yet it’s not really the approaches is it. It’s the results. I am finding myself dangerously close to a dangerous frame of considering game to be all about pursuit rather than acheivement. It’s disappointingly easy for me to make a target of 1,000 approaches and feel ok about that. Hang on a minute…. WTF? Talk to a thousand, a THOUSAND women and not get a K-close, let alone an F-close out of it? Madness.

From now on although I will keep a rough track of my approaches it is no longer about doing numbers of approaches. That served its place in taming my AA but that phase is passed. From now on I will actually, really try to get somewhere.

Stop laughing. This is not so obvious as it looks. When you start game and have AA then often you are not actually trying to really close the girls. You’re just “doing approaches” and working on your basic skills. Sexual intent is far from your mind. In fact a lot of RAFCs actually are so fucked up by social conditioning that they feel guilt about actually talking to a girl and wanting to fuck her.

I’m at a funny crossover period now where I have just the basic skills there to open, hook and talk. To push this further I need to actually acquaint myself with my desire and be honest with myself about sexual intent and become totally congruent with this whilst feeling absolutely zero guilt. I need to genuinely start moving from a frame of just “talking to women to practice my social skills” to trying to close them. ABC. Always Be Closing. So I’m predicting I’m going to enter a new phase of increased blowouts and failures, but it will be for the greater good. Why blowouts? Well figure it like this: I’ve become a reformed-AFC and developed just enough social skills to approach sets, hook and talk to them without sickening them and getting blown out (generally). This is good progress. However, to go further I actually need to come to terms with picking a target, escalating my game and actually, really, trying to close her. I do not yet have solid skills in this area. So what I predict will happen is I will open and hook as per normal, but whereas previously the HBs girl-sense picked up that I had little intent so was harmless, I am now positioning myself in a different camp: the sexual male. I am suddenly more of a threat to them and whereas previously they (sometimes) would humour me because I was harmless this time they will mercilessly depth-charge me out of the water should they see fit.

So be it. It needs to happen. I need to go through whatever it takes to change the nature of my game to this new level and start trying to close.

So it’s four gaming session this weekend: two bargame and two daygame. And four for most weekends thereafter. This really is stepping up the pace.

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  1. I definitely respect and like the idea of gaming every Friday and Sat night as well as day time Sat and Sun too. I’ve been telling myself to get on that kind of schedule for some time now… and have been doing both Fri and Sat nights pretty reguarly for the past few months, but actually getting out there during the day and finding out where to go and how to go about it without just going to the mall every weekend is the trouble I have. Needless to say I don’t do the daytime approaches nearly enough.

    But, that’s good shit if you can get to 1,000 approaches by the end of the year. 1,000 approaches really is a lot, but it is doable that’s for sure.

    Good luck with it.

    1. Just finished my first 4-sessions weekend. Tiring but great. They all build on each other. Will post a report soon.

      1. Nice, I want to hear about it.

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