First Facebook fencing..

I’ve had little luck with Facebook closes but this one is showing a pulse..

How can I not fuck this up? Suggestions welcome.

>Facebook closed Sunday 23rd May
>Added her on 2-3 days later. She confirms same day. Then…
Bhodisatta June 2 at 7:53pm
Hi HB… employee of World Fashion Warehouse and translation student.
good to meet you the other weekendy (although a little random!). [Suave style admission of ‘craziness’ of meeting like that]
how are you?
Venezuelan Babe June 2 at 11:18pm
hi Bhodi, hahaha you made me laugh with that warehouse thing… it is <different name shop>, but to be honest it does look like a warehouse in comparison to any other good looking shop!
I am still alive btw, surviving coursework madness at the moment… it seems like I will be having a sleepless night… student life…
I hope you are enjoying London more than me!
Bhodisatta June 5 at 12:15pm
Oh such a hardworking student!
Well you should try enjoy yourself just a little… London has a lot to offer. Have you done any cool stuff recently? [just trying to add some value. sound like Mr cool]
I am going to the park today with my friends.. [lies to DHV]
Venezuelan Babe June 6 at 8:24pm
I know! yeh well… I went a while to primrose hill and saw the whole city there, it was after I handed in, it is so beautiful there! that’s definitely going to be one of my favourite places.
Hope you enjoyed your park yesterday! It was a lovely day
Now I am looking forward to the World Cup, I am going for Uruguay, then England comes after that, no offense… I prefer to go to Uruguay because they’re the only latin american country that’s not as big headed as Argentina or Brasil.
[oooh a big response. is this an IOI?]
[ED: more recent exchanges since post first published]
Bhodisatta June 9 at 8:48am
Ahhh I remember how good handing-in feels. Handing-in and Primose Hill together: sounds good!
Yes Word Cup fever is coming.. be prepared for madness.
What you got planned this week? Anything cool? R u working this weekend?
[neutral, although on review I hate the three questions in the last sentence]
Venezuelan Babe June 10 at 10:56am
I know I can expect madness, and I prefer that so I hope this year is better than the last World Cup. I was here as well btw, 5 years ago?? or is it 4? wow, I can’t believe it! But I didn’t see much craze around… hope this is different.
I will watch Friday’s France vs Uruguay, I have a French friend so we have to watch it as good enemies! Tho, of course after work, so yeh I will be working all weekend.
I’m sure you’re going to watch the games, aaand just curious, do you support any other team appart from your homeland?
[I’m really thinking IOI now. Who could be bothered to exchange this boring crap otherwise?]
[I think it’s asking-out time. As Krauser said, you’re misguided if you somehow think you can build or firm-up attraction through messaging-game. She either digs you or she doesn’t. Furthermore I have reached a decision that I JUST CAN’T BE BOTHERED FUCKING AROUND and am going to go direct. If they don’t like it they can fuck off and I’ll get out day gaming and get some more numbers]
Bhodisatta June 10 at 9:38pm
Oh yeah it’ll get crazy… don’t worry. Tomorrow I’ll be supporting Uruguay with you of course! (I have to, I’m British and we have a rivalry with the French).
It would be cool to meet in real life again! I know a great milkshake place nr Oxford St [I will go to this PUA milkshake bar if it kills me]. Are you free Sunday?
[Straight to the point]
This is her. The kind of slender British women cannot do, with a round, cleft ass to go with it.

Edited later yet again!…

I was right! Further dialogue. Looks like a day 2 is in the offing..

Venezuelan Babe June 10 at 10:33pm
I knew you’d support Uruguay! that’s cool. Ohh… milkshakes… I am working that day tho, all Fridays to Sundays. Sundays not until that late but I have a birthday party that day. Once I’m moved in and settled we could meet up I’m sure! Milkshakes sound nice!
[obviously begging for cock]
Venezuelan Babe June 10 at 10:36pm
Wow I just realised my mail must sound very strange to you! I’m moving out on Monday-Tuesday to a new flat so, I’ll also be packing and preparing everything this weekend. So now the comment is not that weird… sorry
[nice. worried what I think of her]
Bhodisatta June 10 at 11:16pm
Ha ha don’t worry I figured it out. Oh no.. moving flat is a nightmare. [just being nice] I have a busy weekend as well so next week would be good. [reclaim the frame!]
Send me your mobile number and we can sms later. [dont ask, tell]
Enjoy the birthday party! (happy birthday if it’s yours) [no beta trying to prolong the interaction crap]
I’ll have to work out where this shop she works in is at Covent Garden and make sure I don’t accidentally game in front of it or something.

7 responses to “First Facebook fencing..”

  1. Invite her out within your next three messages.

  2. I would say the big response is definitely somewhat of an IOI as she’s making an effort to have conversation with you… not just responding to your conversation.

  3. Mmm, might be an IOI, alternatively she might be in the rapidly dwindling pool of ‘nice’ girls.

    Yes Krauser… been thinking long and hard about your response to that bloke who posted his texts on your blog asking for advice.
    I suppose it just comes down to calibration.. in some cases messaging/texting is just gradually DLVing and killing attraction. In other cases it is firming things up enough to get a day 2.

  4. Good work buddy… 🙂

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