“SNL freak out”… the patheticness continues

My pal DrunkenBaker had a SNL a few weeks ago and she got buyers remorse afterwards and couldn’t handle it and declined further contact with him.

His next door neighbour, and absolute ‘natural pua’*, laughed it off and said “she’ll come begging back.. they always do”.

Well he’s right. She’s been back in touch. Keeps texting my mate when she’s drunk and trying to re-initiate contact.

Poor thing.. she’d be a lot happier as a Victorian scullery maid or a farmer’s wife. Or at least a lot less confused. Poor wickle thing had “equality” thrust on her and now doesn’t know what to do. She gets these urges and meets a sexy guy and women are all liberated now so she sleeps with him.. but then feels so ashamed afterwards. But then gets a bit drunk later and wants it again so texts him. Then feels ashamed about the texts. Sheesh. Sort it out. Grow the fuck up.

Am I being harsh? Does society condition women to feel slutty about sex? No. Women condition women to feel slutty about sex because they’re all so fucking sick with jealousy and paranoia about each other and who might get the best man. This girl is 30 or something. And by the way, going out getting hammered and doing stupid things is not an attractive quality in a 30 year old. Having fun and being cool is. Acting like a fresher isn’t.

The Natural-PUA has some great theories. He apparently extolled at length about how SNLs generally cut contact but then the next month, on the same day of their cycle will feel horny again and be straight away trying to hook up again. He says a true playa actually marks down which nights he gets the SNL on and carefully watches for this time in the following month. Genius!! Absolute genius!

*And what’s a “Natural PUA”. Well when I have more info I need to write a post on this guy but in brief most people divide the world into PUAs and Naturals. This guy is a hybrid. He’s never read a pickup book in his life but earlier in his life him, his brother and their friends systematically trained themselves to develop the skills to pull women, not reliant on looks. A rare breed.

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