First 4-session weekend

As part of my ‘stepping up the pace*’ program I’m planning to regularly game both Friday and Saturday nights plus Saturday and Sunday day times. This weekend was the first one. The end result is positive. I had a great weekend and will be doing so again next weekend. It was tiring, no time for slobbing round or the ‘pootling’ which would use up most of my Saturdays previously, if you want to get this much game in then you have to focus. Weekly shop got bumped to Monday, flat stays dirty, whatever.. this is about prioritisation.

Friday Night… Chodicide

I was knackered after work and all I really wanted to do was go to bed but the thought of my job knackering me so much I couldn’t even enjoy my time outside of work just sickened me so I went out. I met up with Juice and Agape near Leicester square. Agape is a reasonably experienced PUA and has no fear approaching and seems to harvest a lot of numbers with the odd K-close. He must have been hitting the gym hard because he looked jacked with proper boy-band pecs, bis, white T-shirt and Guy Ritchie cloth cap. Juice was a pretty average looking bloke in a suit. We decided to go to TigerTiger and I was pretty keen, having never been in the place.

Never again.

I mean really.. why bother? Once the place got busy the ratio of men to women just tipped too far towards the bad and the place was packed with PUAs, or at least guys who had read The Game. Funny little necklaces, wristbands, waistcoats, goatees, eyebrow piercings were all over the place. And the women were just getting opened non-stop. I’ve never seen anything like it. Watching any group of two remotely attractive women together and they would be opened at least once every 5 minutes. The end result is that even unatractive girls get a massive 10-complex and start to get snotty. The place is a smokescreen. Drunk, chavvy townies go there to try pick up women. Drunk, chavvy women go there to get drunk, dance with their mates and get validation.

Juice and Agape knew their stuff better than me, I really felt like an amateur with them. Straight away when we went in, when it was not quite so busy, they were high-fiving people, chatting to everyone, opening mixed sets and talking to chummy drunk guys. All to warm up and build their state. After that they just opened, opened, opened. Talk about the 3-second rule. Bang! In. Despite the awfulness of the place Juice still managed to N-close a very hot 9/10 Czech blonde who moments before I had been staring at from within the chode-crystal, thinking awful chodicide thoughts like “god she’s so fit.. wish I had the nerve to chat up her”. Good for Juice. Juice inspired me a little. A normal looking guy like me. But the game has really affected him and he carries himself off in a very confident way. I saw him negging and pimping the (cunt) shots girl in a real player, pimping way and thought ‘Fuck yeah!’.

Unfortunately that night I commited what I will call Chodicide. I made the fatal, fatal mistake of not warming up while the place was not leary. Pretty soon it was leary and it’s not as if my state had even remained constant: it’d declined! Added ontop of this I started to feel massive guilt that I was not opening sets but joining ones my wings had opened. I didn’t realise how annoying this was until the next day when it happened to me but THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. I don’t care if I have to open a 30 set of drunk Lesbian Kickboxers, but I am not doing that to wings ever again. Period. Getting blown out by a set of women is a grain of sand compared to letting down a team-mate.

In the end I think I opened a pathetic 3 sets or something, and two were warm ups and 1 was a double set of fake (UK) chinese girls who pretended it was too noisy to hear me because their backwards, high-oestrogen, omega, non-shaving chink male friends were there, probably talking about chunky watches and cars or how good “The Fast and the Furious” is.

When I got home I felt fucking shit. Gutted. In a really bad place. I felt like “this is all a joke. this is impossible”. Really, really bad doubt and negative stuff, worse than I’ve felt since starting this lark in March. As Juice said, there certainly is a price you pay for not approaching.

Gradually it passed and I started to feel like TigerTiger had got the better of me. How could I get revenge. Maybe I could go back there one night and open 20 sets in 1 hour just to thumb my nose at the place? Maybe even open every set in the whole club?…

Lessons learned:

  1. Warm up immediately and do not stop.
  2. If you don’t warm up/approach then don’t think your state will remain level, it will decrease. You HAVE to approach.

Saturday DayGame

Only my third ever solo daygame session. I left the station and starting walking to Covent Garden. I found a convenient line on the ground and decided this was the Decision Line. Once I stepped over it, “it was on”, it was a done deal, no going back. I was doing it. No further mulling over allowed. I just wanted to get the decision made first, shelve it and get on with it. I actually ended up standing at the line for about 15 minutes, going through everything in my head, getting my inner-game all sorted. I actually felt tingly. The line was real. Finally I made the decision that it was going to happen and I theatrically stepped over the line. I swear the air crackled as I did so. This was a great little inner game trick. Decide there is a decision to be made, decide to do all the thinking now, do it and reach the decision and that’s that.

To my horror I’ve lost the little sheet of paper which I kept all my approaches on (with times!) but I think at the end of the day I’d done 11 approaches in about 2 ½ hours. It went something like this:


Bizarrely see a friend of a girl I Facebook-closed a month ago (recognized her from her friend’s pictures) so run up to her and really weird her and her 2 friends out. However I totally own the group, get them laughing, charm them by speaking fluent mandarin to them (yes, they’re chinks) and generally being high status. An awesome warm-up. Neg the girl by saying her big glasses make her look like Kim Jong Il in Team America. A great start.


-Creeped out a few girls by doing the stalker shuffle in their peripheral vision before opening: BAD!

-Opened a very hot Indian girl well, then noticed two old biddies waiting behind her. Turns out they were with her! Charmingly ejected from the set but in hindsight really wish I’d stayed, drawn in the biddies and owned the group. Don’t forget in their day game was all over the place (i.e. there was some polarity between the sexes and men were trying to charm women all the time).

-Did my first ever shop opener, followed a girl into a clothes shop then opened her with some ‘buying something for my sister’ line. She was hot, Filipino. GBNH (good but no hook)

-Various women graciously accepted the (complimentary) opener but DNS (did not stop).


Waiting in line in M&S and an Indian girl HB7 opens me! Some comment about the self-service machines. Not to self: it’s easy to open girls at the self-service machines, they seem to love to talk about them (this has happened before). Cunningly timed my exit to be right behind her then stopped her with a ‘wow you’re friendly for London’ line. Then proceed to hook big time and stayed in set a massive amount of time. God knows how long but it felt like a good 20 minutes. Ended up with her squirming about a N-close, saying she had a bf, but gave me the number anyway and I had such a genuinely interesting conversation with her that I might even keep in touch as friends, if she has fuckable friends that is.

Walking off I heard a pitter-patter of tiny feet behind me and who should run up to me… but Johnny Wisdom! Turns out that him and Krauser were there nearly the whole time I was in set, standing all of a metre behind the girl and filmed the entire thing with their spy-camera. Watching the video later I just could not believe how much I had been in my own little world. They were literally a metre or two away! Great to see myself on video, though, and not as awful as I feared. I’m bigger than I realised. Maybe I have body dysmorphia. Watching myself on film I looked like Godzilla with a doll standing in front of me. Maybe I should change my PUA name to Gargantua. Ha ha, anyway, the whole thing was very funny.

I ended up chilling with Wisdom and Krauser at his (awesome) private member’s club (thanks Krauser!) and met a few more of the RSG guys who led the bootcamp I was on. I spoke briefly to two of the lucky guys who were taking the bootcamp and my… did I ever look that timid? (oh yes and worse)

Saturday Evening

I met two new wings up near Old St. The first guy to arrive was C. Tall, olive skin, same age as me. I liked this guy. He emitted positive energy and was not into rambling on about game theory or frames. He’d done the homework and been in game since way, way back but his basic motto was to “be in the moment and have a good time”. I was absolutely determined not to commit chodicide like the night before so as soon as we went in the bar I opened the guy waiting at the bar and chatted mate-talk with him for a few minutes. He liked it so much it was hard to get rid of him! Then I over-the-shouldered two girls sitting on bar stools. Excellent. Made such a difference.. that was it.. the ball was rolling. I opened a married couple as Mr Friendly, it went well and then we split and headed to another bar and while ordering a drink I opened two 5.5s waiting there. They were talking about some bullshit attraction theory so it was easy to open.

It was interesting to talk to this girl. I was asking her how she feels attraction to someone and actually made a botched, first-ever attempt at doing a RJ style pattern. Additionally she claimed that to her attraction was just about ‘finding a connection’ with someone. Shite. I bet if I’d have kinoed her and told her I wanted to fuck her she’d have been panting with her tongue hanging out. Interesting notion. ‘Kino is King’. I remember that from somewhere. It might be King but it’s also ‘the great fear’ as well.

This bar, The Electric Showrooms, seemed to be getting a little man-heavy and I was dismayed to see a few PUAs in action, I kid you not there was a pork-pie hat involved. They were doing stupid dancing and pushups on the dancefloor at the beginning of the night, which C said was an ‘old PUA trick’ to pump state. (At the end of the night he actually spoke to them confidentially outside and tried to broach the subject of game but they freaked out and tried AMOGing him. Morons.) We made the decision to split as “there were no sets” but just then I noticed a 4 set. Seated. Two hot 8s plus a cute 8 with her boyfriend. I’d have never have dreamed of approaching a set like that before but I noticed one of the girls was wearing a T-shirt with a pug on it. Now my sister quite likes these so I really wanted to get her this T-shirt so I just walked straight up to them and confidently asked her where she got her T-shirt from. At the time I didn’t quite realise it but I really just wanted to know the answer to go and I actually was… body rocking… for the first time ever. I turned to leave but they asked me why I wanted to know. I mentioned that I wanted to get my sister one. I turned to leave again. They called me back. Repeat. Every question they asked I accidentally, unavoidably ended up DHVing myself. I had written a childrens book about pgus. No it wasn’t published… I had had a year off… I was helping a friend set up a business in Asia… Yes I can speak chinese… the book was privately published and given to close friends… this was ridiculous. The couple loved me and asked me to sit down! The HB with the actual t-shirt started to SULK because I was giving her no attention and her friend declared this was all a grand “chat up scheme” for her friend, whereupon I negged her by saying “oh no, she’s not that hot”, which kind of negged them both. In hindsight I realise that with that set I was accidentally bordering on proper PUA’ness. Basically it was perfect Mystery Method stuff.. done flawlessly and naturally. The body rocking was real. The DHV’s were true. Had I had my wits about me I could have sat down and owned that group big-time. Wow. And here’s the cool thing. I sat down last night to update my neglected “Approaches Spreadsheet” (oh yes) and I realise to my suprise I have now done around 120 approaches and that…

this set was my 100th approach!

The big goal that I’ve had since Bootcamp and I achieved it with an accidentally great display. Excellent.

Wing #2 turned up. Totally different. A young, very low energy guy, dressed in a very Shoreditch foppish way. This chap was nice enough but seemed to still be struggling with AA issues as the whole night I didn’t see him open a set. I actually found myself opening sets and then he would join in after a few minutes. Wow. To think a month ago I’d be opening sets for others to join in. The guy was well intentioned but very new to game and basically needs a lot more practice. Approaches, approaches, approaches. He’s very low energy and could maybe work on projecting more confidence when in set… although this will come with time. I actually think the guy would do very well in uber, uber trendy artsy bars filled with ludicrious muso artsy types. Very well indeed. A bootcamp would do him wonders.

No closes that night but I had a good time. I delighted in the fact I had avoided Chodicide and hadn’t humiliated myself. I’d swapped roles from the previous night and I’d been the one opening sets. Excuse my immodesty (I’m painfully honest about everything else so I deserve a break) and let me say God I’m so awesome… I fuck up, I learn a lesson and I apply it immediately. Within 24 hours I’d corrected the mistakes I’d made. It was a great experience meeting new wings and one that I want to repeat. I was really chuffed with my lessening AA. At one point in the night a weird thing started happening:

I started daring myself to open sets and then actually enjoying opening them. It was almost as if opening sets have started to become like eating Maltesers. You want one more, and another, and another..

Yes. I’m starting to love opening. I never envisaged that could happen.

Oops almost fogot the best part of the night, the journey home. I’m in a good mood and grab a sandwich and head home. On the tube I see an alternative looking girl: Tanned, pretty (7-8), long semi-dreadlocked hair with little shaved bits at the temples. Tatoo on one shoulder and little black cocktail dress on. She’s wearing flip-flops and carrying her high-heeled shoes. She’s leaning over trying to stare at the tube map. The conversation went like this:

Me:whatcha lookin for?
HB: clap-ham common
Me:this train goes there. you’re sorted.
Me:nice haircut
HB: thanks
Me:very harcore
HB: i am hardcore!
Me:you’re a bad girl
HB: yeah
Me:not so bad you didnt put flip flops in your bag to wear on the home though?
HB: [laughs] yeah…..
Me:i got you.. i know your type.
HB: yeah… i’m meeting a friend down there
Me:u going to infernos?
HB: no.. i dunno where we’re going.. it’s open late though.
Me:you dont have to worry. you’re a girl. guys get locked out of bars. [run into small story
about hoxton bouncer]
HB: no way! [interested] he said that [copies the voice]
Me:yeah.. i just laughed and walked off [lies]
Me:ignored her for a bit and ate my sandwich. she almost fidgeted for more of my attention
HB: [asks me] where are you going? out?
Me:[keep eating, just look at her out of corner of my eye and tilt my head, put hands under it
to indicate the universal ‘bedtime’ thing. was not a DLV as i did it with congruence]
Me:[finished chewing] bedtime. i’ve been out all last night, all today and tonight.
HB: cool
Me:well my stop’s coming up. you enjoy your night you hear.
HB: ok i will
[eye contact + depart]

Might not seem like much to you but you weren’t there and you aren’t me. You didn’t feel the tension in the air or the tingle of body-language. What I did in this little exchange is really a big deal to me. I was totally relaxed, I completely controlled the frame and I was just so… suave. She was a young, wild, girl with her shaved temples and tattoo and whatnot and I’m there, 35 with a belly and a Gap T-shirt on and my god I just felt like a million dollars. Yet again the attraction butterfly fluttered and I could feel that I was doing something profound. We were vibing. That precious state had been created. I know the conversation was only minutes long but I felt what I have not felt in a long, long time:


Yup. From a couple of minutes of chat with me at my best I just felt…something between us and I’m sure she felt it too. We could click with each other I know it. We could have passion… we could have dated. It’s that quick. Shame the circumstances hadn’t been better.

I went home ecstatic.


Sunday I was back into town via the Decision Line again. I met my wing, R, a guy off the forums. A nice chap and I think I could talk to him for hours about game, life-journey’s etc, and hopefully will do soon! As soon as we met we walked into M&S to buy water and I noticed a 9.5 girl buying food. We both did the “Pwhoar…” sound and suddenly… BAM! I just said “fuck it” and was straight across and opened her. She was easily a 9, French, young and hot. Rather than being a mess I oozed confidence. She was flattered and nice but in a rush and on her lunch-break.

What the fuck happened? I amazed myself. What happened was another turning point has been reached. This is a serious milestone indeed:

Before: you don’t want to approach super-hot women and you don’t enjoy approaching

After: you want to approach hot women and you enjoy approaching.

That was it! Sunday afternoon, 14:25 and I actually, really wanted to approach and enjoyed it. This realization sunk on me. OH…. MY…. GOD….

There are super-fit women walking all over the place and talking to them is fun and I can do this as much as I want, for free, and they generally love it and so do I!

After that I was just a different person that day. R probably thinks I’m a lot more experienced than I do but I tried to tell him this was the first time I was like that. We would amble round together and I’d see a fit girl and just HAVE to approach her. Woosh! Off I’d rush. Very little hesitation at all. I just wanted more and more sets. Whereas previously I’d wander round kidding myself ‘there were no sets’ or talking more and more trying to weasel out, this time I was hunting for sets and wanting to talk less as it was distracting me. R would point out a babe and say “ooh wish I could talk to her” and I’d say “are you going to?” and when he said no I’d rush over and open her. I did a few of these ‘challenge opens’ that day.

In the end I did 11 sets. It was my best day ever for attitude but results-wise my final one-to-one was better. Irrelevant. I’m delighted. I can’t wait to get back out there again. Out of my 11 sets I got one N-close. I talked to a German Au-pair who was waiting for her. This started out with her being a little clunky and cold but I opened her up with some humour. Then at one point I wiggled round and got myself really leaning back in a Suave-style lock-in position. One leg up, body spread big and wide, arms draped out sideways against the wall. She looked so tiny and was kind of there in front of my spread legs. Suddenly… ping! there it was.. that magical attraction flutter. I felt it! Just like talking to Hot Indian Flake or Russian Museum Girl. I did it! I created attraction again. I ramped up the eye contact, kinoed her a bit, smiled like the Cheshire cat and got better reactions. N-closed her and left. Great!

During the day I had a good talk with R. Sounds like he’s doing a lot better with bargame than daygame and from what he said he’s definitely created attraction a few times in bar sets, just lamely failed to capitalize on it! He seemed a bit umming and ahhing about daygame and my advice to him was more or less this:

Decide whether or not you want the daygame skill and lifestyle (‘cos it’s a lifestyle baby!). If so then work out where you are and decide if you’re willing to do the work to get there. If he wants a good start I strongly recommended that he gets himself a bootcamp (honestly I am not on commission!) and builds up a head of steam as his AA is an issue and is holding him back. I was not there to help his AA (I tried a bit) and am not a trainer so he really needs to work out a way to push through it.

I’d also recommends he gets more into reframing things and abstracting things and gets more coldly methodical about it. Frame daygame in its correct, wonderful place as a life-changing tonic. Draw up a spreadsheet with 100 rows and go out and decide to get blown out 100 times in a row. Mark the time, date, what you said and what they said and just frame it like you want to plow through the first 100. Get some nerd-focus.

In conclusion a great weekend for me. I learned a lot. I really am at a sweet, sweet spot where every single time I go out I learn something new. How many people can say that? I’m glad I pushed myself through the 4-sessions weekend because now I realise yes, I spent all my weekend gaming, but I love gaming and it is my passion now and that’s what I want to spend all my free time doing. Next weekend: same again. Can’t wait.

*also known as “I do at some point actually want to get laid”.

6 responses to “First 4-session weekend”

  1. Fantastic! I love reading your blogs as I can see so much of myself in what you write.

  2. I think Tony T picked up your approach log. I’ll check.

    1. Oh god how embarassing.. my little scribbles and all the little times beside each one “14:45 3 set chink tits joke good kino PIMP“, etc. No big deal he can just bin it, I don’t think I can be bothered to keep such meticulous scribbles anymore.

  3. Good shit here man. Just out of curiosity, why didn’t you close the chick you were talking to while eating a sandwhich? Seems like you had a shot there.

    Sounds like you did a good job and had a fun weekend. Yeah, it really makes a difference once you get in that social mood to where you feel comfortable approaching. Then, it’s like the momentum just builds on itself and you just keep wanting to approach. That social mood/state is key, it really is.

    1. Hey willy. The dialogue was just my best memory of what went down but I think I missed a bit where she said something showing the gender of the person she was off to meet was male. Ontop of this I was just a few minutes short when I reached my stop, even just 1 or 2 minutes, of getting it right to ask for the number. I was happier to leave as Cool Guy than ask for the number and be potentially Lame Guy. I do not agree with this “always try get the number” crap.
      Yup I think you hit the nail on the head. Keep going out and approaching until it becomes a way of life, then you just hit a point when you get so relaxed and into it you reach that magic state and good stuff happens.

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