Busted: first PUA-sighting

I was walking to meet friends near Holborn last night and just as I walked past a guy with a flashy shirt on he turned over the shoulder and stopped a younger girl walking past by giving her a compliment about her skirt. Noticing the opener and over-the-shoulder stance I thought “Ah ha!”. There was a bus stop right next to them so I went in there and pretended to wait for the bus. In the reflection of the bus windows I could see what was going down. He was standing very far from her at first and made little attempt to kino or close the gap. However after a few minutes he was magically closer. Couldn’t hear much but saw him get the number.

Followed him to a safe distance then opened him myself. Turns out this is “Sergeant” (on the LSS) who has been gaming for years. He didn’t do any pathetic denial freak-out thing and we had a good chat.

  • He says that he’s had 90 lays from game so far, although I can’t remember how long he’s been doing it.
  • For himself, he said, day game mastery took around a thousand approaches
  • He doesn’t bother with instant-dates. He says that during the time of the date he could have opened another 20 women and got numbers. Also he says he doesn’t like the Frame, which is that you are free and want to give your time to her immediately and are trying to win her affections, whereas if you purely shoot for day 2’s then if he turns up she is already invested and the stakes are more equal.
  • He is one of the teachers on the upcoming Project Rockstar.

Spotting PUAs in the street.. This is like being part of a secret society! It is a sort of secret society, a brotherhood. It’s nice when a bit of solidarity can be shown rather than pathetic, beta, inadequate fake-alpha freak outs like this one.

I wonder in a few years how common game will get. Has it reached its zenith already? It’s frustrating to think that in a few years every street may have its own territorial pack of guys, circuiting slowly and scanning the pedestrians, occasionally one of them running up to and approaching a woman who’s already had two such approaches already that day. That would be Frame-collapse. Currently day game works because the men have the advantage: the woman thinks she’s special but really a good PUA has already done 20 similar approaches. If game ever gets too big it’ll eat itself alive, the Frame will change and woman will get gamed-out. They’ll be just as cunty on the street as they are in bars. All the more reason to approach like mad now and get the benefit from it while it still works.

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  1. I have this fear too, but there’s good reason to believe the spread of game has natural boundaries. I feel a lot of people in their twenties are aware of game and PUAs because of Style’s books and the tv programme with Mystery. However, their knowledge of it is generally pretty shallow and artificial, and focusses on peacocking and showy routines.

    Men reject game out of hand because they don’t like the image associated with it, because they’re getting laid every now and then, and because our culture reinforces the idea that social circle dating and traditional ways of getting women are morally right. When I started out I tried to get some friends involved but they rejected it out of hand. I don’t bother any more unless someone expresses interest.

    Many guys, even those who are frustrated, will be held back by laziness, stupidity and an inability to pursue long-term self-improvement. Notice how most of the bootcamps sell “instant” fixes and self-improvement, when game takes at least a few months of practice for your average beta to get his head around. Also, I reckon that most guys don’t really want to be PUAs; they just want to get laid a bit and find a girlfriend. This means there will be a regular turnover of guys using game.

    1. I hope you’re right and I think maybe you are. Most men/people don’t have the stomach to do anything which is hard work and requires insane dedication. It’s one thing putting a stupid hat on and going round bars using openers you got off a website, it’s another thing running up to strangers in the street. I don’t think most men have the balls for it and I’m glad about that because I do and it’s the most amazing life changing experience ever.

  2. 90 lays from day game? That’s pretty fucking solid.

    Damn, I need to get my day game shit together.

    I don’t know if day game will ever be that damn popular, most dudes don’t have the balls to approach like that or put in that kind of work. I kind of hope that it’s already reached it’s zenith, but then again what do I know? That’s just my hope anyway..

    1. Quit stalling and get out there Willy.

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