What happened to Assanova?

On a whim tonight I decided to check Assanova’s blog to see his latest article on why working on game is pointless and you should just be good looking instead. It appears his blog is gone.

Assanova holds the incredibly rare position of being one of the few people who has my respect. He writes beautifully, intelligently and lucidly. He cuts through a lot of the shit about game. His books are excellent: lean, mean, stripped to the core and authentic.

Of late, however, it does seem like he went a bit odd and got obsessed with essentially writing the same post over and over again, rewording it each time, that post being, as I said, that game is a waste of time and that you should just work on your looks. I don’t agree with this at all: Krauser and Jambone are living proof ugly men can pull hot women. I saw Assanova’s picture in his books; his problem is he’s too good looking. He’s hot. Plus he’s black and he’s super-smart, which makes him a lot more desirable than the black guys just blacking it up to pull white chicks. I guess if you just pull birds from your looks you would end up thinking this was the be-all and end-all. He should live a month with my big potato-head and see the difference game can make to women’s reactions.

So… where is he? Maybe he’s had enough. Fair do’s. The game community is fucked and weird anyway. Good luck to him. I hope he’s happy.

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  1. “Assanova holds the incredibly rare position of being one of the few people who is both black and who has my respect.”
    Oh… my… god.

  2. You’ve got his books? I only got the “chick crack” book. He first pulled the plug off his ebook offers before totally going offline. Willing to share? Mail me.

  3. About looks: European gamers put looks improvement (clothing & grooming) as one the easiest and most effective step towards banging the ladies. My experience clearly confirms this. This area of game is grossly neglected by anglo-saxon gamers. It really helps.

    1) fashion & grooming are social codes; mastering those is projecting social mastery to women. Women are far more social animals than we are, they realy do care and notice this. Social mastery is alpha.
    2) it projects self respect. How are chicks supposed to respect you if you don’t even respect yourself?
    3) it’s easy because 99% of guys don’t know how to do this. When they try, they usualy overshoot and look either gay or totally fake. If done right (calibration is everything), you will look good and nothing about you will be screeming “fashion victim” or such. Do it right, and you will walk through a commuter train and literally feel the interest you spark and the tension you create.

    Personally I did the following within 6 months:
    – lost 40 pounds of weight
    – let my hair + facial hair grow
    – 100% changed my wardrobe, cost me less than 1000,- EUR, had to study the matter for hours though
    – I now look different, I am not “just another guy” anymore

    Results: once upon a time I would meet any of the 4 bangable chicks from my company at the coffee machine and they would ignore me: we would just greet each other in a bored tone. Now there always is tension (ie. sexual tension) in the air even if nothing more than “good morning” is beeing said. It is striking. From that position, gaming becomes so much easier. Looks improvemnet just by itself is not sufficient, it will only help if you get to learn how to exploit the interest and the tension it creates.

    Best 2 sites to visit to get an idea (in french):

    1. C’mon… let’s see the before and after pics!

      1. Proof provided.

        Back then:




        You prick.

  4. You are a racist loser. No wonder you claim to be a pua.

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