A Mars a day helps you work rest and play

I’ve definitely reached a high-level stage with my inner game. I now really give such little-a-fuck about what anyone I don’t care about thinks or does. It’s exquisite. I feel like my loaf is getting pretty close to being baked. I’m almost finished. I feel filled with an inhuman strength, glowing with a static charge which can repel enemy lasers. My reality is so strong birds arc up around me as they fly overhead. I don’t read any game-theory anymore. I have no interest whatsoever in the community. I believe 90% of people involved in game are cunts. I continue with this blog because writing is good for me and it provides the impetus to do so. I think I’ve made the Sho’nuff leap or if not am at least in mid-flight.

I haven’t been “on the LSS” for months now. It’s a cesspit: a barrel of rats eating each others faeces to survive.

Here’s a little experiment for your inner game:

  1. Spend thirty minutes, yes a whole 30:00 on the LSS.
  2. Assess how it affected your inner game.
  3. Wait a while.
  4. Go somewhere quiet. Put on headphones. Close your eyes and really concentrate. Now listen to this. This is your warm up:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0bcRCCg01I] Your aim is to build up towards the point at 04:24. At this point imagine you are the Death Star. I don’t mean working on the Death Star. I mean literally the Death Star. A sentient Death Star. You don’t need the little clones and humans scurrying about inside of you, but you tolerate them. You are Jalaxowil, you are a god of metal and power. You are a massive orb of metal, as big as a small moon, miles across. You float through space and when you a see a nice, juicy little planet you like you float alongside it. A hatch as big as Wales opens on your side and you unfurl your Death-Club. It’s a gargantuan metallic member eight hundred miles long. It slowly telescopes out and stiffens. Then you slam it into that little planet good and hard. This is about 07:00. That’s when you ram it in. You fuck that planet.
  5. Take a minute or so break to sit in silence and be at one with your thoughts.
  6. Now listen to this:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP_CSQgBPpQ]As you do so imagine you are a knight in full plate armour mounted on horseback, surrounded by your compatriots, charging through a damp, mist-filled forest.. you can hear the explosive crack of damp twigs underfoot, the thud of the horses hooves, the whinnies, you grasp your hand tighter on the hilt of your broadsword.. there are shapes in the mist up ahead, there are shouts, you stand up in your stirrups as you thunder down on the figure ahead, bringing the sword down with all your might (about 01:38). The melee begins. You are filled with righteous fury. The sorceror will be vanquished.
  7. Assess how listening to both of these pieces of music, total time around 12 minutes, affected your state and your inner game. Compare to your thirty minutes on the LSS.

Any lessons learned?

I am the conqueror of worlds. Give me your women. Carmina Burana is the soundtrack to my life.

15 responses to “A Mars a day helps you work rest and play”

  1. yeah you lack balance in your life,I think alot of guys waaay into PUA have that. They become obsesed about what other guys say about them , theres 2 types the types that post dont get laid , and thouse who get laid but want to seek approval.
    I think time off from pua or “sargin” will help your self esteem. Make friends outside of PUA society.them balance with what you know works for you.
    Try it and post here

  2. Brilliant post. Hilarious. Don’t stop the blog.

  3. Loved Mars, bringer of war… that was fucking bad-ass…. a definite state builder.

  4. What is LSS?

    1. http://www.thelss.com

      Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  5. My reality is so strong birds arc up around me as they fly overhead. I don’t read any game-theory anymore. I have no interest whatsoever in the community. I believe 90% of people involved in game are cunts. I continue with this blog because writing is good for me and it provides the impetus to do so.

    This is good stuff.

  6. Haha, dude, Jambone told me about this post, its fucking hilarious. Keep it up dude.

  7. Sorry this is off-topic but relevant to one of your other posts. I am interested in seeing whores because my situation is like yours. About 1 year or so of sex then dry spells that last way too long. My only fear is being caught in a sting and being publicly embarrassed. When local newspapers show pics of “Johns” it really is a major deterrence! I am not worried about STDs because as far as I know, herpes is the only one that can’t be protected against with condom use in which case you just have to see if the girl is having an outbreak. I do know that if I were to visit a whore it would be one in a massage parlor or one I met through an internet ad. Avoid street whores as they are much more likely to be druggies and have diseases. I would also want to read whore reviews, like those written on eroticreview. I realize whoring can hurt a man’s inner game so I would still try to keep my approach numbers up.

    1. Do they show the whores’ pictures in the newspapers? Do they show muggers pictures, shoplifters? No. This is ‘the machine’ trying to humiliate men. Remember, men who pay for sex are cheating, as sex is how women have power over men. And the women that sell it are obviously victims and exploited. Right…. the exploited ones here are the men who have no option but to pay for it!

      I believe whoring is an honourable profession. Seriously. It’s work. It’s a fair exchange and in most cases nobody’s exploited. In society’s where capitalism is less tinkered with and where the cultural and legal system isn’t rigged to favour women you have open, cheap and guilt-free whoring. Like in Asia. If Britain had a non-socialist economy without welfare hand-outs and if our culture was not anti-male then we’d have a proper whoring system where a hard working man could pay a tenner to get wanked off on the way home. The state of prostitution in this country truly saddens me and is a symptom of a deeper malaise.

      If you’re worried I’d recommend you go on a sex holiday instead. I’d recommend the Philippines. Check out http://www.internationalsexguide.info .

  8. This blog makes me blush to my marrow, every pore of me ashamed to be male. The loathing for women drips off every paragraph. Then I realise it’s just one guy, and a bunch of other less-shameful ill-educated guys who are easily influenced by rhetoric – so who really cares.

  9. I’m another guy. I’m well educated (first class degree, distinction in my masters, professional qualification). I like this blog.

    You’re just a pussy. Enjoy your fat ageing sow that will decamp with half your cash.

  10. krauserpua :
    You’re just a pussy. Enjoy your fat ageing sow that will decamp with half your cash.

    Ok, it’s embarrassing. You have your 1st class degree, my g/friend is thin, 15 years younger and pays for 1/2 of everything. My question remains, what are we doing here? I don’t believe you admire this blog – it’s nothing alpha, it’s desperate. Where’s your sincerity Krauser? It’s doing your reputation no good, well it wouldn’t, and you’d zip it if this blog was being read by anyone who matters (eg. clients).

    1. You charged that the blog is only admired by losers. Thus I offered myself as a counter-example. I could give more.

      I don’t care about my reputation, in the sense you mean. Bhodisatta is a former student of mine and he’s made excellent progress from where he started from. I link him on my blogroll – I’m not ashamed to be associated with him.

      My game is completely open. My life is an open book. That’s how to get the top quality girls.

      Well done on having a younger girl. Unless you’re under 30, that is

      1. Ok, you’re not a hypocrite, and you stand by your friends. I’d expect nothing less from what I know of you.

        However, you’re not only ‘associating’ with a blatant racist (eg DreamChink Update) and someone who has a deep-seated fear of women (eg DreamChink Update), you extend your approval in your posts by linking to his site. If you want to be taken seriously, we’d all expect far more.

  11. Actually, let me add a postscript. You accused me of being ‘a homo’, so you’re a racist-hugging, woman-fearing homophobe too. End of. Creepy blog and you’re an idiot.