The Fertility/Resources Paradigm

An interest in Game can quite quickly lead to a deep fasincation with evolution and anthropology. And cavemen. I’ve bought this and have high hopes:

I met Skeletor a while back and he taught me a simple model with which to look at gender dynamics. It was pretty useful and I now like to construct similar ones and enjoy looking at society through them. Here’s a basic one:

Fertility vs Resources

A friend wrote to me recently that he was deliriously happy as he was dating an early 20’s, good-looking Taiwanese waitress who adores sex.

This is DrunkenBaker. Bilingual. A very high IQ. A writer, actor, comedian, a social animal, a success in his chose career field. And he’s ecstatically happy at bagging a waitress. Fair do’s I say. Nowt wrong with that. Be pretty unusual the other way round, though, wouldn’t it? Cavemen, food, resources, offspring… blah blah blah… it’s all pretty obvious isn’t it.

A maudlin friend once emailed me and said “is this our fate? Exceptional men can only expect average women?”.

Yes, if you rate women on status and mastery. I’ll break down what you can expect:

  • exceptional men get average women
  • average men get awful women
  • exceptional women get a lifetime of unfulfillment

Have a look round at the couples you know and see how happy the ones with two stars in the relationship are. Not very. I personally know multiple couples who have less than harmonic relationships because their aims and energies are too similar. For most of my life I lamented that there weren’t enough smart women for me to get one. I thank Game that I now see this folly. I shudder at the cheese of even mentioning this. Sorry in advance. I can’t believe I’m doing it, but honestly, really… this is so apt:

Relationships work best with a mix of talents and abilities. Hell, humans were evolved to be highly specialized and genetically designed to have different but complimentary skills…. “We have evolved into fixed gender roles so that mutually dependent men and women can specialise in skill sets and attributes that combine to create a strong family unit“. If you’re a super-smart, high-achieving, alpha guy I’d suggest that perhaps getting a similar woman is not neccesary for happiness. Think of a motorbike and sidecar. You do the powering forward, make the bucks, write the books, make the big decisions and your little co-pilot keeps things running smoothly. Actually a better analogy is an X-wing with an R2D2 sitting in the back of it, keeping the engines running as you barrel down the Death Star’s equatorial trench, bleeping sweet bleeps of reassurance into your earpiece.

Let me hammer this home. An X-wing with no R2D2 is not much of an X-wing. You’re designed by nature to hook up, love and protect a woman. It’s in your DNA. One of the core purposes of an alpha males life is to have a mate, raise a family and protect and provide for them and others. At some point this bit seems to have got chopped off the PUA model.

So when my friend said “exceptional men get average women” he was shortsighted. He’s judging women by male standards of status and mastery. Judge women by female standards instead and you will see that what you call “average” women are often not so. Women have wildly different feminine energies in this modern age. Some of them are stunted, awful creatures, ruined by feminism and a system which lies to them. Others are wonderful, bright, smart, sensitive and empathetic. Don’t rate women by their job, their income or their problem-solving logic. Don’t be a dick.

3 responses to “The Fertility/Resources Paradigm”

  1. I love the R2D2 metaphor. Recently I’ve been reevaluating my long-held criteria for what qualities I think I require in a life partner, and I’ve been moving in the direction you outline though I’m not entirely there, and I’m feeling rather conflicted about it. That’s because over the years I’ve dated several rather brilliant and interesting women and I remember how much fun I had hanging out with them even though I was never too interested in them physically. In contrast I’ve dated a few women who were perfectly feminine and absolute bliss to sleep next to at night (not to mention bang for hours), and they were even easy to get along with and would have presented no significant problems in the long term, yet they were rather boring to me. But that combination has been so rare for me I’ve started asking myself: should I just give up on the idea of an intellectual bond with a life partner and regard it as the price I must pay if I want a feminine sexpot? Increasingly, I’m worried that for a guy my age with my level of game the answer is yes.

    Slightly off topic but in my years of engineering I think I’ve met only 2-3 feminine and attractive female spouses out of dozens. You’ve worked with computers too. I wonder if you’ve observed the same thing?

  2. I realised a long time ago that if you look to women for things like logical reasoned debate, deep intelligent conversation (where you put emotion aside and look at things objectively) or deep camaraderie, then you will be disappointed. That’s what male friends are for, women are for something else.

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