On Naturals: Part Two

In my first post I mused a little on the phenomena of the ‘natural’: the man whom using only his pre-alloted share of charm and charisma and without, dare I say,  ‘formally’ learning game proceeds through life casually acquiring notches at a super-normal rate. I questioned how many of these naturals existed and made the argument that a lot of supposed cases could be excluded for various reasons, for instance ‘good looking guy game’ or ecosytem game. After weeding out these false positives I was left with a far smaller group of men than I’d initially thought existed, but I did notice amongst them a similarity in their background and in their attributes. In this and the next post I’d like to list out the things I’ve noticed that most (but not all) naturals seem to have in common.

1-They had a good relationship with their father

All the naturals that I know had a good relationship with their father. They didn’t have a lot of antagonism with him and they respect and admire him. They grew up with a constant and strong male influence. The effect? They developed with a stronger identification as ‘male’ and a stronger understanding of masculinity. A lot of guys now in the tragic post-feminist and misandrist Anglosphere grow up without any clear idea of what a man should stand for and how a man differs from a woman. Schools certainly now push an equalist agenda and whilst the virtues of ‘the female’ are trumpeted from the ramparts there’s no discussion or celebration of ‘the male’. ‘Learning to appreciate differences’ usually is little more than celebrating a female mindset and forcing men into acting this way. On the homefront as well; how many families are discussing gender roles with their children and giving them a correct aspirational model? Whoops… hang on! I didn’t mean “disccussing gender roles” in a groupthink, feminist way i.e. shaming men and seeking to create androgynous, compliant worker bees. I mean a father encouraging his son to be male. Urging him to be competitive. Telling him to deal with bullies with his fists. Banning him from listening to whiney emo music. Encouraging him in sports and physicality. Looking for opportunities for father son bonding and stage-managing those crucially important instances when he gets to reach a milestone and feel like a man.

Growing up with a strong father figure results in a boy being more masculine and therefore more atttractive to girls. Their diffidence, assertiveness, exuberence and swag gets them attention. Early success with girls seems a common theme amongst naturals.


2-They had a wolfpack

Having a good father is the seed that results in a bountiful crop; for instance you’ll often find that boys with a stronger identification of male were less introverted and had a greater number of male friends when teenagers and these male friends were more ‘laddish’ (as we’d say in the UK). They didn’t sit round inside playing Runequest; they were out riding motorbikes, causing mayhem and having fun. Groups of more alpha guys are less likely to take girls seriously and more likely to chase them. They’re more likely to end up with groups of girls around them.


3-The had a healthy cynicism of women

I’ve noticed something else after discussing their upbringing with the naturals that I’ve met. The strong father figure usually coincided with a far weaker influence from their mother. Each of them of course loved their mother but was more likely to ‘take her with a pinch of salt’ and list her failings than those over-mothered (and with a correspondingly weak father figure).

One natural I know told me “my dad was a good, dependable, unassuming and hard working man: I deeply respect him. My mother’s always been lazy and selfish”. Even being pretty red pill at that point I was still shocked to hear someone crictize his own mother. Growing up with a weak father virtually the only paternal influence I cared to acknoledge was from my mother and I still had some of that early conditioning left in me.

I can’t underestimate the importance of early on learning to have a healthy cycnicism towards women. Otherwise you fall into the default quasi-paganistic frame that women push: we are special and magical and not to be sulled with such things as pointing out our flaws or holding us accountable: for anything. Over-mothering produces pedestalization and pedestalization is the number one way to not fuck a lot of girls.

Pedestalizers treat women with a set of rules they wouldn’t dare apply to men. Women aren’t special! And if a teenage boy realizes this he’s more likely to get on with his true mission: tooling women, teasing them, chasing them and trying to fuck them but under no circumstances giving a crap about any of the shit coming out of their mouths.

Most naturals I’ve known have always known that girls are different, but not in the way a pedestalizer does. They have early on realized what it often takes a guy ten years of the red pill to finally accept: women are not adult in the way that men are. Women are children and you should treat them as a half way form of child and adult: love them, protect them, cherish them, chase them, fuck them.


4-They respect women

How can this attribute be compatible with the above? How can I regard women as big kids yet also respect them? This is disrespectful! This is an outrage!


It’s red-pill. So much so that a lot of people can’t accept it. Most blue pill guys I know regard women as just men with tits and then get all confused and bitter when nothing makes sense anymore. Accepting the true nature of women leads to peace and calm when it comes to women and cold, murderous thoughts when it comes to feminists. You realise women don’t have the benefit of a man’s logical forebrain and see the world very differently. You don’t apply the same set of standards as you do with men. You regard the whole feminism/equalism movement as a sad diversion in human progression and you see women as lost, unhappy children.


Feminism: it's not going to end well.
Feminism: it’s not going to end well.

Good old fashioned chauvinism leads to more respect for women not less. You don’t pedestalize them as magical beings, you realise them for the half-children they are and suddenly discover your latent urge to protect and care for them. Fostering a sense of protectivity and brotherly tenderness towards women is an incredibly powerful mental mindset in fucking an awful lot more of them. Most betas and gammas don’t realise how far away women can smell their bitterness and entitlement from.

Most naturals I know realized this fact very early on in their adolescence. They don’t have neurotic issues with women. They know what girls are, they like them and desire them. Their outlook is simple and lacking in pretension and they have an honesty of intent that a brooding internet Gamma would do well to learn from.


5-Early sexualisation

I was just a skinny lad, never knew no good from bad,

But I knew love before I left my nursery.

Left alone with big fat fanny: she was such a naughty nanny,

Hey big woman! You made a bad boy outta me…

“Fat Bottomed Girls”: Queen

 The attributes I’ve already listed usually result in the natural being sexualised early. Usually they’ve gotten shot of their virginity well before they’re fifteen. Their swagger and desire to chase women and regard them as normal, flesh and blood, juicy, delightful, sweaty objects to stick their dick into results in them having adventures which far bypass the life stories of the average chode. Sex is something betas dream about but for naturals it’s very real and obtainable. Naturals are the guys you discover fucked their babysitter when they were twelve. Or got the girls from next door into a field and fingered them both. Or crept in their sister’s bedroom on a sleepover and screwed her friend. They’ve all got these adventure stories, the kind that wouldn’t be out of place in a French artsy ‘coming of age’ movie and which they naively assume other men have as well. Sigh…

Early sexualisation results in an adolescent boy craving pussy even more, and the acquisition of it becomes real and tangible. The result: they chase pussy more. Perhaps there’s also a hormonal effect? I’m theorising here but maybe actually getting sex, rather than just endlessly masturbating, has an effect on hormonal levels which literally make these men develop differently? Perhaps their testosterone level soars as a pysiological response? Maybe they get even more confident, even more swaggering and thus getting even more pussy?

Every natural I know was fucking or dating girls very young. It was a magic combination: like mixing the right cocktail of steroids, test and HgH to get perfect results. Good father equals masculinity. Masculinity equals correct understanding of women, which results in lack of pedestalization and a healthy, well balanced attitude. This results in chasing girls and getting laid early and then the chain reaction is started.



There are other types of natural, I’m basing my deconstruction just on the ones I’ve encountered. I’ll publish Part Three in a few days and go over the remaining attributes in my list and maybe mention those other types of natural.

I’ll publish Part Three in a couple of days and go over the remaining attributes.

4 responses to “On Naturals: Part Two”

  1. Kudos. Keep it coming. You should also see this re protecting women http://runsonmagic.com/2014/04/polygamous-sex-part-4

  2. You are clearly an intelligent dude Bodi, but I think you may be overcomplicating this by applying loads of thought to something that isn’t that complicated.

    Personally I think naturals are just guys who already have the aspects that women are looking for. Unnaturals are guys who were missing some of those aspects, but went out and got them.

    What are those aspects? I’d venture:
    – Some height or physical presence
    – Some looks
    – Confidence

    The last one comes from being competent at things. The first two are somewhat fixed, but can be improved at the gym.

    I think all the stuff you have listed (Wolfpacks etc) is just the effects of a guy having enough of all three of the above.

    Also, I could be wrong, but you seem to think that ‘ecosystem game’ is about being in a place with a lot of girls. It is… but it is also about being in a place and situation where the guy wins day in day out (at life, not just banging girls) and has a fun social group around him. Which contributes massively to #3 above.

    Or it could be that you basically agree with the above… but are interested in the downstream manifestations of it.

  3. There’s an excellent book by Guy Corneau Absent father lost soon that goes into more details about father-son relationship and how it influence the way he deal with women when he grow up, and create the natural model or the AFC/Wussy one

    1. I am reading this now, thanks!

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