On Naturals: Part Three

This is the final part in my three-part series on naturals. As a quick recap: in part one I defined a Natural as:

The Natural: the man who can, without explicitly learning game, based on his own charisma or magnetism attract and sleep with lots of women of a respectable quality.

I then discussed the various false-positive scenarios which can lead one to believe there are more of these rare birds than there really are. In part two I started to go through the traits that I’ve observed in naturals over the years. As a reminder I’ve so far gotten through:

1-They had a good relationship with their father

2-They had a wolfpack

3-The had a healthy cynicism of women

4-They respect women

5-Early sexualisation


Let me now continue and finish off the list…

6 – Rampant pussy hunger

Naturals seem to have pussy-hunger on an altogether different level than us normal Joes. Natural’s get antsy if they haven’t been laid in a few weeks, let alone months (or years, sigh…).  Most naturals have never gone months without pussy. The naturals I have known don’t luridly talk about pussy or indulge in an undue amount of overtly sexual ribaldry (see ‘Discretion’ below) but they have a quiet and determined love affair with female flesh. But surely all guys do… right? Yes, but the difference is that with naturals it all seems so real and so immediate. The average guy indulges in laddish banter about nice arses and big tits and whatnot and which girls “he’d give a good seeing to” but in most cases it’s not like that’s actually around the corner and likely to happen in the next week or so. It’s speculative and hypothetical. With naturals it’s very real and very visceral. They think of pussy in as visceral and normalized a way as most blokes think of the next time they’ll have a good, juicy steak in a restaurant.

As to whether naturals actually have a higher sex drive: who knows. What is true is that as your forebrain ascertains the likelihood of sex diminishing your hindbrain drops testosterone production, possibly as a defence mechanism to prevent you going crazy with sexual frustration. For a man who can actualy get pussy on demand and always has a supply en route, increasing sex drive is a benefit not a risk.

7-Usually good looking, alpha and high T

More often than not the naturals I’ve known have been better looking than average. This undoubtedly helped them get more female attention at a young age and thus become sexualised earlier and thus more confident and cocky. I daresay there are naturals out there who don’t look the part: little portly Danny DeVito clones quietly charming their way through scores of women’s underpants but I don’t know any of them. Don’t make the mistake of projecting out that being good looking is all that it takes to make a natural; this is usually an ego defence mechanism from guys who aren’t good looking and don’t pull a lot. A lot of naturals are good looking but there’s an awful lot else going on there as well. Just be honest and think how many guys you know have the raw potential to have been good with women but were not…. there’s more than there are naturals.


Naturals understand The Secret Society very early on. Girls look in their eyes and know that here’s a guy that knows that women actually like sex as much as men, will discreetly and smoothly give it to them and not judge them for it.

Naturals give women their fun and are very discreet about it, because The Secret Society demands it. You don’t get to work your way round a group of girls if you blab and brag about it, like a chode that got lucky would. I knew one natural when I lived abroad in asia. He was a confident but unassuming guy. Around two  years after we’d left that country he admitted to me he’d quietly fucked most of the girls in our large social group as and when they’d become available and horny: the young Canadian intern; the friendly and sexy bar girl in the local bar; the exotic African language student; the hard, careerist but sexually frustrated female CEO. He’d fucked the damn CEO of the company we all worked for! Unbelievable. And not a squeak.


Every natural I’ve encountered has amazing calibration. The kind that takes someone in game at least a couple of years to learn and most naturals had it by age sixteen. Naturals can spot women who are “up for it” easily. One of my early mentors, Jimmy, said that pre-game when he was back at university and he’d go out with all his friends to bars and meet girls he’d occasionally just get a sixth sense like tingle about a certain girl and become convinced she was horny. He was usually right.

One of the key things that helps a natural’s calibration develop early on is that they understand that women like sex and they do not pedestalize them or judge them. For a natural a woman’s sexual desire is very real; for a chode it is very abstract. Try and strip away all the mindsets you’ve learned in game and think back to the time when you were deep in chodedom. I bet you and your buddies talked about sex and girls a lot and there was a lot of banter but did you every really understand female sexuality? This is my point: for most men females are objects of lust and the concept of sex is almost unidirectional. The result being a lot of lairy men getting drunk and ‘out to pull’ in bars and clubs, treating the women they encounter as alien sex dolls and objects, but unable to reconcile normal female sexuality on the everyday women they encounter. Ergo.. the maddona/whore complex.

When you don’t have this, and you get the whole Secret Society thing at an early age then you can see things that normal chodes cannot even concieve of. Just understanding all this is a massive head-start because then you know it exists and you look for it. Imagine on one hand the Dungeons & Dragons playing thirteen year old chode who treats girls special and dreams of spending time with one. Now constrast that with our grubby natural: he knowns those girls think about dicks and fucking just as much he does and he knows they shit and piss and fart like everyone else and they can be boring and irritating as well and are not special angels. It’s a hell of a head start.

As the years progress a natural builds up a more sophisticated calibration skill beyond spotting the obviously horny women. He learns to root out timewasters and attention whores. He learns to spot and sidestep women with issues or women who’ll give him hassles later. When most guys fresh at college go to parties hoping to hook up… somehow… the natural will be calmly scanning the room and working out which girls are DTF.

10-Escalate fearlessly

Naturals escalate. This is one of the core pillars of their success. Whereas most men giggle in idle fronting sex banter with their drunken friends the natural is off talking to girls on the edge of her group of friends, trying to make eyes with her and ask her outside ‘to smoke’. He’ll be touching girls in seconds of talking to them in bars. He’ll not be afraid to go for it. He’ll try feel girls up on the bus. He’ll make up any excuse to get a girl home then just hit on her. The natural is the guy who tries it on and doesn’t care: he just laughs it off if it bombs out.

11-Agressively protect their vibe.

This is an absolute core attribute of the natural. Every single one I’ve encountered goes out of their way to keep themselves in optimal state. Naturals don’ have any deep, learned psychological knowledge but in a way they seem to have a simplistic understanding of the duality of the brain. Whereas most people, especially hard workers, just kind of beaver away and get on with their life and just expect to be happy, naturals work at being happy in itself. They schedule time to themselves to do their favourite thing: wop out and relax. They will ruthlessly remove anything from their life that brings them down: people, chores, cleanliness, careers. You won’t find a natural in a swish apartment with a drawer full of neatly aligned designer cufflinks; you’ll find him lounging around in a scruffy apartment watching cat videos on Youtube and smoking spliffs.

Naturals lack that feeling of original sin that most neurotic high-IQ teenage white boys seem to have. They don’t feel the need to prove themselves in the field of academic combat. They don’t feel the need to learn three languages or master computer programming. Naturals have too high self esteem to feel bad about themselves and end up channeling this into sublimated forms of achievement.


Woppery is the practice of being a bit of a slob and most naturals I’ve known show this to some degree. They’re not complete slobs though… for instance their apartment may be messy and they may live off tinned beans but they’ll have a cross indexed thousand strong vinyl collection, or they’ll randomly cook themselves a five course gourmet meal. Naturals tend to be carefree and to always looking after their vibe and woppery is a by-product of vibe-protection.


I’m not so sure about this one and I hesitate to put it in…. but I’ll include it as a speculative one. The naturals I’ve known prior to game were not at all bipolar, they were very calm and mentally sound people.  However in discussion with friends they insist that the naturals they’ve known have been a little bipolar. They’ve all had big swings of personality between manic elation and energy and periods of depression or down time. They’ve all had some sort of ‘buzz’ about their personalities, some sort of juiciness there, perhaps darkness.. something which provides that manic spark and makes them more seductive. Four of the naturals that I’ve known or have heard of have been manic, raving nutters and high-functioning outright alcoholics: they’re irresistible to women.

There are probably plenty of things I’ve missed about naturals but I reckon I’ve captured the essence of the main attributes in this and the previous post. The problem is finding these naturals in the first place because, as I said in part one, there aren’t that many of them. Once you start stripping out the pretty-boys and ecosystem guys then the numbers start to dwindle to almost zero. This is what I did and I was left with bunch of woppy, bipolar alcoholic yet charming guys that had screwed more women by age twenty one than most gamers will in their whole lives. Take heart from this deconstruction though: firstly, you now know how to, should you ever have a son, help him along his path to assisted naturalness. Secondly, plenty of these attributes are relevant to improving your game as well and by reading and understanding them you should be able to make inner game insights.

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  1. Emphasis on Point 11. Clearly they do not suffer from neurosis.
    I think Maslow’s characteristics of self actualizers apply here.

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