How to turn an email to a number (actual game tip!)

Krauser recently momentarily broke his regular sessions of mental masturbation to give some actual real, actionable game tips so I thought I’d copy him and do likewise. Here’s a little gambit you can use when you’re running a daygame set and a girl’s just rebuffed a number-close but has suggested email or Facebook instead.

So the preamble might look something like this:


You: I tell you what. You are cute so I’m going to take your number

Her: Errrr…. ummmmm….. actually maybe email is better.


Pause a second, theatrically put your hand on your chest, perhaps roll your eyes a little, all very tongue-in-cheek, then say:


“I’m a very big boy. I’m very grown up. Don’t you worry..”

[you’re smirking with a shit-eating grin]


“I tell you what: in a few days I might think ‘Oh who was that crazy girl I met?’ and then send you a very tiny sms, just saying ‘hi, how are you?’ or something. And if you don’t answer then I won’t get upset. I wont… cry my eyes out..”


[you can really ham it up if you like, to make her laugh more]


“I won’t throw myself off a bridge… I won’t tell my mamma. Yes… I will survive and my life will go on. That’s it: one little text and if you reply you reply and if you don’t then that’s cool I won’t keep messaging you and our lives can carry on. Here..”


[hand her the phone set to the dialpad screen]


“..give yourself a missed call and then you’ll have my number, then you can save it as ‘crazy guy in the street’, capital letters, ‘DO NOT ANSWER’”.

She’ll probably now give you a look then type in her number. When she hands back the phone dial it and wait till it goes through. Then don’t just walk off… stick around and be normal for a little longer to be normal.

This is designed for sets that have gone well, the girl is a ‘maybe’ girl and you think there is at least some potential attraction there. If done right it can actually be quite slick and build a little value as well purely on the value of the slickness itself and how comedically you deliver it. It’s a nice little gambit to turn those emails and facebooks into phone numbers, which are oh so more gameable. Actually Facebooks are pretty good; way better than emails and quite do-able, but phone numbers are king. Emails suck ass and you’ll find very few of them convert to dates: you need to chat, not correspond.


So there you are. Something you can learn and apply. I used this twice myself today and turned one email to a number and another to a facebook.

One response to “How to turn an email to a number (actual game tip!)”

  1. Hmmm… yeah… I could be wrong, but at least in my experience ‘maybe’ chicks that you have to push that hard for a number are probably going to lead to a first date that goes nowhere.

    Unless somehow your attractive qualities aren’t coming through immediately? But I am a pretty firm believer that you can get a gist of who someone is and how cool or boring their life is in a minute or two of speaking to them. Not perfectly, but I’d guestimate in 95%+ of cases.

    But then I am going on the daygame I did a few years back and you are hitting on girls here and now.

    And I suppose if you know to do the above it doesn’t hurt, unless you start thinking of those numbers as ‘solid’ then get disappointed. If you can remember that they were conversions then no problem (I say that because I would get numbers that weren’t super positive and my wing would get all hyped up about me getting a number, which would make me remember it as being a better chance than it actually was).

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