More daygame in the FSU

So after a pretty long layoff I’m back in the daygame saddle. Six weeks in Singapore and virtually no game, then four miserable weeks in FSU Country #1 (where Tom and Krauser killed it… LOL) and finally I’m in FSU Country #2, a place that I actually like and is full of targets. I was going to write that ‘daygame never gets any easier’ but that’s wrong, it does, but it just does so at a glacially slow pace. I’ve done well over a thousand sets now and still after a layoff it’s like going back to basics. Daygame is a bit like boxing; you remember the fundamentals but it just goes rusty and clunky unless you constantly practice it. You can’t get good at daygame and then permanently ‘lock it in’, leave it and then come back a few years later. I’ve personally seen a few guys do over a thousand sets, get fairly good at daygame but then take several years off, mainly due to relationships, then desperately struggle to get back into it, finally giving up and rationalizing the benefits of some other form of game.

So far I’ve done 42 sets, spread over about three consistent days of daygame and a couple of days of going out, ‘not feeling the vibe’ then weaseling and doing work in a cafe instead. From those 42 sets these are my results:

  • 8 or so numbers
  • One date with an active lead
  • Two SDL type girls logistically unavailable (see below)
  • One decent idate

In daygame terms these are pretty good results. I’m shiny here and there’s a very obvious genetic difference between me and the locals, plus I dress way cooler than them. I get a huge amount of IOIs compared to London (where I get almost none). When my vibe’s good the reactions are generally very good, even when they’re not interested. I’ve had one eye-rolling blowout in 42 sets but I got the feeling the girl had already been opened by a shitty PUA in the past.

I’m planning to do another 158 sets over the next two weeks, it seems like a nice round number to get to 200 and then I can honestly say I’ve made a good effort. I have mixed feelings about set-counting. In one way it’s detrimental as it subtly psychologically lowers the value of each set: you start just ticking them off; after all your brain always looks for the shortest distance between A and B. On the other hand counting sets is an effective way to make sure you actually do enough volume to at the very least flip a load of stones and find the girls who are totally into you, the Yes Girls.

What is interesting is the high number of ‘possible SDL-type’ girls. Two in 42 sets is very high indeed. Last year in London I ran into three that I can remember, and I guess I probably forgot or missed another two or three. SDL means ‘Same Day Lay’ and by ‘SDL-type’ I mean a girl that my intuition tells me is super into me and has a sexual vibe to her where the possibility of fucking her that very day is extremely high. Experienced daygamers will know what I’m talking about and will have fucked at least a few of them. Newbie’s will regard them as a mythical chimera, but let me tell you they’re real, it just takes a certain mindset to believe in them and a certain calibration to find them and a certain skill to fuck them. They are the gold at the end of the rainbow for daygamers and there’s nothing more exciting than the thought of running into one, running a date and having your dick in her a few hours later. It’s an outrageous experience, the likes of which normal men can only dream about. Daygamers get shaking hands and elevated heart rates just thinking about them. Nick talks in detail about the signs to watch out for in his book.

So I had two of these. The first one was very strong and immediately sexual. I think she was 20. However she had to get the bus home, I couldn’t get her out later and by the next day the bubble had popped and she disappeared, which is pretty normal for this type of set. The second one IOI’d me and again was very sexual, brushing her massive tits against my arm as she looked at the map on my phone. Almost had her out that night but she couldnt’ make it and then guess what… the next day the lead disappeared. I notice later she puts up pictures on her Facebook of her with her boyfriend out for a drink that evening, and he’s a total dweeb. Guess that R-selection thing is coming along nicely…

So my goal for the next thirteen days is 158 sets and with hard work this is doable. I also want to work on my mindset. I’ve recently become too attached to the sets, I’ve been taking them too seriously. It’s bothered me what the responses have been and what successes I’ve been having. The correct mindset of daygame is not so much to be detached but to keep an open heart and to just regard yourself as flipping over stones. You’re just approaching a load of girls, showing what you have to offer and seeing which ones are available and like the look of you. I need to remember to just not take it so seriously, to regard it as a process and a game. Sets should be lightweight and fun. Krauser keeps telling me “don’t make a production out of it” which is good advice.


When I hit 200 I’ll post a follow up and let all you number-crunching stat-ghouls lick your lips at deconstructing my ‘ratios’ hehe.

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