The loneliness of the long-distance daygamer

It’s Approachathon day seven, or T-8 (I extended by one day). I’m 108 sets towards my goal of 200 by the end of next Monday. It’s tough, but there again daygame is tough. Tough as hell. Can anyone but the hardcore euro-jaunt daygamer really understand what intermediate and above daygamers go through? Nightgame’s difficult in a different way and online game’s simply the ability to accept girl’s far below your quality threshold continually rejecting you. The discomfort daygame causes is unique.

I’m not talking about approach-monkeying: running up and down a street, perhaps on a bootcamp, drunk with adrenaline and state and giving camp compliments to dozens of girls. I’m talking about rocking up in a foreign city and going out day after day, solo, trudging the streets and trying to do in a few weeks what local guys invest ten years to do once: fuck a couple of young euro-hotties. ‘Why would you put yourself through that?’ ask the armchair critics. The answer is simple: because I want to fuck hot young women, specifically girls around fifteen years younger than me and a seven or above, preferabbly an 8, plus charming and feminine to boot. I’m leaning into my edge.

Today I did fourteen sets. I started at four in the roasting heat and with a thirty minute break I was done by seven-thirty. A crappy day: a solid facebook and two blinding sets with hot girls but one of whom had to jump on the bus and the other’s friend turned up. Damn! Walking round I realized that I’ve been on the wrong track with my daygame for the last three hundred sets at least. Based off something Nick said the other day I realised my whole problem is that I’ve been dissolving tension. I don’t want to get too spiritual mumbo-jumbo talk with you but what I realised I need to do is for each set I intend to do reach inside and grasp that fluttering flame of intent. I need to embrace and accept the discomfort of what I’m doing and I need to fully convey, not dissipate, my intent in my open and make it sparkle through my eyes. It’ll take me months to master a physical action which takes literally two seconds to complete.

This process of embracing intent, of brassing it up repeatedly, of dealing with various, sometimes unpleasant, reactions, of hundreds of mini ego-deaths, of walking the streets and endlessly mentally refining and fine tuning a dozen mental knobs on your psychological graphic equalizer, all while (often) solo and in a foreign country…. this is daygame!

THIS is daygame.
THIS is daygame.

And it’s very hard. Repeatedly doing this day after day, as I’m doing, is a consuming process. Your life starts to warp around it. You start sleeping in. You stay up late. You eat more junk food. Why? All little mechanisms your hindbrain uses to try and smoothe out your moods. Don’t fight them… go with it.

And I’m impatient. I want results for all my hard work. I want lays! And as you do daygame you creep up relativity mountain and what once seemed magical becomes commonplace. I’m not content, yet tonight I had a date with a 26 year old gorgeous HB8 local girl who would have been the girl of my dreams when I was that age. On Saturday I had another date with a model-stunning high 8 20-year old computer programming student (female). I have a date tomorrow with a big-titted MILF. I’m messaging a 22 year old ballerina on facebook. All things that would’ve seemed outrageous a few years ago. How things change…

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  1. Hopefully you convert some of those dates into lays.

    Any advice I give currently is as an armchair seductionist (well sickbed seductionist would be a better term). But… isn’t there an easier way?

    I know that nightgame is harder as you are in a new country by yourself and hence have no social network. But thinking back on the period when I was approaching during the day and night, I got much better results at night.

    Also, if something is that fucking hard surely you will give up on it sooner or later. Unless you have some other reason than pussy to put yourself through it. Maybe write a how to guide on daygame or start offering coaching?

    On the other hand I know little about your situation. So maybe what is right for me isn’t right for you. Still, what you describe doesn’t sound like much fun tbh.

  2. hahaha i get what you mean dude – at least you got soviet hotties. I’m still in S’pore (remember). yup day game has a special kind of grind.

    I’m doing Roosh’s pure indirect, and the “intent” issue is stranger/schizophrenic even. Unlike your direct game, i have to mask it in the early stages – yet without it after 5+ minutes in, either she senses I’m just toying with her, or I lose the momentum. Strange thing.

    I’m day gaming with a supposedly debilitating physical condition – so all i can say right now is – appreciate the use of your legs, lungs and stamina. And i’m still gunning for my elusive 7+ young college school chick in this bloody country… you need a critical mass for this kind of thing , the numbers to build your calibration.

    have fun, wish i was there

  3. @Evan – what is your condition?

    1. “I’m day gaming with a supposedly debilitating physical condition – so all i can say right now is – appreciate the use of your legs, lungs and stamina.”

      LMAO Evan sounds like he’s daygaming in a wheelchair with a mobile ventilator …

    2. possible ankylosing spondylitis, various types of arthritis and spinal conditions, ligament strains and mobility dysfunctions.

      Dear “Action Jack”- thanks for the cheerleader. I still somehow regularly spar with various martial instructors and trainees when i get out of the sick bay, with various degrees of contact training. usually I dont do too badly, though I’ve stopped teaching ; ) come to singapore, open air park, hong lim square (known s’pore landmark), wednesday evenings. you’re welcome to train, if you can keep up : )

      1. ActionJackson Avatar

        Awww Evan, no need to get so butthurt over anonymous internet comments but in the highly unlikely event I ever do visit Singapore, I’ll be sure to stop by your Special Olympics training session!

        1. No prob, we accept the mentally challenged too !

  4. I like your blog where you analyze concepts of daygame. I feel your pain Bodi. I respect all your effort to get what you want. If I am rolling solo, the biggest obstacle is my thoughts. “Do I improve or not”, “Is there any better method to meet women”, “I will always be alone” etc. On the other hand, walking all day make my legs and knees hurt. I feel hungry and thirsty. You should drink and eat while daygaming such that you can have more fun.

    1. Dude is this a joke comment?

      Your fucking legs and knees hurt??


      1. Steve, some days, I daygamed more than 6 hours walking or standing without break. It makes legs and knees tired. Doing hard squats before the street definitely helps it.

        1. Dude you’re a with it.

          You’re talking about access to pussy..Do what it takes.

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