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I’m now back in my hometown and looking at a month or so of not-particularly-thrilling-or-globetrotting time. I’m filling it with activities and concentrating on working out a lot and stocking up a good credit of time spent with my family; but I have to say the likelihood of doing any game until I leave is low. I have a lot of time on my hands and have decided that I should use it to also stock up on … ‘research’.

So far I’ve been on Sabbatical for five months and there have been ups and downs. I’ve had periods of smug bliss and on the other end of the spectrum I’ve had nights of cold sweats and lost sleep, tossing and turning and wondering “where is my life going?”. Over the last few weeks I’ve started to mull over the big questions in life. “What is happiness?”, “where should I live?”, “what should I do?”, “where should I be in ten years?”.. basically the anxiety-inducing fodder of the narcissistic worrier with too much time and money on his hands.

Then I thought, well… these are pretty standard questions aren’t they? I’m sure there’s plenty of material out there that could help me find some answers? My god! Why don’t I just research some answers!! Amazingly this never really occurred to me until now. I guess this is because of three reasons:

  1. I assumed that with such primal questions there simply could be no answer
  2. The Self-Development community seemed dangerously habit-forming. People seem to form a co-dependent need for  the material and want more and more of it (and surely if Self-Development works you need less, not more of it).
  3. So much of it looked like horse-shit.

Then I thought, well those are probably the reasons that a lot of lonely blue-pill guys avoid Game, yet I know for a fact amongst the crap is some life-changingly brilliant material. Crikey!

So to make matters less painful perhaps I’ll stand on the shoulders of others. If you, my readers, have encountered any particularly resonant material in the Self Development sphere that you could recommend then please could you leave a comment and include details. Thanks!

Out of interest, currently on my list are:



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  1. Trash everything and read the books on this list, in the order I present them:

    Don’t read the last one if you don’t want — I am not trying to push my own stuff on you, if that makes you uncomfortable.

    All the stuff you’ve listed is rubbish, apart from the Meditations, which is not rubbish, but it’s still a Stoic book, and the Stoics, as Nietzsche repeatedly explains, were losers (otherwise they wouldn’t have to be stoic, lol).

    You have to understand that preoccupation with happiness is a symptom of sickness. Strong people do not go after “happiness”, they go after their goals. If you are chasing “happiness” (i.e. a certain mix of chemicals inside your brain) it means you have no goals, and to have no goals is a sure sign of sickness — or exhaustion, which is more or less the same thing.

    There is simply no reason at all that a healthy man should ever have to use the word “happiness”, never mind obsess about it day and and night, as most of the manosphere dudes do — see Roosh as the most flagrant example of this behavior.

    Don’t become like him — IF you can. Listen to the crazy dude who found your blog and posted this advice for you. I am an immeasurably higher form of life than any of the PUA losers whose advice you’ve so far been receiving. Look at what a silly doofus your friend Krauser seems compared to me in the comments here:

    I’ve said my piece. I wish you luck now, but if you follow my advice you are not going to be needing it.

    1. Thanks. You’re banned here as well, by the way. Go attention-seek somewhere else.

  2. Hey Bodi,
    I read too many books on too many self development topics. Over time you realize it’s mostly BS. I agree with Tom that happiness is found through action. It is described well at the end of Torero Travels. As you say, too much money, free time, no responsibility…leads to these thoughts. Meditations by Aurelius are nice though. Certainly better than Babauta, Covey etc. Also, the chapter on mindset in Daygame Mastery is excellent. So regarding recommendations: I like “How to be a straight A student” by Cal Newport. It gives you a realistic view of high-achievers life “system” and the traits you need to cultivate without typical American BS. His book “So good they can’t ignore you” is also good. Mirrors my experience with top medical students I know. For efficient working out HIT style, check out Drew Baye’s website and books. Much better than reading Mentzer etc. He is a top writer and tries to do the same thing as Tom and Nick do with game. I recommend Project Kratos or High Intensity Workouts 2.0. Other than that, surprisingly the best life wisdom in condensed form is in Krauser’s Nitro 2nd ed. and in Mastery. It is no surprise Nick figured all this stuff out and you are pretty close to the source so I’d use it on those topics as well! For practical tips on life organization check out Sooner or Later app for Windows Phone and their facebook page with short articles on how to run your to-do list. Excellent stuff, super simple. The Damien Diecke video I recommended is still great, simple, sometimes cheesy, but it’s the best “philosophy” I know. Psychologically it makes sense and helps to reach contentment. James Clear has a free eBook on the same topic on his blog that is maybe even better than the video.

  3. As a Man Thinketh – James Allen (a short and inspiring read on the power of our thoughts, free on Amazon)
    Personal Development for Smart People – Steve Pavlina (one of the leading figures in the “self-development” world, good stuff on his website too)
    Habit Stacking – S.J. Scott (he has a lot of shirt, inexpensive books on internet business-related topics, I’ve already modified my daily routine and seen the benefits)
    Shredded Beast – David De Las Morenas (the most practical weight lifting/diet program I’ve come across)

    There’s no one source that will give you all you need and you won’t use everything you learn from one book or author. Incorporate what works best for you. Good luck.

  4. In 10 years time you’ll be 50 years old… I guess you’d better hope that scientists have found out how to make skin look younger (for all our sakes). Maybe donate to the SENS foundation who are researching ways to break extra cellular matrix crosslinks

    1. Fuck you too, jimjim.

      1. I could have worded that better. Hopefully in 10 years (rather than 30 years) you’ll be able to get medical treatment to make you look 27-30 again.

  5. “Ex PUA” , but some interestingly defined views on motivation and honesty.

    Great By Choice – jim collins – business book , v interesting read on success strategies, a bit contrarian and meant to be stats based. Interesting to apply to personal development.

  6. “Power of Now” by Echard Tolle. Different approach to general thinking.

  7. […] Self Development material shout-out.. – bodiPUA you, my readers, have encountered any particularly resonant material in the Self Development sphere that you could recommend then please could you leave a comment and include details. Thanks! Out of interest, currently … […]

  8. Hi Bodi,

    I couldn’t see a contact email addy but I am on TRT/HGH – I am in the UK also. If you want to discuss with anyone feel free to contact me. There is a lot of misinformation out there and it is easy to get wrong. Especially with HGH i.e. it isn’t actually good to use and better to stick to GH Peptides.


  9. Imperial Leather Avatar
    Imperial Leather

    Maxwell Maltz – Psycho-Cybernetics

    probably what most of whats out there comes from/stolen from this classic

  10. You have to read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. First I ‘think’ you should read the background of how that book was put together. That book was written in like 1937 and there’s a reason it’s still at the forefront.

  11. If you can speak German (I think there is no English translation):
    Read “Heirate Dich selbst” (“marry yourself”) and “Seelengevögelt” (“Soul-fucked”) from Veit Lindau.

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