The Unfuckables

There’s a certain frustrating dichotomy with MILFs. On the one hand they are incontrovertibly GAGGING FOR IT, on the other hand there’s always some reason that they are over thirty and single and that reason may well frustratingly interpose itself between your game and her pussy.

Most MILFs are sexually frustrated; as they’ve aged their T has slowly increased and the amount of Penis Throughput in their vagina has decreased. They’re well aware of their diminished sexual value and that infinite stretch of horizon which a sub-28 year old believes she has in front of her has shrunk now to the length of a garden path. MILFs open guys. MILFs sit at the bar scanning men and throwing out IOIs. When you talk to a MILF it’s more sexually charged.

However… sometimes I find MILFs harder to fuck. You get them out and then it just seems to fall apart. Why? Because there’s a reason they’re MILFs; and there’s ALWAYS a reason. Literally NO GIRL is over thirty and single solely because of a ‘supply problem’ or a ‘lack of quality men’. It’s always due to their own failings and fuckwittery. Virtually every woman is born with the raw materials required for sexual success: if they don’t get fat or unpleasant some man will pick them off before they’re thirty.

Take a recent MILFcounter of mine,  for example. She over-the-shoulder opened me in a bar, commenting on my colourful bracelet (placed there for exactly that purpose). She kinoed me immediately and kept reopening me after I rolled off. Some outrageously keen text-game and she’s on a date. Five minutes in and I know why she’s 33 and still single: she’s a fuckwit.

She’s no fool, but she’s an idiot and she makes a few subtle mistakes that mean that once she’s no longer in an age bracket that makes the endless, gruelling persistence worth it for the average chode (in the FSU this would be over 25, 26 at a push) then her own small quirks, which would have previously been steam-rollered over by months of diligent chode persistence, now mean that 99% of chodes would simply give up.

What was the main problem with this woman? One I’ve seen innumerable times with different girls: they’re keen but they come forward too much, ask too many questions and try and direct the conversation. In other words their conversational skills are more masculine than feminine. With a strongly feminine woman she will, like a good dance partner, follow the lead and then sprinkle feminine charm into the conversation to make it delightful and flowing. It’s the man’s job to create, it’s the woman’s job to facilitate and add sparkle.

On a date with the average guy he will, unless a naturally dominant man, be secretly relieved that here’s a girl that he doesn’t have to struggle to make conversation with. She’ll steal the frame and lead and within ten minutes she’ll mysteriously (to her) no longer find him attractive. The correct response to this is of course to ignore her, look away, steal the frame, snip and stack and then crush her frame, and only two types of men can do this: PUAs or naturally dominant men. I shudder to think how little sex these girls actually get.

This girls second problem is just a general obtuse randomness. She’s a poor bet for repeated dates because there’s no direct relationship between game applied and the result. We all know that women are illogical but I’d argue that when it comes to game there’s nearly always a consistentcy between your game and their responses. If you don’t fuck her or she won’t respond to your texts you can nearly always find a reason. With this MILF I can’t be guaranteed of that: she’s just too ditzy and unpredictable. I could do another two solid, perfect dates and have her just disappear forever for some unknown reason. It’s a very poor bet. The result? I’m willing to invest one more one-hour coffee date and beyond that it’s “dinner and a DVD” at my apartment; then it’s ‘put out or get out’ time.

And this is the interesting thing about some girls: they’re almost unfuckable. Their default behaviours in the mating game result in them being bred out of existence. Why? Because for the last so many tens of thousands of years their female ancestors’ mating habits were controlled by their fathers and brothers. They were force-partnered off at a ripe age and simply had no say. Now those social strictures are removed their fuckwittery is unleashed and they can promptly extinct themselves.


Did not happen.
Did not happen.

The lesson I’ve learned with MILFs is that if they’ve never been married and divorced then by and large the best game to apply is to utterly crush them. Dominate them, crush their frame, bamboozle them and ruthlessly physically escalate, dragging them home and obliterating all the crap that comes out of their mouths.

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  2. Two MILFs that I took on dates a few times were flakier and more frustrating than girls in their late teens or 20s. There was the illusion of an easy lay, but the bad behavior made my attraction drop off a cliff. If I’m going to put in the work then its going to be for a girl in her prime (younger, hotter, tighter as Krauser says). Many women’s egos never catch up to their SMV. On the one hand this prevents the soul-crushing realization that they aren’t nearly as desirable anymore, on the other hand it causes them to dismiss many of their rapidly diminishing options.

  3. Hahaha, you’ll just have to conk them out and drag them to your man cave Bodi lol!

    Maybe they’re just the same as regular girls and it just irks you that they dare to act this way (since they’re old)? Perception can do wonders..

    In a way, I don’t blame them for being more difficult – even to the point of madness. That way, only guys who are truly “in it to win it” are going to snag that vajay; only the truly hungry will taste them sugar walls.

    After all, girls got needs too…If I KNEW that I was only getting pinged for layups and that this was my only option with attractive men (since the odds of locking him in are nil once you reach a certain point) then I too would torture you with head games, silly buggers, and general B.S. before giving it up…because, well, I would kind of hate you even though I want you. Have you ever persisted all the way to the end with one of such girls? I doubt they’d be a starfish in bed for you. Otherwise that would be the ultimate foolsmate

    Bahahahahaha xD

    Actually, once I did try to get out an older girl (8 or 9 years, not much given my age) for two weeks. She threw bugger bombs all over the place until I got mad and let her know (in a funny, calibrated way). Immediately it seemed like her buying temp went up and she tried to iron out a day plus do damage control. I then just ignored it and deleted her number: I was SO pissed with her lolol. Point is, maybe that’s what they’re looking for? Some sort of emotional investment to know they have a chance at throwing their hooks in you.

    Fun post. Keep it up

  4. This article matches my experiences exactly. Glad I’m not the only one.

  5. Fuck aging sucks. For both women, and a bit more slowly, blokes.

    I don’t know if you are the kind of person that bothers following/hoping on science. But I really do hope that there are some breakthroughs in the removal of senescent cells and collagen sugar cross links in the next few years. It would allow people to look younger for a lot longer. And go on go on misbehaving a lot longer.

  6. From my experience it’s harder to fuck women in their 30s than it is women in their 20s, despite them being hotter in their 20s. I see three reasons for this, I think you nailed at least one of them in the article:

    1. Women who are still single in their 30s a probably that way for a reason
    2. Single 30s women in London have often obtained high levels of career success. Hypergamy makes them want men who have done better than them. So they want business owners, C level execs, etc. and I’m not at this level.
    3. They feel the biological clock ticking, and this shifts them towards filtering out men who run r-seleted game. This leaves the k-selected guys who don’t give them tingles.

    Conclusion: only date girls in their 20s.

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