The Very Special Life Of The Hot Twenty Year Old Girl

A week ago I saw a skinny girl wandering through the street. I thought she was hotter than average, and had a dreamy, gormless look on her face which said “open me”. A few minutes into the set and I learn she’s Russian, studying here, and considers herself extraordinarily intelligent and beautiful. “I have many admirers” she smirks. It’s like someone throwing a tight, clenched, arcing haymaker: it just makes the counterpunch more devastating.

I laugh in her face and crush her frame, all the while smiling. “You’re not that hot” I tell her. I motion with my hand “the streets are full of girls hotter than you, the only reason I spoke to you is because I thought you were cute, like a chipmunk and you had a nice dreamy look on your face. If I’d realised you were an egotist I wouldn’t have bothered”.

She’s never been crushed in her life. She spazzes and I bounce to an idate. I ruthlessly crush her frame for an hour. Over the next week she sends me enormous text messages desperately qualifying about why she’s not a bad person. I get her out for a date.

And I realise I just really dislike her. So much so I can’t face the process of trying to seduce her. I don’t actually want her around beyond the moment I come onto her face and throw her out of my apartment.

But on the date I get an amazing insight into the life of the hot, twenty year old female. It’s morbidly fascinating. So much so I subtly cross-examine her and inspect her like a bug on a slide. The life she lives is so far removed from that of me, and that of men, and that of most women. It’s the very special life of the hot girl. I could write a book on it, but I’ll try and make this short and sweet, so here, in short form, I introduce to you:

The Very Special Life Of The Hot Twenty Year Old Girl

aka Tyhog (TwentyYearoldHOtGirl)


You are awash with admirers. You know now your SMV and you know that EVERY MAN ALIVE WANTS TO FUCK YOU. You’re stared at a hundred times a day. Men are really nice to you all the time. Guys hold doors open for you. On your course the guys are nicer to you than anyone else. Your lecturers give you special help. Everything in your life happens easily and as if by magic. You currently have a couple of dozen guys, all of whom are just fluttering chode-like and hopelessly around your blazing and short-burning candle of SMV. These admirers are of three types:

A) Orbiters

Typical clueless guys being nice. They will do anything to come within fifty feet of your pussy.

B) Attempters

These are usually the guys at University with some social standing. Usually they’re just really good looking and Greek or swarthy, and are really rich. They’re still fuckwitted chodes but they actually make an attempt and know they have some value.

C) Old Rich Guys

The TYHOG has plenty of old rich guys lining up to buy her shit. She’s taken WEEKLY on “dates” by old rich guys who literally just try and buy her shit. They openly talk of getting her an apartment, a car, flying her to Italy. It’s all money game. Inside she laughs at most of them and boasts to her friends of “free coffee”. However, she’s a hypocrite as eventually this girl did picks one of these guys and actually dated him. Making him wait seven months to fuck her.

China-doll Syndrome

The guys who get the TYHOG are normally not those with tight game. It’s just probability. Most of them are good looking rich kid chumps (picked by her) or Old Rich Guys (picked by her). She doesn’t really feel any vaj-tingle for any of them, their hopeless woppy push-overs and they become hopelessly needy and protective of her immediately. They check her voicemail like a jealous Filipino wife. They send long ranting text messages like crazy Italian chicks. They’re pathetic. At the slightest wiff of pussy or a break-up they blow thousands on plane tickets. This girls Old Rich Guy orbiter flew to Moscow to try and lay her and she wouldn’t even meet him for coffee. Oh yes… I made her pay for her own at the till, hehe.

Other girls

TYHOGs have virtually no real friends, even if they meet another TYHOG of exactly equivalent SMV. They’re so egotistical and aware of their own SMV they usually have one good friend who’s not a pig, but not above an 8. They’ll both know she’s the hotter one. The TYHOG will dislike most women but spend most of her time with them. Other women will burn with jealousy towards her.

The world

The TYHOG sees the world as something to be taken from, to be sucked dry like a vampire draining a victim. She wants everything. She has monstrous ambition. She wants to be the best. She wants a mansion. She wants a glowing career. She wants millions in the bank. She wants a millionaire, amazing, impossible husband.

She has a sick mind. She’s the product of years of fawning enablement by men and years of her own awful parents telling her she’s ultra special and smart and talented. This poor specimen had the misfortune to have a beautiful and ruthlessly gold-digging Russian mother. I know so because I know her father was a famous sportsman and her mother was beautiful.


This TYHOG is quite smart. For a girl. Which makes her as smart at the bottom 30% of smart men. Of course not understanding this, and being only 20 (when men aren’t much smarter than women), she spools forward her fiction and imagines she will have a glorious career.

Oh how I laughed.

Of course to the TYHOG she thinks careers are all about her. The TYHOG doesn’t understand how much her life is currently enabled due to her physical symmetry and high egg-count.


Being Russian and female she loves money and secretly plans that at some point she’ll have a lot of it. She most probably will.


The TYHOG is not a nice person. The TYHOG does not care about others. She has been led to believe that the world is about her. Perhaps she was not born narcissistic, but she certainly is now. The TYHOG thinks all conversations are about her. Her mental spotlight is always on herself. She interprets interactions solely how they make her feel.

TYHOGS are exhausting. Narcississts are exhausting and draining. So is crushing them.


The most important point to learn about the TYHOG, and the one which most interested me, was to realize that in fact she lives in a special kind of hell. She’s in no way happy at all. Believing that she’s special, and being ruthlessly pressured by her nightmare parents, she imposes hellish standards of discipline on herself. Furthermore, she believes that the world is not enough. Nothing is good enough for her. No exam result. No career. No man. No house. Everything must be stellar.

She has no real friends. She has no way to relax. She barely sleeps. She starves herself to go for modelling castings to feed her ego. She never thinks of others. She’s never, and will never, learn that women are evolved to care and that they kind find true satisfaction and happiness in caring for others.

This TYHOG, after further probing (unfortunately, verbal) by me, reveals that sex to her is a weapon. It’s not an act. It’s something to be used to bleed resources and power from men. To make them beg for it. To grind more pre-contractual frame from her grovelling chode suitors. She has no conception that sex is a pleasurable activity, nowadays consequence-free and is a result of spontaneous chemistry. The greatest pleasure in life is dead to her.

To her, and she said this in her own words, “no man is good enough”. She wants “the best man in the world”. So, as a further route to self-misery she projects her own ego onto men and believes she deserves the best man in the world. Being hypergamous is not actually fun.

So what does the future hold for the TYHOG? I can tell you what.


The misery of egotism and narcissism. The misery of having hordes of men, all pursuing you and all wanting to fuck you. The misery of realizing that careers are not fun, rewarding things. Then the horror as in a few precious years there’s new, hotter, fresher TYHOGs on the streets and all those wops and rich guys now fawn over them, not you. You spend most of your time single. Twice in your life you explode and fuck a random super-hot guy. Suddenly you’re twenty six. You cash in and marry a fat, rich Russian guy. He bangs a foetus into you then ignores you, regularly fucking eighteen year old whores.

The date was very enlightening. I’d never really understood this special kind of hell that a TYHOG can live in, and now I do. I left feeling actually sorry for her.

Obviously I’m still a man, so given a chance I will brutally pump and dump her. You can’t defeat nature. Scorpions and frogs.







7 responses to “The Very Special Life Of The Hot Twenty Year Old Girl”

  1. You should have told her that about half of her life will be above 40 years of age, and she will be completely invisible to men during that time.

  2. Great post. Great insight. Had me laughing out loud. naricissists and psychopaths, from TYHOG to Obama all make others miserable.

  3. Yeah hot babes will have a easier life and things will be handed down to her. That’s just how nature is.

    But you have so much hate in this article. You’re writing is a reflection of your jealousy. You’re just jealous that you can’t crack her open. Sure you got her on a date but you know that’s as far as you’ll go with her so your jealous.

    The truth is, she will be richer than you, travel more than you, have an amazing husband and beautiful kids who can in there turn have everything they want out of this world.

    Good for her, I just want to get laid.

  4. Interesting post. So where does she meet these older guys, given they are not at school like her?

  5. So her self-imposed stellar “standards” force her to keep her cock-carousel levels low. This should be considered a good thing, but the sense of self entitlement that goes hand in hand with that is ugly.

    “I have my admirers” ugh… you should have got your dick out and beat her around the head with it there and then.

  6. Made me think of this article I just read:

    I think the girls that go as far as the article though are keenly aware of their expiration date because they can see their competition. It’s funny that a 23yo now seems a bit old for me.

  7. As a Ukrainian I completely confirm your observation.

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