My game is “awful”

I was out today doing daygame with a friend, in my current EE city of residence. Feeling sorry for myself I was bemoaning what I perceived to be my current lack of success with daygame. “I’m not doing that well at present” I explained. “I certainly am not one of those guys that can be banging a new girl a week on average, or even two new girls a month”. I tried to phrase what I thought my exact current level was:

I think that given my current condition:

  • Age 40
  • Overweight
  • Average looking

that if I moved to a EE city, committed to a multi-month stay and most importantly:

did regular, social activities, even perhaps taught english, to get a decent group of friends and feel positive with a normal vibe

then with the following work:

three months of

  • regular, intense social contact to stop a) depression and b) weirdness and to increase vibe
  • two decent daygame sessions a week, say 3 hours each, 5-10 sets a time


I am confident I can get….

  • a 25-28 year old, mid 7, pleasant girl to date me and put out.
  • There is also a 30% chance that instead of the above I’d land an 8, or a very young, approx 20 year-old super hot-girl instead, as I consistently get these opportunities come my way (sooner or later one will stick!)
  • I’d probably also bang a random six from daygame or social circle, possibly even another low seven instead, or in addition to.

During the three months, from social circle and hobbies, I’d probably net:

  • One 28-35 year old 7 who wanted me as boyfriend or mystery-fuck.
  • 40% chance of netting higher quality girl, an 8 or young 7.

As I finished my wing gave me a funny look and said, “Dude…. this really ain’t that bad”. And I realized that it isn’t. It’s amazing that the brain has a habit on focusing on what it doesn’t have rather than on what it does have. Probably there’s some glib or fancy way to explain that in the self-development community.

I started sniggering. My forebrain had caught my hindbrain out again in the act of negativity. I apologized.

The reality is that my current abilities, compared to that of the average-looking, overweight, forty-year old are…. wonderful. Should I tell them this they would likely say:


“How far off do you think you are from the banging one or more hot girls a month-level?” asked my friend.

I thought hard, and the answer’s probably enough for another post.


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  1. Hey man,

    I think your variety of socialization+ some but not obsessive daygaming plan will do you a lot of good.

    It’ll help round out your social skills, and keeping your social interaction to only stopping random girls on the street makes your mental health too dependent on the last set of reactions you got.

    Also, seems like you’re getting dates with some consistency. You’re just not laying them, but you know your sticking points, which you can fix with just tactical adjustments, so it seems reasonable to say that your next level could be just around the corner, or another 10-20 dates as you suggested.

  2. Well it could be a lot worse. You could be divorced with a kid with a now psycho mother to take take care off. There must be millions of guys out there who would happily trade places with you right now.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you are impressing these girls enough to get them out on dates, but then something is missing when you are on the date and they are “sounding you out”. I’m going to guess that this missing thing is… fun. Are there any pre-existing social networks (the real kind, not the internet sort) that you can plug into where you are living right now? The kind that your target chick would happily be a part of? I’d suggest something, but I don’t know to be honest. All the ones I can think off for an over 30 guy are in touristy places…

    Also, just to be clear to any other commentators, I am advocating a social network to have a fun life, not as a means of meeting girls. If I suggested going to the gym to lose weight and gain muscle, that would be because having a better body is attractive to women, not because Bodi might meet a girl at the gym.

    1. I take the point, but I don’t think the missing ingredient is ‘fun’.
      And actually, my future plans now involve doing what you’ve always advocated: plugging into a social network first and foremost, having friends, a fun life, great vibe and then and only then doing daygame if I cannot garner enough girls through ‘easier’ methods. It’s not a U-turn!

      1. There must be someway you can do everything? Hopefully your business works out. I think the biggest problem is a lack of freedom – not being able to do stuff due to being chained to your desk, and not being able to work in the city you’d like. Having an income stream without the two above requirements is probably the only way to square the circle.

        Do you have any ideas on somewhere that you can do daygame and have an amazing social life?? Does this place actually exist?

        Someone once said “Most Englishmen lead lives of quite desperation”. I think this was mainly due to not having the options that you may soon be affording yourself of.

  3. Did you ever think of just saying fuck it and going the monger route? When I lived in Pattaya, Thailand for a month I fucked a new girl just about every day for 10 days. My dick actually got “tired”. Had to take a break. I ended up using a strange bastadarzation of game. It was as if sugar daddy game, daygame, and stripper game molded together and I was some sort of hybrid of gamer and monger. I actually felt for the first time in my life that I was a “10” and could fuck litterly with the snap of my fingers. Also, the women treated me better than any “normal” women that I got from traditional gaming EVER did. I was like a god. The combination of gaming and mongering + my implicit “shiny” status of rich white western dude ( who isn’t 500lbs and 90 years old like all the rest here ) set the stage for poosy paradise as Roosh calls it. And before anyone saying “dude it’s all about the $$ there, zero game is needed there” all I can say is OK go there and come back to me after. I saw tons of guys attempt to go the “I got cash, I can do whatever I want” road and they ended up fucking UGLY girls. It was for reasons that extend all the way from dressing like shit to being a compleat weirdo or boring. Yes even in Pattaya if you are a boring mother fucker the girls will hate you, even if you are paying. The SMP never sleeps. You can’t escape it even in the biggest mongering city in the world.

    Anyhow back to me. For some reason I felt entitled to talk to any women. I didn’t have the worry or depresion of getting laid over me. I could actually think about other shit for once, like business or working out. I had that weird calm of regularly getting laid by girls I really like wash over my 24/7.

    I’m actually thinking of saying fuck it to western and EE daygame, and re-branding as a half monger/half gamer in SEA exculsivly. The competitive part of me dosn’t want to, but my logical side is saying “dude why? you can compleatly eliminate this problem area by doing this niche style of game in SEA”. Maybe I’ll set up base there, and a few times a year just for sport I’ll travel to EE and “hunt”. I’m sure my vibe will be 10000% better since I will truely not care. It will be a leasure activty, not work. I’ll know in the back of my head I have 5 or 6 Thai babes waiting for me to return to my kingdom.

  4. Seeing a dichotomy between yourself and your game is in itself a problem. There should come a point where your game is effortless and all you have to do is meet women. Otherwise, when are you gonna drop the game and be real with her? Jabba’s Primal Seduction and lot of nightgame helped me to realise this through personal experience…I would never go back to even the best “model” like Mastery. It’s excellent but working on mindset and value is way more effective than the best model. Of course you also need some basic structure to move the interaction…but it’s more about leaps of faith that can happen all in 10 minutes or over 3 dates. Plus, you’d be centered, happy. You’d never write a pointless and slightly bitter article about a life of a 20 year old. Just my opinion.

    1. For dates, in short I’d say familiarity, leading, fun, sexual, love bubble is pretty much you need to think about. Funk questions game, funk carefully planned attention/inattention cycles. It needs to be Strong and AUTHENTIC. For example at the moment you don’t strike me as someone able to create genuine pure love bubble without other undesirable thoughts. Push-pull mastery won’t compensate for that. Maybe sometimes, with 6’s and 7’s.

      1. *fuck, not funk

  5. A lot is written about getting in shape in terms of attracting women through your aesthetics, but I feel like this was a secondary benefit to feeling good, which made me more confident and optimistic when approaching.

    I’ve had a tough time keeping a regular gym routine, but even if you can only make it 1-2 times a week at best (or just workout at home or go for a run) keep your diet healthy and it’ll pay big dividends. I’m on my way to buy a juicer (slow juicer, not the fast, chopping type) today. Mike at Danger&Play just came out with a juicing eBook series that is worth checking out. Don’t worry much about building muscle, just try to lose 3-5kg to start and it’ll make a world of difference.

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