Continuum Theory

I once read an article about a man that had walked from John O’Groats to Land’s End. He said that the main attribute required was patience and the ability to detract yourself from looking at the micro level achievements of that one given day, which when examined looked in fact futile: perhaps ten miles walked out of a thousand, but just to rest calm and know it was adding up to a greater good. In fact he recommended a curious test to see whether you had the correct mental stamina needed for the huge trek. You would take a milk bottle with a cap, then each day you would add one teaspoon of water. If you didn’t give up in despair then after about three months the milk bottle would be full. At that point, you know you had what it takes for the three month trek down the spine of the UK. It was kind of a more torturous Stanford marshmallow experiment.

I’d say daygame is a fairly similar endeavour*, at least unless you’re advanced level and doing it in an inansely pussy-rich environment where SDLs are common.  Daygame is a long term, continuing activity with sporadic bursts of excitement. Every x sets you may get a Glengarry lead or a girl may spazz out and you’ll have her in a coffee shop thinking “my God, am I getting this girl back?”. However, generally, at pre-Advanced levels it’s more of an ongoing process. As you would spoon tiny teaspoons of water into the damn bottle you need to simply keep adding session after session, doing your approaches with sufficient quality and sufficient volume, keeping a hawk-like eye open for hot leads and rest calm that eventualy they will appear. A single two-second poke of a penis can turn a gruelling three week Euro-jaunt from bleak failure to glory.

This contrasts to nightgame, where from my observations it seems that guys who can actually pull from nightgame are doing so once in every eight sessions or less. In nightgame you need to be more *on* in every session: hungry, prowling, aggressive. You need to make things happen there and then.

Daygame isn’t quite the same. Many days when you’re out it’ll feel flat: there’ll be no sparks. The girls will seem disinterested and sullen. Sometimes these periods will last weeks, or months. However, if you keep adding teaspoons of water to the bottle then you’ll notice that weirdly, for no perceivable reasons, that these phases change and shift. Daygame success tends to come in clusters or runs, followed by snapback periods of wig-outs and questioning. At times your vibe will feel totally out of your control and independent of your life circumstances.

In a recent bleak period I did some number crunching on my late 2013 London daygame stats. This was a period for me with endless near-misses and no lays. In hindsight I realize I was running quite limited daygame: non-sexual, just flipping stones for Yes-girls mainly. To my great surprise I discovered that I was getting a date with a hot girl about one in every thirty sets, and about one in every forty sets I was stumbling upon a girl who was i-dateable and interested, with or without spazzing out. I was stunned. I had always thought of this as a period of poor daygame but really it wasn’t: I don’t think these results are bad at all! When I daygame now I hold these stats roughly in my mind. If I go out and do five sets I just imagine myself spooning that water in the bottle. Perhaps I see a hot girl and do one set on the way to the shops. She’ll burst with energy, love it, we’ll arrange a date then… poof! Nothing. Maybe another day I do three blinding sets and then my vibe drops and I have to go home and eat Haribo and watch Teletubbies. Alternatively, I may do a few gimmicky, crappy sets then suddenly find a girl I had to crowbar a number out of is now texting me each night and signing off with kisses..

All the time, I’m just thinking of the continuum at both the micro and macro level. The micro level is that I know, very roughly, that’ll I’ll get an idate and a date about once in every 40 sets. The macro level is that I know that when I do get results, they’ll probably come in a cluster. Continuum Theory is critical for daygame.



* actually, there is no immediate gratification marshmallow. Daygame is more like saying “stand here, get spat in the face ten thousand times for two years, then if you last you can have eighteen metric tonnes of marshmallows”.

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  1. I see game results as almost binary. It rarely happens that someone gets small results (e.g. semi frequent lays) then goes on to get good results (frequent lays). It seems to be more like a switch is flicked. You suddenly go from no lays to 1 – 2 month, depending on how regular your effort is. Based on this post it would be like having to fill the milk bottle completely until you can start to get laid, but as soon as you do it’s then pretty regular. There is certainly a bit of a gets laid regularly vs gets lucky once in a blue mood divide.

    1. Mmm maybe I lost it on the macro stuff, but I hold by the micro stuff: my message was really just that you can’t judge yourself on any few daygame sessions. Even a whole month of daygame can be shitty, you just have to keep on filling up the bottle.

  2. How is the general life stuff going? Are you working in an English language school? Is it enjoyable or shit?

    Does the city shut down for winter?

  3. I saw your tweet on one “game taboo”. Here’s another:

    Game taboo: Game doesn’t fucking exist.

    You’re a clown. Pages upon pages of game theory and mental jerking off and yet NO LAYS for, what, years?

    Yet many hundreds of millions had sex today without even reading a single game e-book or blog.

    What does that tell you?

    You’ve been fooled so hard. I can only imagine your face when you realize this.

  4. Is this post for people who are advances or for beginner / intermediates? All I know is that I go out sometimes eject sets, don’t do the approach properly AA gets the better of me etc etc. Is these stats bases on you being in a flawless state everytime (ie advanced)? What i mean is you could get blown out straight away but you were ready to give it your full endeavour if the girl was willing to engage.

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